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It's not often that I review a web site that you may only go to once but continue to benefit from on a weekly basis. The Federalist is one of those rare web sites.

Billing it as the "Conservative Journal of Record," the web site is the home base for a weekly e-mail journal entitled The Federalist Digest -- sent Fridays -- which "is an advocate of individual, family and community governance, rights and responsibilities as espoused by our nation's Founders, and as originally intended by our Republic's Constitution as set forth in the Federalist Papers."

The Digest, which from what I hear is paid attention to by many in Washington, D.C., is made up of nine well-written feature sections which consist of everything from a summary of the week's news, an essay on current events, a report on the media, quotes from the left, right and everywhere in between.

Along with the Digest, you can also subscribe to the Federalist Brief, a weekly quick read sent Tuesday's to subscribers which offers a brief op-ed piece on family issues, one on an issue of current interest to conservatives, links to policy papers on varied subjects and a selection of humour from the last week.

Serving as a support tool for the Digest and the Brief, the web site offers a HTML and PDF version of the latest issues, a collection of links to general interest and conservative web sites which needs to be updated somewhat to remove outdated links -- as an example they still have Enter Stage Right's old address at Geocities -- and a collection of historical documents that conservatives should be familiar with.

Design-wise, The Federalist is hardly unique but it does work well for its intended purpose -- to service the subscribers of the Digest and Brief. The site is largely clutter free and easy to read. Navigation is functional and allows one to move reasonably quickly through the site.

The Federalist Digest and Brief is an important resource for those who need ammunition when it comes to fighting for their constitutional rights and conservative principles and well worth subscribing to or reading at the web site.

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