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Tough love 

By Dr. M. Sidney Wallace
web posted November 19, 2012

On the first Saturday after the election, I had lunch with some senior friends.  The youngest was 89 and the oldest was 96.    Every one of these individuals has been retired for at least twenty years.  They were all born before 1930 and personally knew how really hard life was during the depression era.

One man, of Mexican heritage, started working at 14 by doing excavation work with a shovel and wheelbarrow and retired from his own successful business in 1990.  A black man helped his family farm by plowing behind a mule at 12 and retired as a successful pharmacist. A first generation Jew from Europe started working at 14 as a deck hand on a fishing boat and retired as a successful architect.  A lady, of Asian heritage,  said she started helping her mother take in laundry and cooking for her family when she was only 9 and  retired as a college professor five decades later.  A man whose family emigrated from Germany,  had to drop out of school after the 8th grade to help support his family and retired as a successful pattern and dye maker.   Another man of Greek heritage lied about his age to get into the army where his first assignment was as a stable boy for the horses and he retired as a full colonel.  (The United States Army of 1930 had horses and bayonets as they do today.)

These individuals started working and never stopped until they became too old to get to work.  One common thread for each one of them was that they never took a single penny of government aid.   No welfare, no disability, no tuition aid,  no food stamps, no favoritism or any other form of government subsistence.  All of their children who wanted a college education, has a degree and graduated without any personal debt.  These friends are not wealthy, but they are financially secure because they worked hard and looked out for their future.  You can look at any history book written and you will never see their name; however, if you look at the tax rolls you will find they have been there for decades.

The mood at the table was one of gloom and apprehension because of the election.  These individuals knew that they were too old and physically unable to return to work.   They expressed no fear for themselves but for their children and grandchildren.   They had spent a lifetime building a better life and were really troubled that the president had plans to set their families back to the standards of living of the 1930's.  The president may find huts in the Kenyan  jungle acceptable public housing, but these folks, at the dining table, do not.

The laws of economics are just as absolute as any law of physics.  No man in history has been able to permanently defy the law of gravity.  Likewise, no political or social group has ever been able to make asset distribution and governmental central planning program work for the betterment of all.  They always collapsed because of the incompetence of the decision maker.  The United States will be no different.

As the meal and conversation continued I focused on one unique characteristic.   Each of these individuals had repeatedly proven that they knew how to find work even in the most dire circumstances.  Then my optimism started to soar.

The United States is being assaulted from within by a socialist with a desire to have all decisions made by him or his cohorts in his personal entourage.   He and his mentors have been able to buy large voting blocks by promising and providing wealth from the national treasury for not providing anything of value to society.

Fortunately, the laws of economics are working.  Those that have earned the money also know how to protect it from the morons that would throw it away on keeping themselves in elected office.  When the Democrat Party elite and the dear leader Obama, realize that taxes even at 100%, will not provide the money they need, and no one will loan it to them, they will be left with inflating the currency as the last gasp option.  This will hurt everyone, but it will hurt the non-producer the most of all.  The earners have one thing in their favor.  They know how to think for themselves.  The government educated, non-producer will simply starve to death.  Eventually a new government will be formed to replace the current dictatorship and America will once again return to its rightful place of leadership in the world. This may take a generation or two, but it will happen.

When my friends at the table realized that they had passed on the ability to think and a strong work ethic to their children they started to smile.  Times will be hard, but individuals willing to think and work will survive.  The takers in society will cry and pitch temper tantrums for a while, then disappear from the face of the nation.   Who do you trust the most with planning for your future, you or Obama's government? ESR

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