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If only they hated terrorists this much

By Dustin Hawkins
web posted November 8, 2004

After conceding the election to President Bush, John Kerry encouraged the American people to "begin the healing" and said it was time for us to come together and unite. It is not that easy, Johnny Boy.

Who are we suppose to unite with? The people who vandalized Republican headquarters around the nation? Those who sprayed bullets through GOP offices, hurled rocks and cinder blocks through windows, sprayed racist and anti-Bush graffiti on walls outside and broke laptops and other equipment inside? Or just unite with those large groups of unkempt hippies who attempted to overtake Republican headquarters around the nation?

What about the people who vandalized and egged cars that had Republican bumper stickers on them, or those who slashed the tires of dozens of GOP Campaign vehicles election morning? Is this what we are suppose to unite with?

Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs waits in line to vote on November 2
Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs waits in line to vote on November 2

Are we supposed to unite with the anti-American Michael Moore who thinks Americans are dumb and who has a disgustingly high following to prove his point? Or the Mainstream Media who spreads gossip faster than my Aunt Ester at a Sunday Brunch, or CBS who conveniently rolled out their "I Hate Bush" Book of the Month Club on national television in time for the election? Or just unite with MTV's national "Rock The Vote" campaign to oust Bush (because he will draft you to die), or the hysterical celebrities who line up to call Republicans racist, sexist, ageist, and "those people who, are like, you know, like evil." (And speaking of celebrities, thanks to Puffy Muffy Diddy Daddy we got to deal with the most moronic slogan ever: "Vote or Die." Umm, okay.)

Two weeks before the election, a friend and the College Republican Chairman at Florida Atlantic University, Dana Roberts, had her car surrounded by Kerry supporters who then began spitting and throwing beer on her car, and then tacked it with Kerry stickers. They said that Roberts, who is black, had sided with the Ku Klux Klan. Other Republicans at the college faced similar fates. (Oh but wait! Time to unite!)

On Election Day, I joined hundreds of Bush supporters to gather for one last day long push in Boca Raton, Florida in the heart of Palm Beach County. We cheered, and we had a great time. We loved every minute of it. The people who we are supposed to unite with spit on some us, flicked off most of us and told all of us to F' off and to F' Bush. These people make France seem like a desirable ally.

We smiled, we waved, and we said thank you. As luck would have it, we would be smiling all through the night.

Several hours into that night Bush became the first candidate to take an outright majority of votes since his father did it two decades earlier. He surpassed Ronald Reagan's record-breaking vote total from 1984 by several million. And he won Palm Beach County. Ok, just kidding (but he did nearly double the percentage from 2000). The GOP expanded their majority in the Senate to the point where dead-weight Republicans like Arlen Specter will not be receiving the appeasement treatment and will not be able to water-down the GOP's agenda. And, they expanded control in the House, too.

But, alas, it is time for us to unite. Let bygones be bygones, right? Why let a little lie here, slander there, or rock to the head slow down the "uniting process?" There are some people worth uniting with, but liberals like these generally aren't among those. And the Senator, whose name I have already forgotten, and who attacked our values and our troops is also not among those.

If anyone needs to unite, it is those who have been against Bush to join him, not to seek concessions from him. The people have spoken. Bush will do fine even if they do not "unite" with him because he knows he is doing the right thing, and he will not waver.

A college Republican student in Colorado was kicked by a professor (PS, time to unite!) for wearing a Republican t-shirt that said: "Work For Us Now... Or Work For Us Later." After last night, I think that about sums it up.

Dustin Hawkins is a freelance writer and graduate student living in South Florida. He writes foir MensNewsDaily, Chronwatch, and others, and can be reached at dustinmhawkins@yahoo.com. His website is www.Dustinmhawkins.com.

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