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web posted November 19, 2007

Re: Fascism was always leftist by Bruce Walker (November 12, 2007)

On your article "Fascism has always leftist" in the latest issue of ESR, you are absolutely right. I've been trying to tell that to my fellow libertarians and conservatives for decades. In his little book Planned Chaos Ludwig von Mises had chapters on various types of socialism. In his chapter on Fascism he pointed out that Mussolini was always a socialist from the outset. He used another term partly because of the bloody reputation of socialism that the Bolsheviks and others had given it.

As you point out, the distortion of language in political terminology is a key to the ideological confusion that seems so widespread. Compared to the limited constitutional republic advocated by American conservatives and libertarians, fascism and these other socialism in its various versions and guises are on all on the far left.

Thank you!

Sam Wells

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