The UN global warming treaty is cooling down

By Alan Caruba
web posted November 20, 2000

From November 13th to the 24th, negotiators and assorted lunatics of all descriptions are meeting in The Hague, Netherlands, for the Sixth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This is the treaty initiated in Kyoto, Japan that the US Senate has already unanimously stated it will reject. They will reject it because (1) there is no global warming threat and (2) its provisions are designed to force this nation and other industrialized, technically advanced nations to cut back on their use of energy.

The reason given for this is that by causing emissions of greenhouse gases, the human race is expediting the warming of the earth. The Green's bogus theory says driving our cars and trucks, fueling our utilities which in turn provide electrical energy, and, in short, by doing anything a modern world requires, humans are putting the entire planet in jeopardy.

Now, think about this. Until Thomas Edison (1847-1931) came along and figured out how to provide cheap, abundant electricity to an entire nation and the world, none of the things you take for granted, turning on a light, cooking a meal, watching television; nothing existed as it does today. By the end of the first third of the last century, that genius held a thousand patents that literally transformed the lives of Americans and everyone else around the world. He invented sound recording. He invented movies. His contemporaries gave us the automobile, the airplane, radio, and later television.

Had you been born in 1900, the streets would have been filled with horse-drawn carriages and trolleys. You used candle-power, whale oil or gas to light your home! You burned coal or wood to heat it. There were no supermarkets, no multiplexes, and no shopping malls. There were no computers, no Internet, no wireless telephones, nothing a modern world requires.

Now the Greens are demanding you use less energy despite abundant worldwide sources of coal, oil and natural gas. Less energy means our economy atrophies and our dynamic economic growth slows. It means Recession and maybe even Depression. If that sounds a bit dramatic to you, consider this, among the items under discussion at The Hague is the imposition of "severe financial penalties for countries that do not meet the emission reduction objectives." Oh? And what happens if such penalties are imposed on the US?

Another item on the agenda is the "need for a World Environment Organization that controls and supervises to what extent the countries follow the agreements made on climate change." Just what we all need, a supreme global authority with power over democratically elected governments even though it is not itself elected by anyone!

The United Nations seeks control over what it calls "the global commons" and worldwide financial dealings, and through the climate control treaty, it will control the use of energy. If the goals of the Millennium Summit and the treaty are achieved you will be a slave.

My friend, Dr. S. Fred Singer, points out that "European Union negotiators have got themselves into a corner by banking on future reductions in greenhouse gas emissions achieved by escalating energy taxes." Remember, in London, in Paris, and in Berlin, people went into the streets to protest the price of gasoline, a price imposed by Socialist governments to fund their massive programs of wealth redistribution. "The oil protests have made it embarrassingly clear," says Dr. Singer, "that the EU has overestimated the mandate from its citizens to fight global warning by means of higher energy taxes." (Read "The World has More Oil, Not Less" on this website.)

Here's what would happen if the UN Climate Treaty is ratified. One advisor to the Center predicts a rise in gasoline prices by 50 per cent, electricity by 85 per cent, heating oil by 75 per cent. This winter, thanks to the non-existent "energy policies" of the Clinton-Gore administration, Americans will be paying the highest prices in years to heat their homes and drive their cars. In California, the failure to build new utilities to produce energy has that State on the precipice of brownouts and blackouts.

The people know instinctively what their leaders will not admit. There is no global warming. Despite the endless phony scientific studies and claims, the raw facts confirm that the earth's overall temperature has not risen so much as a degree since a half century ago in the 1950's. Meteorological satellites send back data that says, if anything, there is a slight cooling occurring.

The Internet overflows with data to disprove and debunk the lies. From the home page of The National Anxiety Center you can visit the Greening Earth Society, the Science & Environmental Policy Project, the Marshall Institute, and other websites filled with data. You can go to the site of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine and read a petition signed by 18,000 scientists from around the world saying that global warming is a lie.

Even if you do not visit these authoritative sources and have no scientific knowledge, ask yourself whether you think it is human activity that controls the temperature of the earth or whether it is the Sun, the oceans, clouds, volcanoes, and other natural factors as old as the earth itself? Common sense will tell you that mankind has little or no impact on the overall weather system of the earth. Turn on your television and watch what people really do. They flee from hurricanes. They dig out from blizzards. They start again after floods, fires and tornadoes. An active volcano in the Caribbean emptied an entire island of its population. Control the weather? It is absurd!

The same people attempting to implement this dangerous, bogus United Nation's treaty are also attempting to slow the use of genetically engineered food crops that hold the promise of ending famine in the world. They would plunge the world into darkness, disease, and hunger to achieve their goal of political domination.

Alan Caruba writes "Warning Signs", a weekly cyber-column posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center, a clearinghouse for information about scare campaigns intended to influence public opinion and policy. He can be reached at and the Center can be accessed at

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