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The radical chic of the French benightedment

By Michael Moriarty
web posted December 6, 2004

Leonard Bernstein comes to mind, of course, but then so does Tom Wolfe whose fierce intellect, after attending one of Maestro Bernstein's soirees, his salon of post-modern titans and terrorists, gave us a close glimpse of a 20th Century socialist's fiercest daydream: reliving Paris of the 18th Century revolution. It's one thing to have achieved a distinguished position in your craft. It's quite another to have strategy sessions with cold-blooded killers. The sense of Napoleonic euphoria must be quite novel. Dealing with the egomania of the art world became everyday to the likes of Leonard Bernstein. However, the monomania of Revolutionary assassins is quite another thing to rub shoulders with over cocktails. It undoubtedly brings a frisson to more than one region of an artist's fantasy life. An atheist's blessing is poured upon the future plans of socialism's civilian army. With a kind of diabolically religious fervor, socialism's purists hear first hand about the terrorist's next campaign. We bourgeois only hear about it on the morning of September 11, 2001.

What the socialist elite have been able to wallow in as a movie in their heads, an adventure told in hushed tones over martinis -- "One olive, please" -- or Gibsons -- "Two onions, of course" -- has them hearing the voice of an evil only a James Bond could possibly stop -- "stirred, not shaken."

Good and evil? God and Man? Ridiculous. The Radical Chic are so post-modern, the annals of inevitable Marxist history so awaiting a maestro's contribution to the final victory of the people, well, all of mankind, or what's left of it after the Revolution, will be on their knees at the United Nations thanking these gods of music and philosophy and science and post-Marx history. The only after-life possible, of course, will be created in the ultimate demise of history as we know it, and the real record will begin with that moment on January 21st, 1793 when the head of Louis XVI was ecstatically lopped off. There were the barricades of 1789, of course, but no one really took them seriously until an actual symbol of Christian monarchy, the King of France, lost more than his crown.

The world was told unequivocally that the people, enlightened, of course, by the gods of the enlightenment, awakened from all the Judeo-Christian superstitions, rituals and hypocrisies -- will now be anything but the royalty, the aristocracy, the middle-class and anyone who has even the remotest nostalgia for Christmas or Hanukah.

The present ethnic-cleansing is applauded as an apocalypse for the purification of mankind, a Walpurgisnacht (Bernstein brought Wagner's music to Israel, perhaps to prepare them), a cleansing, pitting one religiously deluded faction against another. The only ones left standing, of course, after the herd-thinning, scientific miracle of abortion, will be the real people! The workers of, by and for the Revolutionary People!

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, of course, drew the elixir from the vats of this bloody wine and immortalized its momentous inevitability in DAS CAPITAL and THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO. These two testaments of the revolutionary bible would so bury Judeo-Christian Civilization on the "ash-heap of history" that at the end of the first thousands years of Communism's reign, all history, prior to 1793, would be "pre-historic."

"Can't we be just a little bit pregnant with Karl Marx?" ask the European Social Democrats, the American Liberals and the editorial staff of The New York Times.

The American Rainbow Bourgeoisie, her middle-class, would like to think so; not that they are, in the least, infected by Marxism. It's just the American Way. Unfortunately, Liberals have used the separation of church and state in the same way Feminists have used the term pro-choice. The first eventually buries any religion at all and the second simply buries bodies.

Pro-choice ladies are now the most radical of the Radical Chic. With the new French, selective-cyanide, abortion pill, they can do the dirty work which the old-fashioned Radical Elite left up to the likes of Robespierre and Osama bin Laden. They are now full-time Revolutionaries. NOW, the National Organization for Women, is selling T shirts with the revolutionary declaration: "I had an abortion!"

The Third Reich never got quite that bold. No, they didn't hand out bumper-stickers proclaiming, "I just killed a Jew!" Considering economics as a class distinction, perhaps German Jews began dying as financial aristocrats in the same way French aristocrats had to bite the blade of the guillotine. The war against all class-distinctions had a very French-German kick-off. And it all eventually flowered in America. The Fourth Reich, with its U.N. headquarters in New York, now controls 97% of the human race. The three percent left voted for George W. Bush. Napoleon must be rolling in his grave with joy!

So, in the end, what is the French Revolution's reality of the People? It is an ego a deux, a deadly coupling of the delusionally Radical Chic and their cut-throat henchmen. The rest of humanity, billions of them, can either be aborted, retroactively and otherwise, or they accept being insect-drones, good only for making honey and flying in and out of the incarcerating beehive known as Socialism. Should they attempt to leave the hive and be human beings again, a black widow propaganda machine will catch them in its web and either shame them back in or label them as bait for Radical Bats. Should they escape that fate, there are always the fangs of Communist Cobras awaiting them.

The fruit on the tree of the French Enlightenment is so horrifying, its roots must undeniably rise from the lowest circle of hell, in a new American parking level just below the one reserved for hypocrites. The lowest of the low is the icy cold freezer holding the Radical Careerists.

Fear not. The Conservation of Energy is an implacable law of science. The 5,000 year, human investment toward the spiritually Darwinian evolution of the Judeo-Greco-Roman-Christian-English-speaking-American civilization will never be erased by a 250 year human devestment called socialism. Milleniums from now the French Revolution will be recorded as having spawned the longest-lived era of homicidal selfishness in the history of mankind.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, and the recent TV-movie The 4400. In May, Moriarty won a Leo Award (celebrating excellence in British Columbia film) for best supporting actor for his role in the TV-movie Mob Princess.

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