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State of Emergency
The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America
By Patrick J. Buchanan
Thomas Dunne Books
HC, 320 pgs. US$24.95
ISBN: 0-3123-6003-7

Why can't we save our own country?

By Bernard Chapin
web posted November 20, 2006

State of EmergencyI can think of few topics which bring about more despair and exasperation than our country's docile acceptance of unfettered immigration. What makes the subject all the more perplexing and disturbing is that the solution to the conundrum is blatantly obvious. We now have more people arriving than we possibly need or are able to support -- given the benefits upon which they are bestowed upon entry -- and enacting serious restrictions or even a fairly liberal annual quota figure could make the problem go away within a generation or two. Yet, regardless of the ease with which it could be solved, our politicians are steadfast in their refusal to help the people; the same people who were duped into electing them in the first place.

Pat Buchanan's new book, State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America, does a better job than any other of illustrating the futility of the current situation. It is a foregone conclusion that no welfare state can embrace open borders for very long and continue to survive. It is only human nature for us to want something for nothing, and any nation dumb enough to make publicly known its "take all comers" masochistic proclivities will quickly become saturated with immigrants -- which is exactly what happened to the United States since the 1960s. By winking at illegals and having no real policy with which to separate those we want from those we do not, indigenous labor and earnings are transferred to outsiders as payment for medical bills, education, and welfare. The exponentially rising numbers of new arrivals then provide government with a ready excuse to expand itself and enable it to steal yet more of our earnings in the name of social [in]justice.

In light of the public's growing resentment why do our elites permit this madness continue? Generally, a politician's avoidance of key issues lasts right up until the time they sense they may get thrown out of office, but Buchanan does a masterful job of outlining the way in which political correctness, along with its necessary precondition of white guilt, is the major factor behind our elites' willing complicity in our man-made cultural and economic implosion. White guilt can be defined as the fantastic phenomenon whereby Caucasian Americans, as a result of their being indoctrinated to view slavery and wars of conquest as being unique to western man, are psychological debilitated from taking up their own defense. Of course, feeling guilty about things you haven't personally done is ludicrous, particularly in this case. Foul acts like murder, slavery, and wanton destruction are ubiquitous to humanity, and were committed by peoples all over the world since the beginning of time. That our youth actually buy into this non-sense is a stunning example of just how politicized the field of education has become. Our history has been altered to include a "somebody to blame" link at the bottom of every page, and, due to the despicable machinations of racist radicals, that someone always has a pale face and urinates from the standing position. When these lies about history are combined with the Big Education's reflexive habit of boosting self-esteem for no discernible reason, a lethal combination is derived. Today's Caucasians leave school regarding minorities as pawns for the saving rather than as independently functioning men and women with the same desires as everybody else.

White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era is cited several times in these pages, and Shelby Steele's conclusions regarding Anglo politicians are irrefutable. They vilify the attributes of their own kind while exalting the characteristics of others as a means of self-purification, to absolve themselves of personal guilt, and also to regain moral authority over their opponents. Our self-promoting "leaders" would rather forge reputations as citizens of the world than better the lives of their constituents because acting against one's interests makes one a  knight within the sensitivity state. Their self-defilement will probably not be appreciated by those who conquer (or re-conquer as the case may be) our nation in less than a century's time. In the new Diversomaniacal USA, the indigenous population has no right to judge others or to assert their values upon immigrants no matter what they do. It will not be long before practices which we currently consider discriminatory and prejudicial will become allowable due to an all encompassing mandate to defer to the other. The words of Charles Peguy have never been more apropos: "It will never be known what acts of cowardice have been motivated by the fear of looking insufficiently progressive" [page. 181]. Unfortunately, giving away America is one such act.

That George W. Bush, just as William Clinton before him, failed in his Constitutional duty to protect the states against invasion is undeniable. Our presidents are no more vested in this nation's future than many of the immigrants who break our laws to get here. They come to the great Satan to prosper and earn, but their loyalties will always be elsewhere. They are among but not of us. In the past we tried to foster patriotism by enacting quotas, naturalization proceedings, and a refusal to alter our own culture for the benefit of new arrivals, but that time is no more. Nowadays, it is the natives who must adapt for the sake of the immigrants. We learn their language rather than they learn ours. When we do not, we face employment discrimination in the land of our own birth. Here in Chicago, I have seen countless "help wanted" advertisements documenting that no mono-lingual citizens need apply. Why should we fault the immigrant for not assimilating when we so willingly oppress our own? Even if they were truly interested in becoming one among many, there is no longer much for them to assimilate to. Society encourages us to regard ourselves as free agents. Blacks, individuals whose ancestors -- on average -- have been here longer than anybody else's, now refer to themselves as "African-Americans," Asians are "Asian-Americans," and Hispanics are "Hispanic-Americans." and race is not where the Balkanization ends. Recently, a disgraced politician, proudly referred to himself as a "Gay American." As for this reviewer, I'm going to remain simply an "American." I agree with Teddy Roosevelt when he said, "There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism," [p.177] but if he were alive today he would be in the minority. There is no room for Americans without outside attachments, qualifiers, or stipulations.

One of the side effects of these absurd bifurcations and delineations is that individual patriotism is interpreted as a symbol of intolerance and hatred. Our Bill of Rights and Constitution are the intellectual infrastructure from which a remarkably stable nation has arose. The overwhelming majority of the citizenry possess health, prosperity, and freedom (despite the ever-increasing encroaches upon our private lives by the nanny state). By nearly every statistical measure, ours is a wonderful land. If one examines America realistically, all of these eventualities are easy to detect, but if one juxtaposes America with perfection then they will forever be disappointed; despite perfection being to humans what space travel is to ants. 

I think the average person will find State of Emergency well worth their time and investment. It really is quite illuminating. Furthermore, contrary to his reputation, Pat Buchanan says very little here that is controversial. Most of his insights are obvious, which is rather appalling in light of how irresponsibly they are ignored by our rulers. Buchanan argues in his final chapter that it is not too late and that we have a last chance to stem the tide, but I disagree with him. Our elites have already spoken. They have decided to sacrifice our nation as a means to purify their souls and feel good about themselves. ESR

Bernard Chapin is a writer living in Chicago and the author of Escape from Gangsta Island. He is currently at work on a book concerning women. He can be contacted at veritaseducation@gmail.com.

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