Eleven stages of a liar

By Neil Murphy
web posted October 1998

Psychology is am amazing science. Studying the mind, the way people think and act, all of it is fascinating. Having studied some psychology, the first thing that came to mind when read about the Eleven Defense Mechanisms was our waterboy President, Bill Clinton. Every single one of the Eleven Mechanism's works on so many levels when compared against Clinton. So let us start...

Compensation is our first stage, it's when one emphasizes their personal strengths to shift focus away from their failures. This is the "Mr. Economy" Clinton, who is a facade in front of his failure, which is pretty much his entire personal life. But the economy is supposedly good, despite a dying stock market and the rest of the world watching Asian and Russian markets lie on their backs and tap out. Denial seems to be Clinton's personal favorite Obviously this is refusing to accept the situation at hand. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" sound about right?

You can also see an incredible amount of Displacement, the act of taking out the anger you have on someone who is not the cause of the problem causing the anger. Chalk up him and David Kendall's constant attacks on Ken Starr, when it wasn't Starr's fault that he found trash in Clinton's barrels. Very similar is Projection, which is tossing the blame onto others. Blame Starr and cry about your $40 million. If I was rich I'd give it back to the government just to shut them up. Blame the media when in reality you got them in your back pocket. Hey, eventually the Democrats are gonna realize this has to be Newt's fault; after all, if they invest in really good political ads they can make him look like the Antichrist and scare the elderly again! It's the same "it's his fault" bs that turns people off from politics to begin with.

Identification consists of associating with people and groups of higher status than yourself, for publicity and rub. Isn't everyone of a higher status than Clinton right now? Walking down the street he has this issue. So of course he tries Intellectualization. This is when you try to, basically, use academic/philosophical mumbo-jumbo to describe painful things. Kendall and Clinton's razor thin definition of sexual relations, and David Kendall's failing attempts to appear intelligent have this covered. "There is no credible information" that supports the fact that David Kendall is anything but a hired shill.

Hell, we've established that in The Little World Known As Clinton, nothing is your fault. So why not try your hand at Rationalization? You know that this is making up reasons for things you did wrong. Chalk this up for Clinton and his supporters. "Everyone else is doing it", "who cares", "the economy is good", blah blah blah. Eventually you just want to slap them. I'll see your "good economy" and raise you two "national shames".

If you are moved by the political bs that is tossed around, then you'll love the Reaction Formula. This is when you replace socially unacceptable feelings with those that are acceptable. Toss up Clinton going from Crazed Psycho Cheater to a loving, kind, meek father who needs time to heal, but the real killer is the Clinton Ron Brown Funeral Video. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then go to http://murphy.simplenet.com/autotear.avi to download the video for yourself and notice the morph from laughing chump to crying mourner.

Some people wish they could go back 6 years and vote for Bush, or even go back two years and vote for Dole. But if you are constantly going back to your childhood and immaturity, then you are facing Regression. The best example I can provide is the little bickering, comparable to four-year olds who both want the same toy. Even worse is Repression. Repression is forgetting things that are too painful to remember. "I don't recall" seems to be Clinton's favorite line, followed closely by "Tastes good".

You know, for someone who is somewhat chunky, the President sure seems to exercise a lot. Behold Sublimation! Sublimation is when you repress sexual urges with exercise. Finally,we have solved the mystery of why he loves to jog!

I am not a trained professional, but that is probably for the better. But it doesn't take a Ph.D. to diagnose Clinton's problems. Nor does it take a lot of thought. And in a few months, as Al Gore is being sworn in as your new President, and Bill Clinton waves good-bye, just remember, he probably would rather jog.

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