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National Republican Congressional Committee

Politics and the Internet are intersecting like never before. Some web sites manage the two decently while some do it far better. The National Republican Congressional Committee easily lines up in the later column.

A winner of ESR's Conservative Site of the Day back in late April, the web site and the NRCC's mission is devoted to increasing the number of Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives. To that end, the site is an exhaustive -- but not exhausting -- encyclopedia of information on the House Republicans' candidates, record and platform.

There's isn't much missing from this site. You can find press releases, profiles of every Republican seeking or defending a seat in the House, links to their web pages if they have one, information and history about the NRCC, newsletters, an e-mail list, major speeches and a lot more that you'll just have to see for yourself...if you're a Republican activist, then this is one web site that you must bookmark as an important resource. You will use it often.

I do have one quibble with the web site. The index page has largely the same menu choices right beside each other -- in image format -- increasing download time with no real gain. A future update of the web site should decide between the image map menu or the text-in-graphic menu. It would present a cleaner index page and a slightly quicker download for surfers. I would personally cut the side menu -- 8K in size -- and stick with the image map. Make sure to click on the garbage can...

Despite that minor griping, I consider the NRCC web site to be among the better political sites on the Internet. The elections are coming up...don't be caught uninformed!

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