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Why the Nobel Peace Prize is worthless

By Tom DeWeese
web posted November 19, 2001

Alfred Nobel established the Nobel Prizes with profits made from his invention of dynamite. It is said he felt guilty because of the deaths and destruction his creation had caused. Guilt. The great uniting force of the Left.

It has long been obvious, however, that the Nobel Prize for Peace is little more than a sham, granting prestige to recipients who did not deserve it.

Let's look at a few recent examples. In 1973 the Nobel Prize was awarded to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and North Vietnam's Le Duc Tho, for bringing peace to that war-torn nation. The prize was awarded a little early, however. Two years later South Vietnam was over-run, destroying its free market way of life. There was, of course, no peace for the millions of South Vietnamese enslaved by the communists to whom Kissinger had capitulated. Such is the legacy of the Nobel Peace Prize.

In 1993 South African terrorist Nelson Mandela was awarded the prize for bringing peace to that nation. It was easy for Mandela to accomplish that feat since it was his group, the African National Conference, (ANC) that had caused the unrest. Never mentioned in Mandela's award was the fact that the ANC's favorite peace method was called "neck lacing." ANC justice was carried out on black citizens by forcing a rubber tire around their necks and over the shoulders so they couldn't move. Then gasoline was poured over the tire and set on fire. The screams only lasted a short while and then there was peace. Mandela won an award, the world applauded, and the Nobel committee felt good about themselves.

Annan along with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (left)
Annan along with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (left)

This year the prize for peace has been awarded to Kofi Annan and the United Nations for "their work for a better organized and more peaceful world." To the nearly uncontrollable cheers of his staff, Secretary General Annan gushed that the prize couldn't come at a "better time." It was awarded just weeks after the United States was attacked and mobilized the civilized world to stop terrorism.

While the champagne glasses tinkled and the cheers resounded at UN headquarters, women in Afghanistan continued to live in terror, reduced to little more than sub-human slaves to the ruling Taliban. The UN had never made any effort to help these victims. Only the United States, an independent, sovereign nation, will bring an end to the horror the Taliban has inflicted.

What purpose drives the UN if not to respond to such horror? What more important mission requires its attention? Since its inception, the UN has been witness to a world of ceaseless wars and horrors. Not one dictator has been brought to justice since the U.S. defeated Hitler. Not one war has been ended in complete victory since the United States defeated Japan. Every war or conflict since the intervention of the UN has failed to bring resolution. The world has become an ugly place as despots of every description were repeatedly given legitimacy by the UN.

What ever possessed the Nobel committee to give it a prize for peace?

After the United States was attacked, the UN passed another meaningless resolution condemning terrorism. Where was the international declaration of war? Where was the determination to end the threat? The UN's most direct response to the U.S. war on terrorism was to place a terrorist outlaw nation, Syria, on the UN Security Council. It dispossessed the United States of its chair on the Human Rights Commission where it had served since its inception.

Perhaps the one positive outcome of the brutal attacks on September 11th and the United States' response to the terrorist threat will be to show, once and for all, how utterly worthless the United Nations is as an instrument of world peace. The United States will do what it has always done, liberate the oppressed and bring real peace and justice to the world. Of course, we just won't get a peace prize for it.

Tom DeWeese is the publisher/editor of The DeWeese Report and is president of the American Policy Center, a grassroots, activist think tank headquartered in Warrenton, VA. The Center maintains an Internet site at www.americanpolicy.org.

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