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Is Hillary the most qualified?

By Jack Ward
web posted November 26, 2007

As the presidential primary grows closer, it has become apparent that Hillary will be the Democrat candidate for president. But is she the best candidate?

The message from the Hillary for President Campaign is that: "Experience matters." Her campaign protrays her as the candidate with the most experience. During campaign speeches Hillary claims that she has the strength and experience to be President. So let us look at her experience.

During Bill Clinton's first run for president we were told that Hillary was one of the smartest lawyers in the country. But in her biography, she informed us that she failed her first attempt to pass the Washington DC Bar exam. So it is apparent that the smartest lawyer claim was false. But she was smart enough to be accepted as one of hundreds of lawyers that participated in the Watergate investigation.

Hillary ClintonDuring Hillary's ‘Arkansas Days' she worked at the Rose Law Firm while she was married to Bill Clinton. As the spouse to the Arkansas Attorney General for two years and spouse to the Arkansas Governor for 12 years, her primary role at Rose was that of a ‘rainmaker'. ‘Rainmakers' bring legal business to a law firm. It was prudent for companies that dealt with the state of Arkansas to be represented by the Rose Law Firm. Her legal expertise hasn't been cited in any law journals so it her expertise is pure speculation.

Unfortunately, we can't determine Hillary's experience as co-governor during her ‘Arkansas Days' since all official documents from the governor's office are under lock and key. As the former governor, Bill Clinton controls access to all 2000 boxes and he won't release the documents until after the 2008 election.

During the ‘Clinton Years' at the White House, Hillary was involved in many activities. As first lady, Hillary attended state functions here and abroad. Unfortunately, all documents relating to Hillary's accomplishments and failures during her time in the White House are under lock and key. These records, like the Arkansas records, are under the control of former President Bill Clinton. Rest assured – if these documents supported the myth of Hillary's experience and expertise, Bill Clinton would make sure they would be made public before the 2008 election.

We are led to believe that Hillary was involved in most policy and political decisions during her husband's political career. But, without any documented evidence of Hillary's ‘vast experience' as co-attorney general, co-governor and co-president, we can only look to her accomplishments as the New York junior senator. A search of her senatorial legislative record is anything but impressive. Without riding the coattails of her husband, it is doubtful that she would have ever been elected as senator.

Politics is the only profession that we are led to believe that a non-elected spouse is as qualified as the elected one. You wouldn't allow the spouse of a brain surgeon to operate on you but we are expected to believe that political ‘pillow talk' equals experience. Even without evidence that Hillary has the experience that makes her the most qualified Democrat presidential candidate; she criticizes others for their lack of experience. Recently Hillary belittled Senator Barack Obama's foreign affairs experience. Obama lived in a foreign country as a youth and grew up understanding the different cultures. But according to Hillary, that isn't as important as her experience as first lady.

Before becoming a senator, Hillary's foreign affairs experience consisted of taking trips to 78 countries as first lady. During these trips she was treated as royalty - even taking her own private toilet. Does ‘rubber chicken' state dinners and Champaign receptions with dignitaries and officialdom qualify as foreign relations experience? Voters need to decide if associating with the common folk or hobnobbing with the elite make you better qualified to understand the cultural differences. As Hillary asked, who do you think understands "…the big, complex international challenges the next president will face."

When you look at the documented experience of all the Democrat presidential candidates – Hillary is probably the least qualified. But the Clinton propaganda machine drives on and Hillary will probably win the Democrat nomination. ESR

(c) 2007 Jack Ward


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