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George W. Bush on November 3Some of us here at ESR woke up worried on the morning of November 2. After months of polls which showed statistical ties and the accepted wisdom that close elections favor the challenger we were ready for a John Kerry win that night. We were pleasantly surprised the next day when Ohio was finally declared for George W. Bush and sealing his victory.

Although we were firmly in the Republican camp this election, many of us haven't been pleased by Bush's performance over the past four years. This magazine's contributors are divided on the merits of the Iraq campaign though we're united behind the war on terrorism. All of us have have significant problems with Bush's spending record, one that in terms of percentage growth matches the Great Society spending increases by Lyndon B. Johnson.

Those concerns aside, George W. Bush has moved America in a direction that many of us in the conservative movement can appreciate. That showed up in the polls when 22 per cent of voters identified "moral issues" as the reason they cast their ballot. We're cautiously optimistic that with a Republican president and an increased Republican presence on Capitol Hill that the agenda of the conservative movement will continue to be fulfilled. When it comes to the war against terrorists we can't think of anyone else we'd rather have at the helm.

So congratulations President Bush on your victory. You have reason to be proud. You're the first president since your father to garner a majority of the ballots cast and the recipient of the most popular votes in the history of the United States. The relentless leftist invective over the past four years failed to resonate with a majority of Americans. Do remember, however, that although you're our candidate and we're behind you, we will hold your feet to the fire if you fail to fulfill the promises made on the campaign trail.

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