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web posted November 22, 2004

"The beast is dead, and the world can only be glad he'll stay that way. ... [Yasser Arafat] has gone where there are no more Jews to slay, and praise of any kind only because he is dead is an indecent betrayal of the thousands who were blown apart at his whim. A murderous scoundrel is gone, and good riddance." -- Wesley Pruden

"When you write off centrist and conservative policies that reflect the will of people in the South and Midwest, you write off the South and Midwest. Democrats have never learned from the second or third or fifth kick of a mule. They continue to change only the makeup on, rather than makeup of, the Democrat Party." -- Senator Zell Miller

"By conventional standards, [John] Ashcroft was among the best attorney generals in American history. Violent crime dropped 27 percent on his watch, reaching a 30-year low. Federal gun crime prosecutions rose 75 percent, and gun crimes dropped -- something that should please liberals. By unconventional standards his service was heroic. There hasn't been a single terrorist attack since 9/11, despite all predictions by experts and efforts by terrorists to the contrary. Ashcroft was willing to take gross abuse to do what was necessary." -- Jonah Goldberg

"The morning after the Feb. 3 primaries, which vaulted Kerry into a virtually insurmountable lead, the candidate was fuming over his missing hairbrush. He and his aides were riding in a van on the way to a Time magazine cover-photo shoot. [Marvin] Nicholson had left the hairbrush behind. 'Sir, I don't have it,' he said, after rummaging in the bags. 'Marvin, f---!' Kerry said. The press secretary, David Wade, offered his brush. 'I'm not using Wade's brush,' the long-faced senator pouted. 'Marvin, f---, it's my Time photo shoot.' " -- Newsweek, Nov. 15 issue

"We knew we were okay when Michael Moore couldn't find anything and left the state for Ohio. I guess we just weren't exciting enough for him." -- Republican Spokeswoman Mindy Tucker Fletcher on Election Day in Florida

"True, [John Ashcroft] was not born with the perfect face for playing Mr. Nice Guy. George W. Bush has enough of Alfred E. Neumann about him to make his grin endearing, and Dick Cheney looks like the faux-grumpy uncle that keeps slipping you hundred dollar bills. But John Ashcroft has no fizz in his phiz, nor can he mug with that mug. He looks like a permanent 'Before' picture in a TUMS ad. Still, that is not enough to explain his accession to the status of Public Enemy Number One of the Left." -- Jay Homnick

"The Mars Rover sent back stunning photos [last week] indicating the past presence of water. The pictures show tiny splotches of blue on the Red Planet. The other theory is that the satellite dish on the rover accidentally picked up CNN's election coverage." -- Argus Hamilton

"The Democrats have the blues. Their guy lost the White House. Their candidates lost campaigns for the U.S. House and Senate. The map of the United States looks like someone spilled a full can of red paint upon it; the few blue states now include the State of Denial." -- Rich Galen

"[Yasser] Arafat remains in stable condition after dying in a Paris hospital." -- James Taranto

"As I'm sure you know by now, Yasser Afafat died last Thursday. And this time it looks pretty permanent. How many times did he die last week? Like five? Six? He was turning into Kenny on "South Park." "Oh, he's dead again! Oh, he's back! Oh, he's dead again!" .... Arafat's wife was seen grieving in the West Bank. She was also in the Citibank, the Mellon Bank, the Wells Fargo Bank. ...And in lieu of flowers the Arafat family asked that everyone just throw rocks. .... Here's some good news -- Israel said they're now ready to negotiate with Yasser Arafat." -- Jay Leno

web posted November 8, 2004

"I think it's unfortunate that anybody puts Osama bin Laden into any political context in the United States' election." -- John Kerry, forgetting his own campaign rhetoric

"Gay marriage is a tricky issue for the Democrats due to the fact that -- like taxes, defense and education -- they are forced to lie about their position when running for office. In other words, Democrats are gay marriage supporters trapped in the bodies of candidates who oppose gay marriage. And no issue-reassignment surgery can help them." -- Ann Coulter

"See this Red Sox [World Series] victory has really given hope to both these campaigns. Its given hope to John Kerry because he's from Boston. And its given hope to President Bush because although they made a lot of errors on the ground, it didn't cost them." -- Jay Leno

"This is the best election night in history." -- Democrat National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe, 2 November 2004, just before 8pm EST

"The Democrats at this point are a bi-coastal party, claiming elite, populous pockets on the two coasts, but the rest of the country isn't interested in their effete agenda. Try as they might, the Democrats and the media can't divide the red sea that runs through much of the country." -- George Neumayr

"Fiscal responsibility is unbelievable in the face of massive new spending promises. A foreign policy based on the strength of 'allies' like France is unacceptable. A strong national-defense policy is just not believable coming from a candidate who built a career as an anti-war veteran, an anti-military candidate and an anti-action senator. When will national Democrats sober up and admit that that dog won't hunt? Secular socialism, heavy taxes, big spending, weak defense, limitless lawsuits and heavy regulation -- that pack of beagles hasn't caught a rabbit in the South or Midwest in years." -- Retiring Georgia Senator Zell Miller

