A vast left-wing conspiracy

By Mark Trapp
web posted November 27, 2000

Men are so simple and so ready to obey present necessities, that one who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.
- Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince

Remember several years ago when all those rumors were swirling that Bill Clinton had fathered an illegitimate son? I think we may soon find out that those rumors (like every other rumor about the Clintons) were actually true. If Al Gore manages to create a back door to the presidency, he will demonstrate that he is nothing less than the illegitimate son of Bill Clinton. Whatever else may be said about our Liar in Chief, at least he was constitutionally elected.

And Al Gore is every inch his father's son. Having learned at Clinton's side for the past eight years that truth is a relative concept, and that laws are only obstacles to get around, he is ready to do Bill proud. He is willing to shred our Constitution and trample the rule of law in his frenzied fight to become our president. This man is ambition personified. However, it is not Gore alone who dishonors the traditions of America - it is the entire Democratic Party.

This power grab is a direct result of the past eight years of Bill and Hillary Clinton, facilitated by the sycophants in the party of the jackass and their willing accomplices in the media. Nothing has been allowed to stand in the way of their power. The Clinton presidency has been one endless scandal, with the end result that many citizens no longer have even a modicum of respect for our government, much less the presidency itself. During the reign of King Bill, we rapidly progressed from questions about shady business dealings, to accusations of marital infidelity, to accusations of sexual harassment, to accusations of rape, to lying under oath and contempt of court.

Throughout it all, the Democratic Party stood by Bill's side. We were told that none of this mattered, that it was his private life, that everybody did it, that the only thing that mattered was the economy and the polls. Not a single Democratic senator voted to convict Clinton for lying under oath or obstructing evidence, despite the mountains of evidence. Not a single one. Now, here we are - the very presidency itself is being stolen right in front of us. And Al Gore and Bill Daley can't stop talking about the 'will of the people.'

In his Democracy in America, Alexis De Tocqueville wrote that the phrase "'the will of the nation' is one of those phrases which have been most largely abused by the wily and despotic of every age." However Gore tries to cloak his unprecedented coup as the 'will of the people'; it is nothing more than the destruction of the rule of law. And the Democratic Party and their media allies are still cheering him on.

The question today is not merely who will be our next president. It is this: will we continue to be a nation committed to following the rule of law? The Florida Supreme Court, in allowing Gore to continue his endless quest for votes, usurped not only the legislative, but also the executive authority under their Constitution. By ignoring the statutory law, promulgated by the duly elected representatives of the people, the seven Democrat judges on the court followed in the footsteps of the Democratic senators who voted to acquit Bill Clinton, and demonstrated that political gain was more important than the rule of law. Once again, Democrats cheered as the very pillars of our society crumbled.

More than 160 years ago, a man destined to become one of the greatest of American presidents gave a speech, the topic of which was "The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions." In that speech, Abraham Lincoln warned that the fate of America rested on the adherence to the rule of law. He stated that if danger were ever to "reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher."

Lincoln went on to state that this would come about because "new reapers will arise, and they too, will seek a field [of glory]. It is to deny, what the history of the world tells us is true, to suppose that men of ambition and talents will not continue to spring up amongst us. And when they do, they will as naturally seek the gratification of their ruling passion, as others have so done before them. The question, then, is, can that gratification be found in supporting and maintaining an edifice that has been erected by others? Most certainly it cannot."

Lincoln seemed to be speaking of both Bill Clinton and his illegitimate son, Al Gore, when he continued, saying, "Is it unreasonable then to expect, that some man possessed of the loftiest genius, coupled with ambition sufficient to push it to its utmost stretch, will at some time, spring up among us? And when such a one does, it will require the people to be united with each other, attached to the government and the laws, and generally intelligent, to successfully frustrate his designs."

Clinton floatA couple of years ago, at a parade in Germany, there was a float that depicted Bill Clinton groping the breasts of the Statue of Liberty. That picture sums up what Bill Clinton, Al Gore and the Democratic Party have done to our country over the span of the last eight years -- there is no longer a reverence for the most basic institutions of America. Today, while Gore labors to steal the presidency, we see Bill Clinton on the cover of Esquire magazine, smiling smugly at us, in a picture that basically screams to the American people, "Yeah. I lied. I cheated. I screwed the intern. I groped Ms. Willey. I raped Juanita. I bombed an aspirin factory. I sold our secrets. I committed perjury. And just what are you gonna do about it?"

Our country is no longer teetering on the brink -- we have already gone over the cliff. I only hope we can hold some of our country together when we hit the bottom. This left-wing conspiracy to keep power has left each of us with a decision to make: what are we going to do about it? The Declaration of Independence states that our government will rest on the 'consent of the governed.' Bill Clinton got away with everything he did only because we allowed it. Now his illegitimate son is attempting to steal an election. Al Gore has already shown his hand in this winner-take-all game of political poker. He will do whatever is necessary to secure power for himself. The stakes are the very fate of our country. The American people hold the trump card -- the question is, will we play it?

Mark Trapp is a regular contributor to Enter Stage Right.

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