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You can't beat capitalism down for long these days, especially true when you consider the tremendous effects of modern technology. As a personal example, this magazine wouldn't have been possible in 1993. It was the introduction of the World Wide Web in 1994 that unleashed an industry that now employs hundreds of thousands and is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. It's a transformation that has given the average person the ability to speak their voice, and if the message is compelling enough, millions will listen. Think Matt Drudge would have been possible before the web? Sure, but try and name the last person like him in the print world.

Tech Central StationTech Central Station bills itself as the place where "free markets meet technology." With a free market agenda for high technology guiding its work, Tech Central Station provides news, analysis and market intelligence to help readers learn more about how technology and capitalism are interacting. The web site boasts "an optimistic high-tech agenda of freedom and opportunity, with no apologies."

"[T]he opportunities presented by a free market in technology are enormous. We're excited about the possibilities. In fact, we're among those people who believe that the United States and the world have exploited less than one percent of the Internet's potential. We're bullish on the transforming power of technology, and we'd like to help you benefit from this powerful trend. That's why Tech Central delivers investing tools and the market intelligence that readers have come to enjoy and expect from Jim Glassman."

Glassman, in case the name is new to you, is one of the premier business reporters/analysts in America today and one of my favourite writers. His work has appeared in a number of publications, Intellectual Capital and Enter Stage Right to name two, and he is co-author of the best selling book Dow 36 000. A fellow with the American Enterprise Institute, Glassman has credentials to spare.

Focusing on policy and investing, with bonuses like the Glassman Tech Top 30 and a business news wire, the web site does cover the ground adequately but my one wish is that more new material was published every week. Frankly, when I find something this good I want as much of it as possible. That said, I can wait for the web site to grow into the tech-capitalist hub I know it will become.

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