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The progressive Pontius Pilate formula

By Michael Moriarty
web posted November 27, 2006

Sooner or later someone or something had to show up to pay for the sins of Pontius Pilate. Two thousand years after Christ's crucifixion may seem a little late for justice but God has never been in a hurry and, in this case, He had to wait around until all the Pontius Pilates got together to base a religion on the back of that consigliere, lawyer, mouthpiece, shill for the Roman Empire, Pontius Pilate, Christ's executioner, and to shape an entire political style out of Pilate's versions of Nixon's Checker's Speech, yes, the infamous "washing of Pontius Pilate's hands."

"I'm not a crook….and I didn't kill Christ, the Pharisees did!"

The secretly sold, underground self-help book, How to Get Ahead in the New World Order by Pontius Pilate, has been so widely distributed and read, although it never hit the "stands," so to speak, with the ballyhoo and "Boffo" sales of Dan Brown's companion piece, The Da Vinci Code, the Pontius Pilate success manual has been around America for quite a long time. Its advertisement logo has been staring up at us ever since the New World Order Pyramid went on the back of the American Dollar in 1936, under the Roosevelt Administration. Now that the soul of Pontius Pilate has his Progressive American Franchise entirely and profoundly in place, with Popess Nancy Pelosi (see www.rainbow93.com) running Congress as Speaker of the House, the Bush/Clinton/Dual Pharaohs owning the White House for almost twenty years, and that old reliable Third Estate of Intellectual Supremacy, the American Supreme Court – a Pontius Pilate Summer Home for almost two centuries, using Science and Scientists to persuade us that a gestating infant is really no more a human being than egg yolk is – well, it's time for the Second Coming and, if you'll excuse the expression, the moment God will be here soon to kick a little bit of Pontius Pilate's ass.

"This man is innocent," said Pilate as he pointed to Jesus of Nazareth.

Then he went on with the Classic Progressive Formula for holding on to power. He let us know that in order to keep the peace, he would be obliged to honour the rights of the Pharisees and the tenets of their religion, those which demand that Jesus of Nazareth be crucified for blasphemy.

My Italian, adoptive father reminds me that Christ, from the Cross, forgave everyone because they really didn't know who His Father was.

Pilate thought he could avoid any trouble with Christ's "Father" by explaining how he, the representative of the Roman Emperor, had to "keep the peace," and was just "doing his job."

"With peace shall destroy." Daniel 8:25

Pontius might have gotten away with it if he hadn't also "washed his hands of guilt" in public.

That was a bad idea.

It's almost like he said he's Christian…….he's Christian but……

No one really bought that act.

Why does America buy the same act when Progressives run it by us? They are Christian. Well, they say they are.

The newest Pontius Pilate, following right on the heels of his predecessor, William J. Clinton, is Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois. He's even better than Clinton. His new book, The Audacity of Hope, boy, that guy washes his hands with every silken hair he can split; and, gosh, can that Senator split hairs??!!

His chapter on faith, for he says he's a Christian, has him resurrecting even John Leland the American Evangelist to show us all how much he knows about Christianity in America. I have no doubt he's a speed-reader with a photographic memory, but these days such genius has been snapped up by the New World Order so fast that young truth-seekers barely have a chance to sit with themselves. However, what could any child bring with himself that's at all worth meditating on, since he's not even human till his third trimester? Columbia and Harvard Universities have our young men and women racing through a reading list longer than an Islamic rap sheet, and those are just the titles. They have to read every word!!

Senator Obama says he dislikes abortion and oddly attributes his own intense self-examination to all pregnant mothers, saying their abortions surely follow a considerable period of serious reflection. I'm not sure that's true. With one and a half million abortions per year in the United States, and that's a conservative estimate, I doubt if all mothers who abort their babies are Ivy League Graduates or Seminary Students.

I have to admit that Senator Obama is so good with his Christian Rap that you'd think he'd studied for the priesthood with Jesuits.

However, he feels obliged, in honouring America's time-worn and indisputably effective "separation of Church and State," to also honour the "right" of women to abort their child.

Pontius Pilate honoured the right of the Pharisees. Obama honours the rights of Feminists. And, since both Pilate and Obama have been "Global Thinkers," "Internationalists" – you can't run a Roman Empire without thinking beyond the needs of Rome, and you can't save the human race without looking way beyond Washington, D. C. and over the heads of the "politically primitive," as Progressive Dean Acheson might describe most of the American People – this rule of thumb, honouring the rights of other cultures, also applies to the rights of all cultures, such as that of Islam, since, as the Progressive Professors have all taught us to believe, "all cultures are equal."

