The liberal war on the NRA and the Second Amendment

By Joe Roessler
web posted October 11, 1999

There isn't an organization that has been vilified more by the liberals than the National Rifle Association. Frank Lautenburg, Carolyn McCarthy, Charles Schumer and the liberal icon for honesty Bill Clinton, all insinuate that the NRA pulled the trigger at Columbine, killed the day traders in Atlanta, and shot the teenagers in the Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas.

Recently, in a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus, President Clinton said:

"The NRA and that crowd have to stop using arguments like this as an excuse to avoid our shared responsibility to end the killings."

What did he mean by the "NRA and that crowd?" Did anyone sense a bit of hate or frustration in that statement from the compassionate and caring president? It should surprise no one that he would make this speech at the Congressional Black Caucus dinner to attack the NRA and law abiding gun owners. Is America's "first black president" trying to play the race card to accelerate attempts to pass more gun control laws? The liberals and democrats have been very successful at that to stir up emotions.

Clinton went on to say the National Rifle Association and its supporters must assume more responsibility for the mass killings across the United States in recent years. Wait a minute! Isn't it the liberals who tell us that no one is responsible for their own actions? Isn't it the liberals who tell us not to be judgmental? Isn't it the liberals who tell us to be caring, sensitive and compassionate? It seems Clinton is saying that the National Rife Association and law abiding gun owners must bear all responsibility for the mass killings.

He spewed out flawed statistics and told the audience at the dinner that the United States has the world's highest murder rate, and that nine times more American youths die from accidental shootings than do youths in the other major 20 industrialized nations combined. Of course, he deliberately lied again. The mainstream media did their usual bootlicking in support of the president. Not one of them refuted him or cited Clinton's own Justice Department's report that the murder rate in the United States is on the decline and is at its lowest level since 1967. It is ludicrous to compare the murder rate in the United States to third world countries like Mexico, which was infamous for having the world's highest murder rate for years. Everyone knows that fewer murders are committed in East Timor or Clinton's beloved Kosovo. If you believe that, then write up a wish list for Santa.

His comments about youth accidental shootings are another attempt to stir people's emotions to "protect our children." Americans will lose their freedoms, not to an invasion or foreign military occupation, but to their own bureaucrats and politicians who want to protect everyone's children. Right after the shooting at the Jewish Day Care Center in Los Angeles, Senator Frank Lautenburg sent a fax to the mainstream media asking, "when will we be allowed to protect our children?" Apparently this was a jab at Lautenburg's old nemesis, the National Rifle Association. Does anyone remember the NRA advocating killing children or not wanting children to be protected?

Evidence where liberals are absorbed in eroding your freedom and privacy is the topic of providing federal authorities with mental health records of individuals when purchasing a gun. Recently, Adam Eisgrau, chief lobbyist for the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence and Handgun Control, indicated that determining the mental health of a would-be buyer is a thorny problem. He continued by saying that providing federal authorities or gun dealers with mental health records would raise "substantial privacy issues." However, his comments didn't end there. He went on to say, "That's the kind of discussion we have to begin in order to protect ourselves from people who are just like us one day and then monsters the next," Mr. Eisgrau, most people protect themselves from people like that with a gun! Have you tried calling your police department lately? Unfortunately Mr. Eisgrau's naïve views is representative of the organization he lobbies for.

Approximately a month ago, certain callers to a local Seattle liberal talk radio station attempted to justify the tragedy in Fort Worth. Not only did they alleviate Larry Gene Ashbrook for his own actions, but blamed the availability of guns and the National Rifle Association. However, their ranting didn't end there. Some of them kept referring back to Matthew Sheppard, the murdered gay student in Wyoming. In a roundabout way they said that since religious people are not tolerant of gays, incidents such as this was coming and that these Christian teenagers got a taste of their own medicine!

Al Gore attacked George W. Bush at a campaign rally in California when referring to the Texas governor signing legislation that allowed Texans to carry concealed weapons in churches. The vice-president said, "How can we allow guns in churches?" Simple Mr. vice-president, all you need to be is a criminal and concealed weapons laws or any laws in the books means nothing to you.

He went on to affirm his discovery of religion by saying, "My religious tradition says evil has always been with us, and we need to meet evil with good." Citing numerous mass shootings in the past year, Gore said, "a lot of these types of tragedies have happened when evil met a wave of guns." Mr. Gore, how about if evil met a wave of baseball bats, or a wave of hammers, or a wave of knives, or a wave of pipe bombs? God help us if evil met a wave of chemical and biological weapons.

Returning to the Congressional Black Caucus dinner, Clinton went on to say, "None of us should seek to make any capital out of these [mass killings]. All of us should seek to make sense of it." If anyone has sought to profit from tragedy, it is the president and his allies in the Democratic Party and the lawyers who are on the "sue everyone" bandwagon. .

In a usual liberal tone, the president said a combination of evil and access to guns prompted the Fort Worth shootings in which a mentally troubled man shot and killed seven people and wounded seven others before killing himself. In keeping liberal beliefs that society corrupts people, the president continued by saying, "Of course something horrible happened to that man's heart when he walked into that church in Texas. But we cannot use that as an excuse." Statistics leave no doubt that easy access to guns is a major reason for the nation's high death rate from shootings," he continued by saying. "The NRA [National Rifle Association] and that crowd has got to stop using arguments like this to avoid facing our shared responsibility,"

Years ago when this writer attended college in California, one of the classes was instructed by a very liberal professor who had a seething hatred for conservatives, religious people and capitalists. In keeping up with liberal tradition of name-calling, he would refer to these people as "yea hoos." When it came to the NRA, he went ballistic and compared the organization and its followers to the "Nazi SS storm troopers" marching to the beat of the second amendment. How sad that a man with this much education would let emotions take over the best of him.

He would always point out that intellectuals tend to be liberals, and that liberals believe that all people are good and that society is what corrupts them. He professed that in order for people to remain good, society had to change, even if it meant stripping citizens of certain freedoms. Fortunately, this writer was not an 18-year-old out of high school that would succumb to this professor's Maoist brainwashing. However, when seeing what is happening to America and the continuos assault on the second amendment and in freedom in general, he may be right.

It seems the "protect the children" rhetoric didn't work in getting more gun control laws passed, so now the liberals are going to try to play the race card. They find obscure loopholes in consumer laws to pass gun control legislation in the courts in the name of "public protection." The only beneficiaries of these gun suits are the lawyers involved in litigation and politicians who want to disarm the citizens. These are the same lawyers and politicians who went after the tobacco companies. Has your state and local taxes decreased due to their actions and the money received from the huge tobacco settlement?

The National Rifle Association is still a popular target for liberals. At a House vote to look into gun control laws, John Conyers claimed it was a victory over the NRA. If the NRA is so powerful where liberal politicians are shaking in fear, then this writer is elated to be dues paying member. In applying various strategies in their cultural war against America, don't be surprised that in a matter of time the liberals will demand a profile on racial make up law abiding gun owners and of the NRA and its members.

This was part one in the series "The Liberal War on America".

Joe Roessler is married with two children and a former columnist for Right Magazine who wrote "Thoughts from an Average Joe" and is a businessman in Burlington, Washington.

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