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The United Nazis

By Bruce Walker
web posted December 13, 2004

The surreal blend of mendacity and venom which is modern Leftism has only a few bastions left in the American consciousness. The federal judiciary and its Supreme Court can best be summed up with a better and more term, "The Supreme Joke." The notional "Institutions of Higher Learning" are more appropriately "Institutions of Higher Bigotry."

Nothing, perhaps, though,. equals that monstrosity of petty thugs, cynical liars and professional cheats which we call the "United Nations." How can we improve its name to give a better sense of what the U.N. really is? Call it what it is: "The United Nazis." Does this sound too harsh? Consider some salient facts.

Although Kofi Annan is the current Secretary General of this chaotic, vicious mob, who was the first Secretary General? Alger Hiss, a Soviet spy whose code name, "Liberal," we now know from Venona decrypts as well as the archives of the GRU and the predecessor to the KGB. An American traitor working for an erstwhile ally of Adolph Hitler and a totalitarian murderer equal to Hitler was the first person to hold the office Kofi Annan holds now.

Between these two contemptible men one may find a genuine Nazi, Kurt Waldheim, later President of Austria and during the Second World War an officer within a unit guilty of crimes against humanity. This retired Nazi led the United Nazis for a decade.

During part of Waldheim's tenure, a well connected member of the nomenclatura, Arkady Shevchenko, son-in-law of Andrei Gromyko, was Under-Secretary General of the United Nazis. Anyone interested in just how bad the United Nazis was can read the book which Shevchenko published when he became the highest ranking Soviet official in the Cold War to seek political asylum in America.

Anyone aware that a traitor was the first Secretary General, a Nazi a later Secretary General, and who absorbed the eye-popping corruption endemic in the United Nazis as described by its Under-Secretary General would have found the Oil for Food Program scandal very familiar and even tame.

Is it really fair to call the United Nations by the name of United Nazis? Is it fair to call the General Assembly by the name of Reichstag? Are these simply not common criminals and not the sort of inhuman villains that we associate with National Socialism? Well, the two salient characteristics of the U.N. are, in fact, nationalism and socialism.

Nationalism means that national interests supercede moral interests and that the government of a nation matters less than the nationality of those who govern the nation. So, Iraq is better with torture chambers for children, if Hussein is its president, than it is with American troops providing food, medical care and physical security pending an election.

Nationalism means that every problem that every former colony of Europe has ever faced is also the consequence of "imperialism" and the only tonic ever prescribed is more vigorous nationalism. Yes, the "national" part of "national socialism" fits the U.N. perfectly.

The U.N. is also patently socialist. Take from the rich nations, and give to the poor nations! Never mind that Iran is poor today because of its theocrats, give those theocrats more money! Give North Korea's tormentor-in-chief more money. The socialism of the United Nazis has the hallmark of socialism everywhere: there are countless layers of well paid professional intermediaries.

National Socialism in Germany was deeply committed to what we would call social welfare programs. The United Nazis of the U.N. today are as well. When "helping" the poor, one is always entitled to skim the cream off first, as administrative overhead.

Most ominously, the United Nazis loath Jews and Israel; they loath as well Christianity and America. These four are each, in different ways, canaries in the mineshaft. Irrational hatred of Jews and of Christianity is a pathology of totalitarianism in general and Nazism in particular. War against Israel and America, the molds for the Jewish people and the diversity of serious Christianity, is a similar pathology.

It should not matter to us whether every other nation, except Israel, believes that the United Nazis is a worthwhile institution. It is not and we sully ourselves by pretending that it is. Winston Churchill, pointedly, chose never to meet face to face with Adolph Hitler, even when Hitler was Chancellor and Churchill was nothing. Churchill was right and we should follow his example. Withdraw, ignore, and stand, if we must, alone. No United Nazis for the United States.

Bruce Walker is a senior writer with Enter Stage Right. He is also a frequent contributor to The Pragmatist and The Common Conservative.


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