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Well, in a few days the U.S. election will be history and Bill Clinton will have the second term that no one a few years ago thought was possible. Hardly surprising considering the candidate and the election that he ran. While it was possible for Dole to win the election, or make it close, Republicans erred in choosing Dole as their candidate. This decision will cost the American people money and some of their freedoms since the closet liberal has nothing to lose now by implementing his agenda. Look for a second round in the health-care debate and new government powers because the Republican Party decided to choose Dole as their candidate. I'll admit I liked Steve Forbes, who probably wouldn't have won any of the debates and would have likely lost the election, but what have been a refreshing change in the sea of look-alike and sound-alike politicians. Who knows, maybe he would have won...

Can you believe that the Canadian government was stopped in protecting themselves from the public?

In 1993 the Federal government passed law (Sections 213 and 259 of the Canada Elections Act) that threatened citizens with up to five years imprisonment if they spent more than $1000, individually or as a group, to support or oppose political parties or candidates during elections. That year the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench declared it unconstitutional. The federal government appealed that ruling.

In June of this year, the Alberta Court of Appeal upheld the earlier court ruling and struck down the law, giving the federal government until October 7 to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. No appeal was filed.

Is this the end of this story? According to National Citizens Coalition president David Sommerville, it may not be. "We expect they will now go back to the drawing board and try and dream up a new gag law for the next election."

This now defunct law shows the arrogance of this Liberal government. It was nothing less than an undisguised attempt to remove the average person out of elections. The politicians would rather be beholden to special interests who can pour money into the main political party's coffers then allow the uncertainty of public participation in campaigns. A public that can't be ignored is a dangerous public for politicians these days.

Although freedom has taken hits from our judicial system, this is something that we can congratulate them for. Clearly our government shouldn't be...

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