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Monica-haters about to leave their temporary sojourn in the Republican Party

By Jim Peterson
web posted November 5, 2007

A recent Rasmussen Report states that 25% of Republican women are planning to vote for Hillary while 25% of Democrat men are planning to vote Republican.

My contention is that these women were never really "conservatives" in the first place and the men, having been true liberals for a long while, are now recognizing that the Democratic Party has a toxic future agenda for heterosexual males.

Many American men can remember how, in 1998, there was no opinion of the Monica Lewinsky issue that would appease the fury of many insecure women on the subject. If one said that Bill Clinton was a cad, many liberal women would snap back with an angry defense that he was innocent. If one said that Bill's affair was none of anyone's business there would be a harsher reaction from many liberal and conservative women alike. I personally learned to exercise my right to remain silent.

What a lot of men did not notice at that time, however, was that some "victim feminist" women were so incensed at the crime (of Bill sleeping with a younger woman) that they could not forgive the bored reactions of liberal male politicians and liberal journalists. In order to punish a male power base in the Democratic Party and give feminists total control in its reconstruction, they actually switched over to the Republican Party, where they forged an unholy alliance with well-meaning family-values advocates to propel George Bush into the Presidency based on his having "character" (remaining faithful to a wife his own age). I am not disparaging "loyalty to one's wife" here, but I am noting that this subject was made to be far too important an issue in the 2000 election. The swing vote that put Bush in office were the left wing feminists who were furious at Bill Clinton for his affair because they saw women as victims of the male libido.

Over the years between 2000 and 2008, these new anti-Monica Republican women used their "swing vote leverage" to transform the Republican Party into a misandrist institution that espoused gender feminism. When was the last time, since the year 2000, that we saw a Republican politician publicly even use the word "feminism"? They recently crowned their achievement by getting a record amount in appropriations for the federal Office on Violence Against Women, an unconstitutional construct that their beloved Hillary helped create in 1995.

Of course many would argue that they had many crowning achievements during their reign over the Bush Administration, such as when an Indiana man recently received a life term on the sex offender list for having pulled a meandering teenage girl off a dangerous highway for her own safety. Nobody will forget how they effectively stopped American men from saying hello to tens of thousands of foreign women via the so-called International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) which, irrespective of its name, persecutes innocent dating websites that only promote the idea of marriage while leaving pornographic dating sites exempted from their wrath.

These women were especially needed by George Bush during the War on Terror because they could be expected to be very incensed about male chauvinist Muslims. You could identify them as the ones saying "Kill, Kill, Kill" the loudest. In payment, these women have basically been given anything they wanted. I contend that the funding of feminist organizations (like the Tahirih Justice Center) to undermine Muslim societies is a double-edged sword that will hurt us more than it will the Muslim societies.

But now their beloved Hillary is polling nationally at 48% in terms of possibly getting the Presidency. What better way to avenge the humiliation of them all being cuckolded by Bill…then to make Hillary President and him the First Lady. I believe the Rasmussen Report poll shows that these women are now ready to return home to the party where they belong.

The question is, will they be honest enough to quit their current jobs in conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, as legislative aides for Republican politicians and as court clerks for Republican-appointed federal judges? ESR

(c) 2007 Jim Peterson


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