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The Democrat gender gap problem

By Bruce Walker
web posted November 24, 2014

Establishment punditry which constantly warns Republicans about their "Gender Gap" problem, but it is the Democrats who have the problem.  Consider the drubbing which Democrats took in the 2014 midterm, losing races up and down the ticket from United State Senate contests to state agriculture commissioners. 

Democrats in 2014 won the women's vote by a clear margin of 51% to 47% but Democrats lost the total vote by 52% to 47%.  What happened?  Republicans won the men's vote by a landslide 57% to 41%.  The math is fairly simple.  Add the 47% that Republicans got from women and the 57% that Republicans got from men and divide by two:  52% of the vote for Republicans.

Four years earlier, Democrats were also crushed by Republicans up and down the ticket.  In that midterm, 52% of voters went Republican, who won 55% of the male vote and 49% of the female vote.  The math, again, is straightforward enough:  add the 55% of the male vote Republicans won to the 49% of the female vote Republicans won and divide the sum of these two percentages by two – 52% of the total vote.

The last midterm Democrats "won" was in 2006.  In that election, only 47% of men voted Republican although Republicans got slightly less from women voters, 43%.  The total vote for Republicans was 45%.  Once again, do the math:  47% male vote plus 43% female vote divided by two equals the 45% of the total vote Republicans got, enough to cost them both houses of Congress. 

In the midterm in 2002, won the male vote, lost (or tied, depending upon the survey reports) the female vote, but won the election overall making 2002 the first midterm election under a Republican president in which the Republican Party gained seats in both houses of Congress and also shifted power in the Senate from Democrats to Republicans.   

The beginning of Republican predominance in congressional and state elections really dates back to the 1994 midterm election which was the very first top to bottom "Republican Landslide."  Just how big was 1994?  Republicans not only won the Senate but, finally, after forty-six straight years of Democrat control, won the House of Representatives.  Republicans won most of the governorships, including California, and New York.  Republicans won most of the state legislative races, for the first time ever, as well as many secondary statewide elective offices long out of reach of the Republican brand. 

So how did the "Gender Gap" break down in that historic election?  Democrats won the female vote easily by a 54% to 46% margin, but Republicans won the male vote by an even more massive 57% to 43%.  The pattern is the same in all five of those dramatic midterm victories.  The political party which won the male vote won the midterm election. 

Democrat desperation in playing from a very old and worn out political playbook is doing more than just pushing men to show up in voting booths and vote straight Republican, it is also becoming profoundly offensive even to loyal media friends like the Denver Post, which endorse Gardner (or, more properly, de-endorsed Udall.)  In fact, Democrat pandering to women is becoming comical as well as repulsive. 

If the constituency was "White" or "Protestant" or even "Men" there is very little doubt that the morally offensive preference being asked of the favored constituency would, in fact, repel members of that group.  So while Obama shamelessly seeks black votes and places largely incompetent blacks throughout his administration, Republicans wisely never suggest that "White Voters" – a vastly larger majority than the razor-thin female majority – should back Republicans.  This is not because more blacks would go to the polls or that blacks would support Obama more than before.  It is, instead, because many white voters would vote for Democrats because they objected to overt racial themes. 

While religiously serious Christian voters are a heavy majority of these voters are more likely, in general, to support Republicans, there is no Republican plan to make direct appeals to "Christian America."  Millions of Christians would find this offensive and either to stay at home or to vote Democrat in protest.

Indeed, pandering to groups which constituent perceived electoral majorities who exist by accident of birth, like Aryan National Socialism or Dixicrat White Supremacy, offends most of us in a way that the banal appeals to help the "poor and middle class" against "the rich" does not and the "War on Women" is just such a malodorous and grotesque vice.  The slow-witted Democrats, however, have not figured this out yet.  So let's hope they nominate Hillary and that her tone-deaf instincts lead her to screech a gender jihad in 2016.  Republicans can laugh all the way through election night.  ESR

Bruce Walker is the author of book Poor Lenin's Almanac: Perverse Leftists Proverbs for Modern Life and a contributing editor to Enter Stage Right.






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