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Fare Enough

By Angela R. Wheeler
web posted December 10, 2001

The recession, recently made official by economists, has given House and Senate Democrats a new reason for opposing the Bush tax-cuts. Not that they needed a reason, Democrats always oppose tax-cuts. In fact, liberal Democrats call for a tax increase no matter what the occasion. President Bush should give them what they want. That's right. He should do exactly as did Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee did when Democrat state legislators told him that the state needed a tax increase. Huckabee set up what he calls the "Tax Me More Fund" and says he created the fund "so those who are demanding we raise your taxes can put their money where their mouths are." Huckabee set up the "Tax Me More Fund" in November and to date it has collected a whopping $213.00 dollars. That's right, that is hundred -- with an "H". But where, oh where are all the good liberal Democrats who don't believe they are taxed enough?

Arkansas is the state where Bill Clinton had been elected governor five times. Clinton, as many will recall, campaigned for President in 1992 and 1996 saying the rich were not paying their fair share. Clinton often repeated that line unembarrassed by the fact that in 1994 it was revealed that he and Mrs. Clinton in the 80's and early 90's earned a quarter of a million dollars a year and were caught red-handed not paying their fair share of income taxes. $250,000 a year in Arkansas is a lot of money, especially back when Clinton was governor. But instead of he and Mrs.

Clinton paying their fair share as they recommend for other rich folk, they took tax deductions for used underwear donations, and in some cases just simply failed to pay tens of thousands of dollars in income taxes they owed. They were finally caught when their finances came under press scrutiny once he was elected president and was forced to pay the back taxes they owed. Even still, they didn't pay any interest or penalties that average citizens would have had to pay.

Take a page from him Dubya: Huckabee with Bush
Take a page from him Dubya: Huckabee with Bush

Bush could really underscore liberal Democrat hypocrisy by coming up with his own "Tax Me More Fund." The new plan could be called "Fare Enough." The "Fare" could represent the extra money Democrats pay into the fund so that they can feel as though they've paid their fair share. "Enough" is for the rest of us who have had enough - both of paying high taxes and of Democrats telling us we need to pay more.

Just imagine how many new social programs could be created and supplemented if each of the 45 to 50 million people who voted for Clinton in '92 and '96 kicked in an extra thousand dollars every year. That would be 45 to 50 billion per year - yes, that's billion with a "B". Democrats could go hog-wild with that kind of dough. But, as the Left will quickly point out, a significant number of those who voted for Clinton couldn't pay a thousand dollars. In fact, they themselves are recipients of tax dollars in the form of transfer payments. That raises a whole new set of questions about why people who receive tax dollars from welfare and other social programs get to decide how much the people paying the taxes have to pay.

What "Fare Enough" could accomplish is to create a whole new account from which to fund social programs...but don't hold your breathe. Considering how much Governor Huckabee's "Tax Me More Fund" has raised from rich Democrats like the Clinton's, there probably wouldn't be enough in the "Fare Enough" fund for a street person's cab fare to the homeless shelter.

Governor Huckabee's special account has allowed rich liberals in his state to put their money where their mouth is. Unfortunately the liberals in Arkansas must have their money tied up in some tax-deferred investment.

Angie Wheeler is the editor of Notable News Now, a daily email newsletter of the Free Congress Foundation in Washington, D.C.

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