No Progressive has handled terrorists more Progressively, and in the same way that Pontius Pilate handled the Pharisees, than former President William J. Clinton dealt with Palestine's Yasir Arafat and the Irish Republican Army's Gerry Adams. He reasoned with the terrorists, as Pilate tried to calm the Pharisees, when they were calling for the head of Christ.

Al-Qaida, Taliban, Hezbollah, the Palestinian Liberation Army and the IRA believe, from the bottom of their bomb-packing hearts, that terrorism is an acceptable instrument of political protest. Obviously the Progressive Nobel Peace Prize Committee must agree, or they wouldn't have given Arafat a Nobel Prize.

The following is how President Clinton honoured the rights of one terrorist.

When Gerry Adams phoned to tell the President that the Irish Peace would end that day with an IRA Bombing in London, the Commander-in-Chief expressed his dismay, since he was the one who had bartered the peace in the first place, but, at least as far as anyone can tell from the description of this phone call in Clinton's autobiography, My Life, he never asked where the bomb was to go off. In that way, President Clinton was "honouring" the right of the Irish Republicans to use terror as an acceptable instrument of political protest.

President Clinton is "keeping the peace," right?

The President simply writes, "Later that day a bomb exploded at Canary Wharf"

The bomb detonated at South Quay DLR Station and destroyed the South Quay Plaza. Two people were killed, and the damage was estimated at £85 million, that's about US$150 million.

Two people were hardly the IRA's intended "kill ratio" of explosives to dead bodies. Perhaps the President did do something to warn England in some way, but I doubt if that news would mean anything to the relatives of the two victims.

Progressive, English-speaking policies toward terrorism are such an increasingly horrid set of mixed messages. However, to "interfere" too much would infringe upon the rights of political protest groups who think terrorism is an acceptable form of resistance.

This policy was laid out recently by William Clinton, in a Fox Television interview. He explained, with such "hair-splitting" compassion, the difficult situation the President of Pakistan has been in since Osama bin Laden chose to use Pakistan as his "hide-a-way." That Islamic nation's President can hardly allow American troops in to hunt an Islamic, mass-murderer!


Then what kind of "peace" is possible when a large corner of the human race, and one fourth of mankind is, from the last figures I read, the number of  Islamics on earth, when a "civilization" can harbour and protect a humanicidal maniac?

The Progressive New World Order's "Population Control Policy" hardly advertises this underlying tenet to its philosophy, but it's the only explanation for Progressive Indifference to Human Life. It is rather clear from Progressive abortion, euthanasia, neglect of the dead and dying in Africa, that if three thousand dead from "9/11" is not enough to have Pakistan out helping the human race hunt down the villainous Osama, then what is a mere two dead in London to a former President who virtually brags about how close he and terrorist, Gerry Adams, grew closer together in friendship.

That's bold, I think, but it's obviously now a Progressive Right, to "bud up" with what the Intellectual Supremacists of Radical Chic and Clinton Renaissance Weekends call "intellectual men of action!" That's a Progressive euphemism for Vladimer Ilytch Lenin who was, well, the first, infamous legend of Communist Terrorism.

Oh, one of the new rights of the New World Order itself, now also a "culture" unto itself, is to have movies critical of William J. Clinton taken off of a major network, ABC. That Emperor Clinton's rights have defied the First Amendment Right in the American Constitution, the right of free speech, is just a mild indication of where the United States of America's cultural equality, how, well, really equal we all are…in our multi-cultural identity and equality under the Empire of the New World Order.

The New World Order has been its own culture for at least two hundred years. It's the very fraternite which the French Revolution proclaimed it would be: liberty, equality, fraternity! For those who are interested, that fraternity is lovingly examined by Dan Brown in his novel, The Da Vinci Code.

How many more rights Pontius Pilate and the New World Order is going to add to its Empire remains to be seen. With Popess Pelosi of the New and Improved, Progressive Catholic Church legislating for America, gee, things aren't looking good for Pope Benedict XVI whose old-fashioned stand against abortion is not, well, it's not progressive, and hardly acceptable in the New World Order, nor Pelosi's version of a Progressive Catholic Church.

But isn't it Pontius Pilate's job to honour Pope Benedict's right to stand against abortion?

Well, if the failure of ABC's critical film of William Clinton is any indication, I doubt it; certainly not if it stands in the way of the rights of the New World Order.

Pope Benedict XVI is asking us not to "slaughter the innocents."

Thank God that Pontius Pilate wasn't around when King Herod ordered all the babies of Jerusalem executed. Pilate, in his very thorough way, would have found the baby Jesus in that Manger and, to keep the peace, had our Lord's head bashed in with a Roman sword.

Both Clinton and Obama call themselves Christian.

With Pontius Pilate and King Herod as A.K.A.'s, I just don't believe them; and, as they say, God'll get ‘em for that. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Mary Christmas and Force of Impact. Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty's presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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