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Mankind's identity crisis

By Michael Moriarty
web posted November 12, 2007

I've had a few of my own … identity crises, I mean … but I've been an actor all my life, so what do you expect? It is one of the proclivities of my trade.

However, that the whole human race has yet to make up its mind?!

Well … let me describe it … mankind's identity crisis, as I see it now. Man, as one totality, has three major personalities within it, three that dominate all the other isolated and relatively smaller identities, such as Buddhism and Hinduism … even atheism seems to have been dwarfed by the Big Three Conglomerates, which are: the old-fashioned, rusty and by now rather battered Judeo-Christian civilization, Islam and the Progressive trinity of Liberalism, Communism and Eugenics.

The last conglomerate, of course, is the newest and, for me at least, the most complicated. The Progressive Identity will also, I believe, prove to be, despite its containing the newest of man's self-images, the most complicated and intellectual of the Big Three and the one brimming over with Renaissance pretensions, i. e. Bill Clinton's Renaissance weekends. The Progressive Renaissance … in Progressive words, at any rate, will prove to be the underlying inspiration for not just two of man's world wars, but … yes … the root cause of the three world wars we are so inevitably destined to have engaged in.

Islam, that other third major identity, will be an initial cause of World War III - rather like Japan kicked the US into World War II - but the Progressive marriage of liberals and Communists will match Nazi Germany's alliance with fascist Italy and, as with World War II, the underlying horror of World War III will be, as Winston Churchill described it, the "perverse science" of eugenics. Yes, Liberalism, Communism and their inevitably shared religion of Eugenics will rise within the next 10 years to challenge its former ally, Islam, and attempt to destroy Judeo-Christian civilization with even more than atomic bombs.

Progressive Christianity, most blatantly led by William and Hillary Clinton, will have both Communist China and Vladimir Putin's increasingly Red Russia falling into line behind them and their Progress.


The best way for the Communists to invade their enemy, the United States of America, is by letting the so-called Progressive, New or Neo-Americans lead the attack from within, to provoke an American identity crisis ... John F. Kennedy's assassination might mark the beginning of such a strategy.

However, for all of Mankind, the ultimate choice is between the three fates and acts of faith: Islamic tyranny, Eugenics and the building of the superhuman race, or the culmination of Judeo-Christian prophecy, Armageddon and a Second Coming … of some sort.

A few who have met William Clinton have called him, in addition to "Slick Willy," one of his local nicknames in Arkansas where he no longer lives ... figures ... have described him as "Messianic", meaning he may very well think of himself as the Second Coming of Christ.

Hmmm … Our Lord as a Progressive Baptist.

Former President Clinton has already been recognized by the establishment press as "one of", if not "The Most Influential Man In The World."

The "Revelations" chapter of the Bible, however, ironically prophecies "the evil one" … appearing in his third and final form … as a "Preacher".

This Biblical legend appealed to the movie superstar, Clint Eastwood. He chose to make a hero out of the "Preacher" of Revelations in his film, Pale Rider … hmmm … well … many of his heroes, beginning with those in the Spaghetti Westerns, have some torrid, evil past to them ... but the Apocalyptic future as well?

Now, the Prodigal Son is a hero with a sordid past … I can buy that, but … the Preacher of Revelations as a hero? Well, I am just not Progressive enough … even though I played the Preacher's sidekick in the Eastwood film Pale Rider … saved his life, too! It's one of the patronizing privileges of being no more than a supporting actor.

Oh well … Darth Vader, the villain of Star Wars turned out to be the father of Han Solo … so … we've just got the devil in us … and Clint Eastwood and George Lucas are here to remind us of that … lest we ride off on some white horse again to save the South Vietnamese.

However, we're off again now, saving the Iraqis … and, of course, the Progressive Americans are spitting in disgust … at the hell of our American Romanticism, our good intentions, right?

There really were no good intentions involved.

We needed oil … still do.

Saudi Arabia provided 1/3 of our supply … and to protect our Saudi dealers, we just had to take out Saddam Hussein who had obviously Hitlerian designs on Iran, Saudi Arabia … and any other oil bearing corner of the Middle East. So, apparently some part of Islam put business before religion and helped wipe out Saddam Hussein.

Islam hasn't lifted a finger, however, to help capture Osama bin Laden. That obvious oversight still keeps most Islamics in the mix, so to speak, as the Imperial, Kamikazee Japanese of this World War III.

The Progressive Trinity, however, with Senator and Mr. Clinton as its leaders, are certain of ending the Judeo-Christian hegemony … as we know it … or knew it … so battered and almost unrecognizably bruised it is.

So, with the obviously Progressive Preacher of Revelations, such as the Pale Rider of Clint Eastwood's movie script, or with the "Evangelist" of Bill Clinton (at least that's how Rev. Billy Graham paid descriptive tribute to the former President … called him an "Evangelist" ... in Yankee Stadium!) ... oh, well ... what was considered evil by the Judeo-Christian civilization of the Bible is now the essence of heroism for the Progressive future. With such a Progressive point of view, is it any wonder that America now resembles a cocaine and oil addicted mob stumbling to its own slaughter at the hands of its own ruthlessly Progressive American leadership?

Within all of Mankind's identity crises, America's personal one began with the assassination of J.F.K., descended further to the level of an American President, Richard Nixon, and his paying tribute to a butcher named Mao Tse Tung and finally in 1973, reached its nadir with the legalization of abortion by the Supreme Court's Roe V. Wade Decision, in direct defiance of the human rights paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.

Following those three Progressive surrenders to "Progressive Reality" by mainly Progressive Republicans, like Henry A. Kissinger, America, of all the former Judeo-Christian nations, had utterly lost her identity.

Without an authentic America to lead it, the Judeo-Christian Civilization is, in the ranks of Mankind's three major identities, the most threatened.

We do have our Judeo-Christian culture's faith in Biblical prophecy, but the human rights paragraph of the Declaration of Independence has again not been enforced. Our American, "inalienable right to life" was denied us by the Progressive Supreme Court, in the same way the 19th Century Taney Supreme Court denied Dredd Scott his freedom and American equality.

However, between American history's Civil War record of justice-seeking, and the millenniums-old, prophetic nature of our Bible, the other, self-serving, self-images of Mankind - Islam's vow to destroy us and the Progressive Trinity of Liberalism, Communism and Eugenics - those two will not survive Mankind's eventual contempt for such diabolically neurotic false religions and identities.

Man's oldest, major identity, its Judeo-Christianity, will remain its oldest guiding light to eternity. In other words, Islam and the Progressive Trinity will fade into the past and be branded as Man's last, major love affairs with Evil. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty's presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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