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Newt Gingrich Official Homepage

Newt Gingrich is a figure who admittedly inspires mixed feelings amongst Republicans. Though he is widely admired for his work in ushering in the Republican revolution of 1994, he's also excoriated by many for his kid gloves approach when it came to dealing with Bill Clinton and the Congressional Democrats. Finally, the ignominious way he departed the American political scene did little to earn him the respect of this who unfailingly supported the party as a moral and cultural alternative to the Democrats and the sordid Clinton era.

That said, Newt never disappeared, he just went away for a bit as his web site illustrates. The always opinionated former Speaker of the House holds forth on the issues of the day including the recent debate on the national ID card and what happened to the Contract with America, what he's best known for.

What Newt's legacy is one for debate. According to the web site, "[a]s speaker, he disrupted the status quo by moving power out of Washington and returning it to the American people. He ushered in reforms which dramatically cut government waste, reined in IRS abuse of citizens, and ended Congress’s ability to exempt itself from laws governing the rest of America."

For the average American, those claims might be difficult to prove. That said, he did make an indelible impression on the American political scene for the years that he did serve as speaker. If anything, his web site serves as a valuable resource and as alternative to the often rampantly biased press he recieved both during and after his public service.


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