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Rampant anti-Americanism

By Carol Devine-Molin
web posted November 29, 2004

It's one thing to know something intellectually. It's another to experience it viscerally so that it resonates to the core. Anyone who follows current events is keenly aware that we live in a world rife with anti-Americanism, and anti-Semitism for that matter. Yes, there is a salient connection between the two. But, for the moment, let's stick with anti-Americanism. After watching the Fox News Channel's special "Hating America", based on John Gibson's insightful book of the same title, I was thoroughly heart-broken. Why is it that even long time allies now trash and betray America? And what can we do to stop the pernicious assaults consisting of smears and distortions that plague this great nation? Mind you, the vicious propaganda being generated is not limited to the media (and radical mosques) of the Middle East. Much of Western civilization is biting at the ankles of the US as well. Currently, Western Europe is of the philosophy that it must act as a "counterbalance" to American power.

The notion of the "ugly American" has ebbed and flowed over the past sixty years. However, something new has been added to the mix, which has accelerated anti-US hate speech throughout the global airwaves. In the aftermath of the breakup of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War era, anti-US bias has only become more pronounced. Why? Because America remains the world's only superpower, and it's both envied and feared. Often, dichotomous thoughts and behaviors are in play among the anti-American crowd found throughout the globe. Sure, they'll espouse bizarre conspiracy theories and wretched slander aimed at damaging America. However, many of these same smear-artists are blatant hypocrites who would like nothing more than to live the good life in the United States. Just look at the venomous anti-American, anti-Semitic apparatchiks that control the UN. Make no mistake, they will only leave the luxury of New York City kicking and screaming. There's an incipient movement underway to eject the corrupt UN from US soil, and perhaps some day it will become a reality.

It's vital to examine the flow of history: When the Soviet Union was still in existence, the nations of the free world were essentially dependent upon US leadership to maintain international safety and security. Now that the Evil Empire – the Soviet Union – no longer poses a threat, the ungrateful Lilliputians, such as France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Canada and South Korea, have no qualms about throwing rocks at the US giant. Nor do they give a rat's patoot about US citizens and soldiers. But those exhibiting an anti-US bias are kidding themselves. In fact, America still holds the unique leadership role in the realm of global security. Moreover, anti-Semitism has grown concomitantly with this new wave of anti-Americanism. Those that despise Israel often reject any notion of underlying anti-Semitism. But, frankly, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic forms of bile now represent a distinction without a difference. It's all about hate-mongering, pure and simple. Western Europe and Canada are particularly illustrative of the Post-Christian, New World Order mentality that's frequently poised to strike out against Israel and America. Moreover, it sticks in the craw of the anti-American crowd (or should I say Leftist crowd) that the US is the guarantor of Israel's safety in the Middle East.

Which brings me to the subject of international security that is still indelibly tied to America as superpower. Thomas Barnett, author of the The Pentagon's New Map, underscores that America is really in the business of exporting security and stability throughout the world so that free-markets can have the opportunity to flourish. And, conversely, growing economies create a dynamism required for a safe world. Barnett states, "I was suggesting that our recent moves into Central Asia signaled the sort of long-term export of security that we ended up pursuing in Europe following WWII. I believe America will end up exporting security on that scale not just to Central Asia, but also to the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean Rim and, yes, Southeast Asia." America-haters (of Europe and Canada particularly) are not taking into consideration that their putrid propaganda is undermining America, the same great nation that continues to provide for security and stability throughout the globe and defend against significant threats. To Western Europe, it must be underscored that only America, working in conjunction with allies, can lead the way to successfully quashing radical Islam and defending western civilization. Jacques Chirac and others of his destructive ilk are incredibly shortsighted.

What must we do at this juncture to combat anti-US bias? America must now increase its overall efforts pursuant to the "public diplomacy project". Yes, we're talking about an in-depth public relations initiative aimed at improving America's image throughout the globe with a view toward promoting our interests. This endeavor must: a) challenge the hate speech being systematically lobbed against America, and, b) disseminate America's real story – Our true nature as a beacon of freedom and opportunity.

Carol Devine-Molin is a regular contributor to several online magazines.

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