Desperate times call for desperate acts

By E. Ralph Hostetter
web posted November 13, 2000

The debate over global warming is reaching its most dangerous stage and it has nothing to do with the Earth's temperature. The Greens will soon be faced with a rebellion without a cause and Hell hath no fury, as the saying goes, like a rebellion scorned. Desperate times demand desperate acts and the Greens, in their desperation, will act desperately. All legal by the way.

The Green's Great Ice Age Ididerod of the 1970s melted down before their very eyes. The Greens global warming hoax, the cause that followed the Ice Age fiasco, will do likewise. The answer is simple. The Greens bet all their marbles and reputation (whatever there could be after the Ice Age) on carbon dioxide being the culprit and the principle cause of global warming. They relied on a monopoly press and the confusion that could be created within America's populace because the words carbon dioxide sound similar to the deadly poisonous gas, carbon monoxide. With the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declaring carbon dioxide a pollutant (pollutants and poisons are related in the minds of people) the Greens felt secure in their position.

Two things happened which have been carefully concealed by the nation's monopoly media.

1. 98 per cent of automobile carbon monoxide had been eliminated by the catalytic converter muffler, made mandatory on all new automobiles in the 1980s.

2. A claim in 1896 by Swedish professor Dr. Svente Arthenius, the father of the concept of global warming, that increases in carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere would bring about substantial increases in the earth's atmospheric temperatures, was shown to be false. After nearly 100 years (1899-1996) with the addition of all the carbon dioxide that could be created by modern man, the average temperature was lower by 1.25 degrees than it was in 1899 (1899 - 53.5 degrees F. and 1996 - 52.25 degrees F.) Dr. Arthenius' prediction of a temperature increase of 7.0 degrees F. due to increases in carbon dioxide was in error by 8.25 degrees F. His predictions were proved totally wrong after a lapse of 100 years. This was most certainly a fair test.

The Greens' predictions that carbon dioxide is the cause of today's global warming are equally wrong and we don't need another 100 years to prove it. In addition, many of the "2000 scientists" who supported global warming initially have jumped ship. Vice President Gore's star witness for the global warming hoax, NASA's Dr. James Hansen, stated on June 23, 1988, "There is a strong cause and effect relationship between temperature changes in the atmosphere caused by the combustion of fossil fuels."

Hansen now says, in August, 2000, "Little or maybe none of this warming of the last half of the 20th Century was caused by carbon dioxide from the combustion of fossil fuels." This admission by Hansen is a deadly blow to Vice President Gore's case. Gore had said in 1988 that he would "start World War III if Hansen was not permitted to be heard."

The arrogance of Vice President Gore and the Greens to base their claims that carbon dioxide causes global warming can be equated only with the man who stands at the ocean's edge relieving himself while bragging to his friends that he is causing the level of the sea to rise. Herein lies the danger. The Greens and Vice President Gore have already enlisted the help of the United Nations and 120 Third World nations looking for a handout.

Pressures, threats, political machinations of all kinds will be brought into play to bind the United States tot he Kyoto Treaty, signed by more than 100 nations, all of which are exempt from the treaty's provisions.

Both President Clinton and Vice President Gore have signed the treaty in defiance of a 98-0 vote in the U.S. Senate recommending otherwise. But, we have also witnessed President Clinton's deceitful ways that he has used to skirt the law. We don't know how it could happen, but we know with President Clinton anything can happen. (Internet sources reveal that Vice President Al Gore and other spokespersons for the Clinton Administration have said they will attempt to implement the treaty even if the Senate does not approve it.)

The Endangered Species Act was brought about in large measure by the book "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson. This is an excellent example of legislation passed to protect our national symbol, the Bald Eagle (who could be against that?) only later, through promulgation, to be used in fraudulent ways to destroy the property rights of American citizens. It is the best example of which we are aware in which well-intended policies led to unintended consequences.

Books have been written, exposing the Draconian measures taken by our government to destroy the property rights and livelihoods of American citizens in the name of a so-called endangered species. Vice President Gore demonstrates, by graph, in his book "Earth in the Balance" that as many as 100,000 species will soon disappear in a given year and yet he can't name one.

So serious is this Endangered Species Act to our constitutional rights, that the Constitution's Preamble, "We the People," could well be changed to read: "We the insects, reptiles, rodents do hereby....."

Anything that could, by any stretch of the imagination, be put into law with respect to the present global warming hoax will prove disastrous to America's economy, its liberty and, indeed, its future.

The Greens have come a long way since their anti-war and "peace" initiatives of the 1960s and 1970s, through an Ice Age, a color change from red to green, to their most heated debate, global warming.

The Greens will not give up easily this time. The coming rebellions without a cause could spell serious trouble for America.

Ralph Hostetter serves on the Board of Directors of the Free Congress Foundation.

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