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The last month in quotes...the good and the bad

"Our President's recent troubles are dramatic proof that cultural war is not a clash over the facts, or even between philosophies. It's a clash between the principled and the unprincipled." --Charlton Heston

"Our children have been taught that fidelity is old-fashioned and that adultery is the norm." -- Gary Bauer on Bill Clinton

"I think any time a person has to go through a searing personal experience and come to terms with truth and genuinely atone, and genuinely make the effort to change, that's an immensely liberating experience. It makes you stronger. It makes you straighter." -- Bill Clinton

"I would tell them that all people can make mistakes, even presidents. That's the bad news. The good news is that if you acknowledge your errors and you change, you can go forward free again." -- Bill Clinton on what to tell children about his behavior

"My father held the presidency in such honor and reverence that he was never in the Oval Office without a coat and tie. Bill Clinton has such disrespect for the presidency that he was often in the Oval Office without his pants." -- Michael Reagan

"No prior impeachment investigation has ever been limited in the United States or England in the last 600 years because of time and scope." --Rep. Cliff Stearns

"If there's a silver lining to Clinton's sex and lies scandal, it's the exposure of liberal contempt for constitutional principles and the rule of law." --Walter Willaims

"I know at times that I didn't have the right information. Frankly, the President misled me too" -- Clinton public mouth Mike times? How nice to for you to admit it

"[We] haven't seen anything like this since Josef Stalin's days or the Nazi days." -- Vanessa Redgrave on Ken Starr

"I'm honored he thinks I'm less oily than he and the president of the United States." -- Ross Perot responding to James Carville's suggestion that Perot is a "quart low."

"The first consecutive four years of Republican control in Congress since 1930, which began with a bang, are ending this week with a whimper as GOP leaders succumb to White House mastery." -- Robert Novak on the "budget deal."

"It takes a village of women to defend President Clinton." -- Suzanne Fields

"First Reagan, then Thatcher, now Kohl. The heroic age -- the age of the outsized, unswerving leaders who brought victory to the last great global conflict of the 20th century -- is over. Now it is Clinton, Blair and Schroeder…." -- Charles Krauthammer

"There's some of the political people that had best watch themselves because of the old glass house story." -- Roger Clinton...who should know

"Telling politicians to 'vote their conscience' is like telling cannibals to eat tofu and alfalfa sprouts." --James Pinkerton on President Clinton's plea to Congressional democrats

"We have an old saying in journalism: 'If you don't understand something, it must be important'." -- Dave Barry on the media's fascination with nonsense.

"A superpower should be able to walk and chew up a president at the same time." -- William Safire

"All in all, this budget is an appropriate conclusion to a Republican Congress that has lacked the imagination even to conceive of a politics both principled and smart. It also permits a verdict on Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, who led the retreat. Elected amid high conservative hopes, he has turned out to be a visionless Beltway fixer: Bob Dole with a drawl and a taste for pork." -- National Review

"Many who serve in the Republican majority in the Senate see politics as a game, a game of power." -- Hillary Rodham-Clinton...who should know

"He is an enormously gifted and richly qualified leader for our nation but someone who is exasperatingly stupid in his personal life." --Former White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry

"95 Members of Congress voted to shut down the government which, by the way, is 90 more votes than the President got to shut down the impeachment inquiry." -- Rich Galen

"Politics is show biz for ugly people." -- Christopher Hitchens

"I call upon the people of the United States, government officials, educators, religious, community, and business leaders, and the states to commemorate this week with appropriate ceremonies, activities and programs." -- Bill Clinton announcing National Character Counts Week...who should know

"Number of U.S. households that chose watching professional wrestling over the president´s televised apology in August: 6 379 000." --Harper's Index

"If you want to have a division between your public life and your private life, then indiscretion should be relegated to some place other than the Oval Office." --Former Miss America, Kate Shindle

"There will be no real statistical validity [studying Glenn in space]," -- Dr. Richard Hodes, director of the National Institute on Aging, on Senator John Glenn's trip aboard the Space Shuttle

"[Glenn's trip is] a PR gimmick, a political connivance. ... He jumped the line. There are others ahead of him." -- Rick Tomlinson, president of the Space Frontier Foundation referring to 67-year-old John Young, who piloted the first shuttle flight in 1981, and 62-year-old Story Musgrave, a veteran of six shuttle launches.

"Liberals support freedom of speech, the press and assembly because it's vital to their agenda of persuasion and organization to restrict other liberties." -- Walter Williams

"The Democratic recipe for steady expansion of government and dependency (and opportunities for successful campaigns based on fear of withdrawn benefits) is to identify a value (education, health, art, the environment, kids, whatever), devise a spending program identified with that value and dare Republicans to cast a vote against the value." -- George Will

"I believe that it's always best if the elections are about the American people, and their families and their future." -- Bill Clinton....who should know

"We must stop this attempted coup on our government." -- Barbra Streisand on the impeachment inquiry

"On November 3rd, a poll of actual voters will replace overnight junk polls." --Linda Bowles

"People criticize the way the media are covering the story, but I like it because it's dirty sex every day -- it's really got me reading the newspapers again." -- Comedian Norm Macdonald on the Lewinsky story

"I hope they can sense the rededication and the intensified efforts I'm making for the cause of peace around the world, for the cause of prosperity at home." -- Bill Clinton spinning that Middle East peace deal

"I was aware of the potential for deception, but I just didn't want to believe he had the capacity to deceive." -- Former White House press secretary Mike McCurry on deception and expert

"President Clinton will travel to Cape bask in the reflected glory of John Glenn's second space flight. ... It will be a classic Clinton moment. A blatant political payoff is being spun into a media event... ... What's really going on here is one of the most cynical political transactions of the Clinton years. Last year Mr. Glenn used his influence as the ranking Democrat on the Governmental Affairs Committee to turn the Senate´s campaign finance probe into a partisan circus. He thus contributed to a cover-up of misdeeds from the 1996 campaign that even now go unpunished. Then, in January, Mr. Glenn got permission from NASA for the joyride of his life, a chance to transcend his political career with a reprise of glories past." -- Wall Street Journal

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