They just don't quit

By Timothy Rollins
web posted November 27, 2000

Last night, Florida Secretary of State certified that state's vote and declared Texas Governor George W. Bush the winner of Florida's 25 electoral votes, thus putting Bush over the top and making him the President-elect. Unable to accept that, Vice President Gore's running mate - Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT), has indicated they will yet again contest the actions of the Secretary of State. The U.S. Supremes in Washington are scheduled to receive written briefs on Tuesday and to hear oral arguments on the matter on Friday, December 1. This is good, in light of the fact that Florida selects their electors on December 12th.

What part of 'the vote is over' do these two losers (Gore and Lieberman) not get? Bush won the initial count as well as the mandatory recount that came into play under Florida law. Said recount is automatically held when the margin of victory is less than one-half of a percentage point. Once that was done, Democrats went after a hand recount in selected counties that were heavily Democratically controlled. This failed to produce a win for Gore. Next, they started to count counting 'dimpled' or 'pregnant' chads on the voting ballots as if to divine the intentions of the voters, all of who voted in secret. This is one of the reasons we vote by secret ballot – it is a fundamental American freedom. Names were not attached to these ballots and as such, Democrats were justifiably unable to go after these people to discern their choices. So, the Democrats went after the ballots of the overseas and absentee military ballots, the overwhelming majority of whom voted for Governor Bush.

The lead lawyer for the Gore campaign in Florida issued a five-page memorandum in which he listed the many ways that military ballots could be technically disqualified from the Florida vote. Under Florida law, absentee ballots that are not postmarked on the exterior envelope are not eligible for counting in that state's total vote. Yet under Federal law, postmarks are not necessary on absentee ballots. This is clearly a matter that needs reconciliation in the state legislature as soon as possible, especially in light of the large number of military personnel that list Florida as their home state of residence on account of Florida not having a state income tax.

Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT), who is the vice-presidential nominee for the Democrats, has issued a statement that indicates that every vote should count. These votes were counted not only once, but twice and three times. Clearly, these are men (Lieberman and outgoing Vice President Al Gore, who are trying to gather up any and all votes they can get in an effort to steal the election. Gore even went so far as to bring in Bill Daley of the Chicago Daleys to work his campaign – the Daleys are a family now in its second generation of ballot-box stuffing and election theft. Remember, it was the Daley machine in Illinois that stole the 1960 election from Richard Nixon and put it into John F. Kennedy's lap. Nixon, unlike Gore, accepted the results of which he knew were tainted, and put his own ambition aside for the good of the country. Gore on the other hand, is kicking and screaming all the way to the highest court in the land in order to get what he wants.

What he fails to realize in his blind lust for the Presidency, is that if he DOES steal the election, he will have at best, an emasculated presidency. He will limp through his administration even worse than Bob Dole would have, had that incompetent bungler won the presidency. Gore will be singularly responsible for bringing about not only the continuation of a GOP-controlled Congress in both houses, but quite possibly a veto-proof Congress, with over 300 Republicans in the House and more than 60 in the Senate. The latter would allow for the Senate to invoke cloture, thus killing all Democrat attempts at filibustering bills they do not like.

So clearly, the man who claims to have a desire to unite America is doing everything but that in his quest for the Oval Office, is in all actuality, tearing America apart in his blind lust for power. Al Gore should say "Enough, already!" and pledge his full cooperation to Governor Bush in his transition from Texas Governor to being the 43rd President of the United States. Such an action will not only help the deep divide this nation is currently experiencing, but also aid in the prevention of over-dominance of government by one party that will surely happen if Gore keeps up his "I want to be President" temper tantrum.

As for Katherine Harris, the Florida Secretary of State, she made the statement, and I quote as follows: "Finally, I wish to point out that our American democracy has triumphed once again." To quote a friend of mine in an article he wrote two years ago, I agree with him in this regard, and that is, if I hear another so-called expert who is in actuality an idiot, say that the United States of America is a democracy again, I might commit a violent act. It is not a democracy – it is a representative constitutional republic, and such has been the secret of its success in not only surviving, but also flourishing for over 200 years.

This is a lesson that all the 'experts' would do well to either learn or to remind themselves of.

© 2000 Timothy Rollins

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