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The Center for the Study of Popular Culture has always been one of my favourite sites. Founded by men who used to be among the most radical left in America's political history, David Horowitz and Peter Collier -- people who supported the New Left and the Black Panthers -- have made a remarkable transformation into neo-conservatives.

The two also run FrontPage Magazine, a conservative magazine with articles on diverse subjects and an emphasis on the continuing Clinton scandal. FrontPage also carries regular columnists such as Horowitz, Larry Elder and Dick Thornburgh. If that's not enough for you, it also carries links to the off site columns of writers like William Safire, Linda Chavez and Thomas Sowell.

If Enter Stage Right doesn't update enough for your tastes -- and I know it doesn't -- then FrontPage is a valuable addition to your on-line magazine bookmarks. Conservative, updated frequently and just plain right. All you need...besides us of course.

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