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Chapter Fourteen of An Enchanted Loneliness: A New Eternity

By Michael Moriarty
web posted November 19, 2012

Science is Man's effort to autopsy God.

Hitler pulled the gold out of his victims' teeth.

Science is generally a medical examiner trying to do the same thing to God.

Since I believe God is still alive, Science's and Karl Marx's belief that either God is dead or never existed in the first place, such faith in atheism is now reaching its apotheosis with the Obama Nation's occupation of the United States of America.

In order to be elected, Barack Hussein Obama claimed to be a Christian. His pastor Reverend Wright and his recorded kowtowing before Islam leaves us with no other conclusion than that of Mary Matalin. She labeled Barack Obama a "narcissistic sociopath".

A megalomaniac who thinks he can put both Allah and Jehovah in his back pocket and order them both to get along with each other.

In short, Barack Hussein Obama's only God is Barack Hussein Obama.

After his recent and very belated press conference on November 14, 2012, Barack Obama has not only proven himself to be an Academy-Award-worthy actor of undeniably performing genius but also a pro-abortion phenomenon that confirms the Bible's warning about Lucifer being God's most gifted angel.

Obama's few heroes, however, are admittedly Karl Marx and, more discreetly disclosed and hanging off of the White House Christmas Tree, Mao Zedong.

Barack Obama is beyond Far Left America's answer to Ronald Reagan. As the defender of both abortion and euthanasia, President Obama, for the sake of the Biblically-minded, will prove to be the principle mover of End Times.

My wife prays that the Far Left Obama will be answered by an American Mahatma Gandhi.

The last and only major Gandhi America had was Martin Luther King Jr.

It would have been impossible to imagine, in 1776, that individual freedom "Under God" would be the backbone of strength for an over two-hundred-year-old United States of America. Yet it was.

Until now, of course.

America is willingly unionizing "under the Obama Nation". That is certainly not a nation "under God" but no one seems to care about that anymore.

It obviously spreads into Obama's major alliance with Vladimir Putin and Russia's neo-Soviet Union, plus additional loyalties to roguishly brash Communists such as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and the Castro Family of Cuba, all of whom endorsed Barack Obama in his run for reelection. In short, a Communist Fourth Reich that now runs the three major capitals of the world: Washington, Moscow and Beijing.

Republicans like the Bush Family and Henry Kissinger cover their political indiscretion by calling it The Progressive New World Order.

It takes tyranny to make a morgue out of holy scripture; and it takes a Progressively Marxist New World Order to empower the likes of Obama and Putin into being not only one of history's greatest, political tag teams but possibly the authors of Armageddon as well.

These "Scientists", as Karl Marx would have dubbed them and himself, with their mandated regulations over their population's daily lives, all made to insure not only their reelection but more importantly their expanding control over the body politic, these two men, Obama and Putin as "scientists", are frauds.

As "con men", however, they are almost flawless.

Their mutual friend, George Soros?

Also a fraud… but a wealthy one.

Despite Karl Marx's own claims to the contrary, there was nothing "scientific" about him and there is nothing purely objective about a Marxist's "objectivity" nor the aims of either Obama or Putin.

Drawing these curtains of complexity away from the true faces of a now Century Old Social Disease called Communism, there's only one way for a Marxist New World Order to destroy the formerly freest nation in the world: Freedom's Suicide.

Death by addiction.

Having almost died an early death from alcoholism, I'm quite familiar with the other addiction America fell into. Voltaire satirized it with his Candide and Dr. Pangloss' dreams of a "best of all possible worlds".

Who's promising this ideal?

The American Left.

Now literally drunk on the Obama Nation, 47 % of Americans are blind with infatuation.

Before they regain their eyesight I fear we'll all be in the middle of World War III.

Either that or an American Civil War.

Or both.

Voters in seven southern states have, in unfortunately Confederate style, filed a sufficient number of signatures for secession that their demands must be formally heard by the Obama Nation.

What would any Abomination have to say when asked for mercy?

"Go suck figs!"

Obama has not only circled his wagons, he's out in front leading the charge.

"Go after me!"


The Press, as Bill O'Reilly points out, didn't do that.

It will be at least another eight months or more before there's another presidential press conference. By then I wager the Middle East will be up in flames. There could be worldwide martial law and, ergo, there'll be no press conference until World War III is over.

War for the potential dictator is always the firmest and fastest way to empower a bully within his own land. The only brand of war that could make an American Civil War impossible to sustain would be World War and instantly imposed martial law.

If, however, the Obama Nation fails to protect Israel from its enemies, there will be an immediate civil war in America regardless of martial law.

Is Obama willing to risk that?

I doubt it.

Against his own obvious loyalties to Islam, he's obliged to protect Israel or he's fighting a war on two fronts.

Why two fronts? If he's allowed Islam to destroy Israel why would the Obama Nation be involved in any further foreign wars?

The target list for Islam is Israel first and America second!

No matter how appeasing or sympathetic to Islam the President has shown himself to be, Islam's radicals are now setting the agenda.

Despite the President's claims that America is "no longer a Christian nation", Judaic Law still far outweighs Sharia Law in America.

A President's refusal to defend Israel is the equivalent of a treasonous refusal to defend the United States of America. The values of Israel and America are still that close.

However, what of President Obama's Marxist background and his proven "flexibility" with the neo-Soviet leader Vladimir Putin?

They are both agreeing to broker a deal with Syria on its future.

Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama
Their Mutual Godfather is George Soros

However, all is not smooth amidst Obama's promised "flexibility" with Putin's neo-Soviet Russia.

In other words, there is no honor among thieves.

Mitt Romney should have known that about Obama before he debated him… and perhaps he did, yet he still decided to take the high road.  The "High Road" in America appears to be an ancient myth discarded decades ago because it loses elections.

That's just one of the main reasons America is trapped under the Obama Nation.

The second reason: the American Left's ownership of the American Press.

The third reason: The Bush Family's introduction to America of The New World Order to be run out of the United Nations.

Before that?

As I've always said, the Supreme Court's legalization of abortion with its Roe v Wade decision, passed during the infamously Republican, Nixon administration.

Now we have the inevitably infamous Democrat, Obama administration. The Left's antidote to memories of Ronald Reagan.

With secession-talk in America at its highest level since the Civil War, my previous warnings of a Second Civil War are hardly out-of-hand now.

This week my eighth article on World War III should be appearing in newswithviews.com.

Without God on her side, America is not going anywhere but Hell.

Nothing will be more like Hell than World War III.

If America doesn't defend Israel unconditionally, there'll be worse than hell to pay.

There'll be nothing left of life on earth.

God can then begin a New Eternity.

There'll be enough evidence of the First Eternity for the New Adam/New Eve to wonder what their children's chances are this time.

If that Second Eternity fails?

God's in no hurry.

No hurry about anything.

The only thing in this Universe interested in Time is Man.

God doesn't have a clock.


He doesn't need one. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.







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