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I had a dream

By Robert T. Smith
web posted November 16, 2009

I had a dream that I ran my life like the federal government. 

In my dream, the family and I bought too much on credit for too long; two nice cars, a speed boat, hard-wood floors in the house.  We started the kids on a credit program at the local candy-n-electronics store.  We loaned my unemployed brother in-law money we knew he couldn't or wouldn't pay back so he could move into a house on the affluent side of town, where everyone covets a big house to live.  The household budget is broke and work is getting scarce.  I have this idea in my dream that if only we could borrow and spend more, we can dig out of the credit hole we are in.  I dreamed I heard such an idea on the television as a part of a speech by a Vice-King of a make-believe kingdom and he seemed very convinced it was true.   

In my dream, the kids' teeth are crooked and rotting, my swollen knee bursitis is the size of a chicken egg, and the Warden's (wife) transition from young to old is not going well for anybody.  We need generalists, specialists, and drugs, we need them now and they need to be affordable to us.  I dreamed there was a program where someone else would buy all these health care needs for us, the cost to my family being nothing other than simply showing up with the need.  In my dream, the ones who would have to pay for this were evil, like the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz, and the self-proclaimed Good Witch of the West (somewhere in California I think it was) would take the monkey's money and give it to me.  

In my dream, my car is out of gas.  I have gasoline in my outside storage shed, but for some reason my neighbors will not let me open the door to use it.  Instead, in my dream there are many buxom ladies from Holland wearing green wooden clogs.  These ladies have been put to work spinning windmills by hand.   When I ask them what they are doing in my neighborhood spinning windmills, these ladies tell me that they are being paid for green jobs that Americans won't do and they will provide all the power that it has been decided that we all need.  In my dream, the windmills cover my entire neighborhood but are still not enough to power my house and car, especially when the Windmill-Spinning Employees International Union (W-SEIU) ladies from Holland go on their hourly break and the wind isn't blowing.

In my dream, my neighbor just bought a Doberman that he is training to attack a dummy that looks disconcertingly very much like me.  He tells me it is a substitute for me for now, but for some reason I refuse to believe him in my dream.  We don't seem to be on good terms, but in my dream I believe if only I would apologize for being alive and present near to him he would not set loose his attack dog on me, after seeing what a good person I am. 

In my dream, I had in the past promised to help another who is also on the Doberman neighbors bad list build a common (de)fence to keep his dog away from us.  I decided to renege on that deal in hopes it may buy me favor with the Doberman neighbor and focus all the Doberman neighbor's energy on my former friend neighbor instead.

In my dream, I controlled the neighborhood.  I was a Presidential-appointed czar in my dream.  My title was "The Decider."  I decided everything for everybody.  In my dream I knew I was much smarter than everyone else.  My neighbors protested against my ideas and the things I decided they should and shouldn't do.  They carried picket signs outside my big white house and claimed that I was trying to run their lives, steal their right to be left alone or do as they wished.  In my dream I called them names and tried to ignore them as if I didn't care.  I stayed inside my house so they wouldn't see me notice them while I ate my eco-friendly tofu veggie bean breakfast and drank hot herbal TEA, imported all the way from Chicago.

I had in my dream the thought that we would all be treated according to the content of our character, and not any other defining characteristics, but these were just words in my dream that people would say and not mean.  In my dream, all the special characteristic people were segregated into separate groups, so that different rules would apply for each group. 

I dreamed that I awoke from my dream, and realized that it was only a nightmare that seemed to last about four years.  I dreamed a promise of a more pleasant dream was carried on the breeze as a faint whisper to my ear from people who lived long ago.  In my dream, these long ago people gave to me a pledge of their very lives and sacred honor to establish a better dream for me and all my neighbors.  I had a dream……..of America. ESR

 Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.





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