Welcome to the November 1996 edition of The Earth is Flat Award...a celebration of the weirdness of the left!

On October 25 and 26, tens of thousands flocked to Toronto in an attempt to shut it down to protest the Progressive Conservative government of Ontario. Called "Days of Action", it featured thousands who went on strike, including workers who had signed contracts promising no lockout/no strike provisions, thereby showing exactly how much their word is worth. One labour leader from one of the unions with that clause even stated that workers who break that promise should be fired. I wonder if he'll get re-elected.

So what did this 'strike' prove? Not a heck of a lot. A large majority of Ontarians still support the provincial government and more than a few wish Harris would go further. I look forward to the next provincial election when the unions can be shown once more how irrelevant they are. To the organizers of this protest...an Earth is Flat Award...you shut down only your chances of looking like adults.

And once again...two for the price of one!

Just when you thought they were still dead...The Communist Party of Canada said recently that the policies of the Alberta and Ontario governments are helping to attract new supporters. Party president, and comrade to all those who want to lose their chains, Miguel Figueroa is on a cross country tour to get in touch with the proletariat.

In Edmonton he stated that layoffs and cutbacks are making people question why they can't find work when banks and corporations are making huge profits.

Poor Miguel...only two provinces where the proletariat can rise up and smash the louse bourgeoisie. Conservatives will have to work harder across Canada to elect more conservative governments like Alberta's and Ontario's...if only to give Miguel a better chance...Here's the Order of the Earth is Flat Award for Comrade Miguel...for still thinking he's relevant.

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