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Worldwide focus on this presidential election

By Carol Devine-Molin
web posted November 1, 2004

There's nothing like an American presidential election, and for one simple reason: It's a race of tremendous consequence that has impact in ways both great and small, particularly in the realm of worldwide safety and security, economic markets and the promulgating of freedom and democratic reforms. Everyone apparently wants to weigh-in on this particularly contentious election including various heads of state, the UN, the fourth estate (the mainstream media), the fifth column (Left-wing politicos and their Left-wing buddies in the mainstream media), and the entire blogosphere and Internet punditry (Left, Center-Right, Libertarian, Green, etc.).

Let's see, have I forgotten anybody? Oh yes, now even the terrorists are throwing their two-cents into the mix. Osama bin Laden views himself as a political spinmeister, and has the incredible chutzpa to try to influence this election by not only denigrating and taunting President George W.Bush, but by extending intimating words toward the American people. Or is it just the red states that are in peril? Amazingly, Osama's screed against President Bush sounded as if it was lifted directly from moveon.org and "Fahrenheit 911." Well, maybe Osama is a fan of both George Soros and Michael Moore who are at the vanguard of the "Blame America First" crowd. In any event, some commentators have opined that Osama's words will cut both ways politically, and ultimately fail to help either Bush or Kerry in this election. I believe otherwise. The sight of that Terror Monster on the tape will only reinforce for Americans that they need a true Terror Warrior in the White House.

Given the worldwide conflict being waged by Jihadis, we're very lucky to have President Bush and his team in place, which understands the nature of the enemy and the new type of warfare we're up against. Sorry, the Democratic Party, which now represents the political Left in America, just doesn't get it. First, the Jihadis exhibit a cult-like mentality, and they're never going to be appeased or dissuaded, so the Left-leaning crowd can just forget about diplomacy and negotiations. Second, the Jihadis are conducting a new type of warfare, now known as asymmetric warfare, or fourth generation warfare, or just plain terrorism, if you prefer. This new-styled warfare is being perpetrated on a worldwide basis, even in the US as demonstrated by 9/11, and seeks to exploit vulnerable targets. The terrorists are cognizant that they can never compete with western civilization in the arena of conventional warfare; hence they've reverted to non-conventional methods that specifically target civilians. How heinous! In a free and open society, it's impossible to guard against all terror attacks, and that's why it's necessary to kill or capture as many terrorists as possible. That's the only way to stop terror assaults. And, we must continue to fight on their turf, not ours. "Bring the war to them" is now the popular saying. We're killing the Jihadis and old-regime Ba'athist "dead-enders" at a significant rate in Iraq, and we should be proud of our efforts.

President Bush, America's commander-in-chief and leader of the world's only remaining superpower, rightly responded to the Web of Terror and its murder of 3000 Americans by overthrowing two of its rogue regimes and democratizing those nations, Afghanistan and Iraq. And it had the added effect of convincing another rogue dictator, Moammar al-Gadaffi of Libya, to turn over his WMDs. The political Left continues to obsess about al-Qaida and the capture of Osama bin Laden, blinded to the larger, and more pertinent, scope of circumstances. The Left fails to grasp the "Big Picture" that involves combating the culture of hate being stoked by the Jihadis in the Islamic world, and which spawns new terrorists. That is precisely why democratization of the Middle East is a necessary strategy. Free societies, by their very nature, undercut the rigidity and excesses of Islamic fundamentalism. Al-Qaida might very well be leading the charge against western civilization and moderate Islamic states, but it's only one of the many players in this worldwide Web of Terror comprised of numerous terror groups and about a handful of terror states – the rogue regimes – that aid and abet terrorists. And make no mistake, these terror organizations cannot conduct global Jihad without the help of terror states that provide funding, weaponry, safe haven and training grounds for these thugs.

Moreover, transnational terrorism is big business (involved with narco-terrorism, the arms trade, kidnapping, extortion, theft, etc.) and terror organizations are akin to crime syndicates or mafias that engage in cooperative efforts with each other. This is just not about "getting" Osama bin Laden – far from it. We're going to have to take down the entire Web of Terror, one way or another, in order for the world to be safe. And it's going to be a long term endeavor. The political Left is in denial of all that's stated here, and sadly, these peaceniks and appeasers understand little about the nature of warfare. The paradigm set forth here is what our active military and veterans know to be true, and these are the warfare experts who are deserving of our respect. That's the reason they support President Bush over Senator Kerry, four to one. Instead, the political Left demonstrates contempt for the military, which is one of the notable causes of political polarization in our nation.

Beyond this election of 2004, political enthusiasts can only guess what the future might bring. Personally, I believe Senator Hillary Clinton, the darling of the Democrats, will be her party's likely candidate in 2008. And, if Hillary carefully positions herself as a moderate, she might win. No doubt about it, she has been helped by the John Kerry candidacy. Hillary Clinton actually comes off looking centrist to the politically naïve, in comparison to the blatantly Leftist John Kerry, considered the most liberal member of the Senate, and saddled with a history of antiwar activism and secret meetings with Communist delegates at the Paris Peace Talks during the Vietnam War. And this occurred when Kerry was in the inactive reserves, I might add, which is totally unconscionable and probably illegal. Now Hillary Clinton's husband, former president Bill Clinton, is voicing a hankering to become head of the United Nations. With Hillary Clinton as POTUS and Bill Clinton at the helm of the UN, you have to think that all their hopes and desires -- all their little Leftist dreams -- will come true. Then we'll have true American socialism, a la European socialism. That's just dandy.

Carol Devine-Molin is a regular contributor to several online magazines.

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