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The UN Kyoto Climate Treaty is DOA

By Alan Caruba
web posted November 26, 2001

An Associated Press report on the negotiations that took place in Marrakech regarding the protocols of the UN's Kyoto Climate Control Treaty could not have been more inaccurate. The jubilant reporter, Arthur Max, reported that the two-week conference, conducted entirely in secret by representatives from 165 nations had achieved "hard-fought rules for implementing the 1997 Kyoto Protocol which calls on about 40 industrialized nations to limit carbon emissions or cut them to below 1990 levels."

Max predicted that "mountain ridges and coastlines are likely to sprout plantations of steel windmills." There's a lovely future, eh? Miles and miles of endless steel windmills where beaches and forests used to be. Anyone with a lick of common sense knows you can't get any electricity from windmills when the wind isn't blowing and it would require hundreds of thousands of them to generate enough for whole cities. Greens love windmills. They are idiots.

My friend Chris Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute recently pointed out that every time the UN holds another conference about the Climate Control Treaty, the press reports that was a great triumph. Since 1997, through a series of these conferences, the press has been trumpeting "agreement" among nations on the treaty, but, so far, they only thing these clowns have done is engage in horrid catfights behind closed doors. Then they "agree" to come back to fight some more.

Another friend, David Wojick, an expert on energy who writes for Electricity Daily, revealed that the fanatical Greens were "rolled" in Marrakech by none other than the Russians and Japanese, both of whom effectively gutted the Protocol into an instrument, to borrow a phrase from Shakespeare, "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

The editor of Earth Negotiations Bulletin characterized it this way. "It remains to be seen whether Marrakech will be remembered for its wisdom and moderation in providing the first steps for a multilateral response to climate change, or whether it will be remembered for the belligerent bargaining tactics that many believe have unduly undermined the environmental integrity of the Kyoto Protocol."

To understand this UN travesty, it is helpful to keep in mind that the Earth has not warmed at all in the last half century. Why, then, does the UN keep insisting that a cataclysmic "warming" is occurring or is about to? It has nothing to do with the climate and never has. It is useful to note that humans have no control whatever over the climate. The climate is determined by the Sun, the Oceans, clouds and other factors such as volcanic eruptions. Last time I checked, we don't have a lot to say about such things.

The UN Kyoto Treaty is about not just slowing, but reversing the economic power and growth of Western, industrialized nations, while bailing out the Third World, mired in corruption, ignorance, and poverty of their own making. It is also about giving the UN power over all industry throughout the world. If you like Communism, you will love the UN.

The UN Kyoto Climate Control Treaty is dead. It is dead because the US Senate long ago said it would never sign unto it and President Bush has reaffirmed this. It is dead because Russia has to dig itself out from a huge multi-billion dollar debt and it will do so by developing its oil industry.

In doing so, it will drive down the cost of every barrel of oil coming out of the Middle East. The Arabs are thoroughly screwed and they know it. They will huff and puff about cutting production and the Russians, the Venezuelans, the British, and anybody else with crude oil will increase production and pocket the cash.

The UN Kyoto Climate Control Treaty is dead because Americans cheer every time the price of gasoline goes down. It is dead because we are going to drive our SUVs and automobiles wherever we damn well want to. It is dead because we expect to get on a jet plane and fly where we want, when we want.

It is dead because new sources of oil are being found every year. It is dead because half of our electrical energy comes from coal, not oil. It is dead because neither Americans, nor anyone else in the world should have to submit to an endless series of draconian laws affecting every aspect of our lives.

Meanwhile, here at home, the only friends the Greens have remain the Democratic Party whose Senate leader, Tom Daschle, is single-handedly trying to kill our nation's ability to tap into our oil reserves in Alaska and elsewhere. He is doing this at a time when oil independence is vital to our nation's security. It will also cost jobs, so Big Labor hates it. When ordinary, tax-paying Democrats wake up to what their Party is doing, one can only hope that they may at long last desert this nest of traitors.

Alan Caruba is a regular contributor. He is the founder of The National Anxiety Center, a clearinghouse for information about scare campaigns. © Alan Caruba, 2001 All Rights Reserved.

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