"I know, I know. It is much too early to start thinking of 2008, because we first must unite the country, confront our enemies and utter all the standard cliches. Nonsense. At a certain hour Tuesday night thoughts already turned to next time. In many of the blue states the name Hillary Clinton was uttered with frequency, and in others it was John Edwards (who has the right demographics). Not to my knowledge is anyone talking Gore -- not even, according to his friends, the man himself. ... Still, you have to notice that either as a generic type of politician or a real one, Gore is what his party needs. ... If the war continues, it will deepen as an issue, and Gore, as Gary Hart said about George McGovern, will be deemed 'right from the start'." -- Richard Cohen

web posted November 1, 2004

"The choice is not only between two candidates. It is between two directions in the conduct of the war on terror. Will America return to the defensive, reactive mind set that sought to manage the dangers to our country or will we fight a real war with a goal of victory?" -- U.S. President George W. Bush

"We can take a chance in going back to where we were before Sept. 11, 2001, with someone who can't seem to make up his mind whether terrorism is serious or a nuisance." -- Rudy Giuliani

"The only 180 John Kerry hasn't accomplished in his litany of flip-flops throughout his campaign is Standard Form 180, the paperwork necessary for the complete release of his military records from the Department of Defense repository." -- Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson

web posted October 25, 2004

"We did have a completely different class of people in 1776. When this country was formed you couldn't find 10 people on the continent who thought that it was the responsibility of the federal government to provide them with a job or health care. Know this...transport today's average American back to 1776 and the Revolutionary War would never have happened." -- Neal Boortz

"Recruits to Muslim terror are made by Muslims who preach evil in God's name and by terrorist victories, not by America fighting back." -- Dennis Prager

"The behavior of candidates for political office often reflects what they are seeing in their private polls. That being so, I suspect that the Kerry-Edwards private polls look pretty grim, unlike the public polls which purport to show them running neck-and-neck with the Bush-Cheney ticket." -- Michael Reagan

"I do wish Kerry would explain sometime why it is OK for his faith to shape his stands on social welfare programs and the environment when he vows never to let his stands on abortion and embryonic stem cells be shaped by that same faith." -- Jeff Jacoby

"I did have a chance to assess John Kerry once more and now the only thing I could conclude: This is not a good man. Of course, I am speaking as a mom, and a pretty indignant mom. This is not a good man. What a cheap and tawdry political trick." -- Lynn Cheney on the politicization of her daughter, Mary.

"Some of us may disagree with [President Bush], even strongly, but we're never in doubt about where he's coming from, and where he's absolutely determined to go. ... There are a lot more serious problems than getting your words twisted. Like not supporting the troops in the field at the moment of decision, whether or not you agree with the war they're fighting at the time." -- Paul Greenberg

"I love that bit in every debate where John Kerry pledges to 'hunt down and kill the terrorists.' You can see him thinking, 'Must remember to say "kill" very loudly and in a deep voice. And sound as if I'm not gonna be some pantywaist president who uses special forces or unmanned drones. I'm gonna kill -- sorry, KILL -- 'em myself.' This is to dispel suspicions that in reality he would hunt down the terrorists and serve them with a subpoena, possibly from one of the less robust judicial systems, such as the Hague or Massachusetts, and possibly for mail fraud, if the whole mass murder thing looks like it won't stick." -- Mark Steyn

"Donald Trump got some humbling news Monday when NBC informed him his reality television show 'The Apprentice' has slipped twenty percent in viewer ratings. He knows little and thinks he knows everything. It clearly points to a political career." -- Argus Hamilton

"Imagine President John Kerry at the Berlin Wall. 'Mr. Gorbachev...I challenge you to get to an emotional place where you can imagine a different kind of non-wall reality, that fully respects the 'wallness' of your current reality, yet takes us on a spiritual journey in which'..." -- Ann Coulter

"Police in Pennsylvania are now looking for a man who robbed a bank wearing a George Bush mask. He was gonna wear a John Kerry mask, but apparently he couldn't get his head through the door." -- Jay Leno

"On more than one occasion, Senator Kerry has referred to the fight at Tora Bora in Afghanistan during late 2001 as a missed opportunity for America. He claims that our forces had Osama bin Laden cornered and allowed him to escape. ... As commander of the allied forces in the Middle East, I was responsible for the operation at Tora Bora, and I can tell you that the senator's understanding of events doesn't square with reality. ... Contrary to Senator Kerry, President Bush never 'took his eye off the ball' when it came to Osama bin Laden. The war on terrorism has a global focus. It cannot be divided into separate and unrelated wars, one in Afghanistan and another in Iraq. Both are part of the same effort to capture and kill terrorists before they are able to strike America again, potentially with weapons of mass destruction. Terrorist cells are operating in some 60 countries, and the United States, in coordination with dozens of allies, is waging this war on many fronts." -- General Tommy Franks

"[W]hen was terrorism only a nuisance? Was it a nuisance four years ago, when the USS Cole was attacked and we almost lost the ship and we did lose 17 sailors? Was it a nuisance six years ago when they attacked simultaneously two of our embassies in East Africa and killed hundreds of people, including many Americans? Was terrorism just a nuisance 11 years ago, when they first bombed the World Trade Center? Or 16 years ago, when Pan Am Flight 103 was blown out of the skies over Lockerbie, Scotland? Or 21 years ago, when a truck bomb was driven into a barracks in Beirut and killed 241 American Marines?" -- U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney



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