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Progressive, post-modernized Christianity

By Michael Moriarty
web posted November 19, 2007

Reverend Pat Robertson has endorsed Rudolph Giuliani for President of the United States!

Hmmm …

Over a year ago, Rev. Billy Graham endorsed Hillary Clinton for President and anointed her husband Bill as an "Evangelist" … and did it all in New York's Yankee Stadium!

Neo-Christianity, Progressive Evangelists and these "Preachers" are Bible-thumping in the primaries!!

The message appears to be: "The Catholic Church and the pro-life movement are, to put it mildly, naïve … and God so approves of Progress He has nothing against abortion." That's generally what President Clinton's spiritual advisor, Rev. W. O. Vaught, convinced him of.

However, Billy and Pat … Pat and Billy … they are both Progressive Evangelists now. Oh, I know, one of their favorite Presidential candidates, Rudolph Giuliani, calls himself a "strict constructionist". I don't know what he is trying to build with all that "construction",  aside from as big a political following as he can charm his way into. He is the Republican Bill Clinton. However, there is more than a slight hint of Richard Nixon in Giuliani, you know?

Clinton and Nixon? That's quite a combination, even if you can't trust it … and nobody trusted Richard Nixon … not even Richard Nixon trusted Richard Nixon; yet both William Clinton and Richard Nixon became Presidents. Since when has America decided to pick the candidate they trust least? The United States has been staggering with justifiable distrust of their government ever since J. F. Kennedy was said, by the Warren Report, to have been assassinated by one lone nutbar named Lee Harvey Oswald whose kill-bullet could never have come from the Book Depository.

So that said, with a Progressive Evangelist's, with Pat Robertson's endorsement, who can possibly stop Rudolph Giuliani from becoming President?

The Curse.

The seemingly inalterable fact that no Mayor of New York City has ever succeeded in becoming President of the United States. A few have tried, and failed.

Who knows? Maybe Rev. Pat Robertson's blessing on Giuliani can lift the Curse.

I doubt it. Robertson's kind of following was the one that put the Curse on New York City in the first place. So Rev. Robertson may lose more of his congregation than Giuliani gains voters. The Robertson kind of fundamentalists not only put the American Curse on the Mayor of New York City, but on anyone who might endorse the Mayor of New York for President of the United States.

Poor Pat ‘n Billy … Billy ‘n Pat … they might face the fate of false prophets … which is not all that bad. False prophets usually tend to be … well … forgotten … or, at the worst, laughed at.

The Progressives have been laughing at Robertson for years. They tend to be less critical of Billy Graham. Perhaps they knew all along that Graham was not just an Evangelist, but a Progressive Evangelist who would endorse Hillary for President.

Progressive Christianity! We can now modernize, or even post-modernize religion!!

Isn't that exiting?

It makes the Bible more accessible, and adaptable, such as the way President Clinton re-wrote the Beatitudes in Ireland, claiming that it is "the peacemakers" that shall "inherit the earth". Well, he was "peacekeeping" at the time and, in one of his few honest moments, let us know how badly he wants to inherit the earth, or at least rule the world … but, Mr. Former President, it is "the meek" that Christ said would inherit the earth.

Are the Clintons meek? They are inheriting the world like a two-person relay team.

As for Giuliani, he stays away from scripture. "Separation of church and state", you know, "strict construction"!

Rev. Pat Robertson's endorsement, however, says more about the "man of God" than it says about the veteran politician, Rudolph Giuliani. As I said, such an endorsement hurts the endorser more than it helps the endorsed.

There is an amazing justice to all this, not to mention the recent indictment of one of Giuliani's former police commissioners. Things aren't looking good for the former hero of 9/11.

The election year is just about to begin actually and, as they say about any race, one should not, like Hillary Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani seem to have, peak too early; and in their case, they have peaked before the bell has even rung.

What strange events will happen in America to keep them in the race? What crises will arise to turn them into a hero and heroine again?

Hmmm ... was Hillary ever a heroine? Not on a Giuliani level, and that's why she just must be President! Then she'll show us what a Progressive heroine really is.

Stay tuned and I'll let you know in the Spring what politically helpful, national tragedy might be shaping up … if such a crisis hasn't already happened by then. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty's presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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