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Greens: The other enemy

By Alan Caruba
web posted December 20, 2004

At least the Islamists come right out and tell you they want to kill you. The Greens want to own you.

They want to tell you where to live, what to eat, how to dress, what to drive, and probably how many children to have. Environmentalists are a pure force of evil, driven by the need to control the lives of everyone on earth.

And, worse, they believe life was better before the invention of indoor plumbing -- toilets -- or the invention of the automobile with its invidious combustion engine. They hate oil. Which means they hate plastic, a product derived from oil.

They think that people should be forced to live in cities in order to protect the pristine wilderness and they have long had a plan to achieve that goal. There's even a map that will show you just how they are going to "return" the vast landmass of the US to wilderness, to bears and deer, raccoons and, well, animals. To do that, they will have to shut down the ranching industry and, of course, a lot of farmland will have to be retired.

Forget about mining anything. And forestry? Forget about it. No need to manage the nation's forests. Just wait for yet another cataclysmic fire. And no need for the timber needed for homes and everything else for which wood can be used.

In fact, forget about actually using the great outdoors for any recreation. No fishing, no hunting, no camping, no hiking, no mountain climbing, no skiing, no off-road biking or driving. No nothing. The Greens don't really want you to use the National Parks or forests. You're a human and shouldn't be there.

We live in a crazed nation that pays farmers not to plant crops. It pays out billions to buy their surplus and then it often rots somewhere unless some starving nation will take it. Since the Greens hate biogenetically produced crops, some starving nations have been convinced not to take that free food.

Back in the 1970s, the Greens tried to convince everyone a new Ice Age was coming and, when that didn't scare enough people, they switched around and began to claim that "Global Warming" was going to occur any day because of man-made emissions. Now they hold huge conferences in an effort to force a Kyoto "climate control" treaty on industrialized nations when the very concept of having any control over the climate is insane.

And, anyway, any "greenhouse" emissions humans produce are so minimal as to have no effect whatever. They won't tell you that because it's not about climate; it's about wrecking the economies of industrialized, modern nations. It's about exempting Communist China. And India. And more than a hundred Third World nations which, if they would just rid themselves of the socialists and gangsters running them, would be able to catch up with the rest of the world.

Environmentalism is Communism all dressed up to look like Mother Nature. It is a lie that hides a vile, evil political system and, at the heart of it is the United Nations and its coterie of endless Non-Governmental Organizations that want this failed utopian dream to win out despite the millions it has managed to kill since Marx and Engels conjured it up.

When the United Nations is finally dispatched to the ash heap of history, environmentalism will go with it. Time to pull the plug. Time to take our nation back from the Greens. They just seem like nice people. They're not.

Alan Caruba writes a weekly commentary, "Warning Signs", posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center. © Alan Caruba 2004


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