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The last Napoleon: William Jefferson Clinton

By Michael Moriarty
web posted December 13, 2004

In preceding editorials, I have designated the opposing sides of what amounts to World War III. This troubling, presently guerilla confrontation is actually a 225 year old battle between the American reality of the People, as exemplified by New York City, and the French-German idea of the People as eventually exemplified by Communist China, Russian Socialism and the remaining satellites comprising 97 per cent of the entire human race. Through the unrelenting and "progressive" tenacity of European-African-Latin American Social Democrats and the success of North American Liberals such as the Democratic Party of the United States, this Rainbow Coalition has the human race believing that the remaining years of America must be lived in a "synthesis" of the two opposing ideas of the United States and Red China, under a Democratic Socialist Federation like Canada.

If Canada were the sovereign nation it pretends to be, things might be negotiable. However, it is, and has been, since Prime Minister Lester Pearson instituted the Red Canadian Flag and a domestic policy dictated by the Socialist United Nations, a sporadically recalcitrant satellite of a People's Empire begun with the beheading of Louis XVI on January 21st, 1793.

President Bush's recent visit to Canada provoked thousands of socialist protesters on the streets of Ottawa and Vancouver. They were demanding and dramatizing with mock statues, the fall of George W. Bush who represents the American Rainbow Bourgeois reality of the U. S. People. At face value, it looks like America is at the Alamo. With contemptuous and, at times, homicidal enemies surrounding her, America, under the Republicans, now knows what it feels like to be Israel.

It is as if the German architects of the "progressive" idea of the People, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, were right when they predicted the downfall of the entire Judeo-Christian Civilization. If America falls, so will Israel. It will now be William Jefferson Clinton's job, as Secretary General of the U.N. and the last Napoleon of a 225 year old imperialistic idea, to herd his own homeland into the corral of the United Nations.

On paper, it looks like a slam-dunk. Wait out the remaining four Bush years, make sure either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama are elected as President, have the American conservatives shut down as they have been in Canada, stage an occupation of American cities by United Nations troops as if they were a Liberation Army, and then the final goal of the French-German, "Internationalist and Progressive" domination of the entire world is achieved.

There are three Napoleons listed in French Revolutionary History (what the second one did is hard to tell). The first, of course, made it all the way to Waterloo and the snows of Russia. Mother Nature and the leaders of the English-speaking Peoples put a stop to the imperial expectations of the People of the French Revolution. At the very same time in history, America under Presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson carried on its new nation's experiment at helping all the different immigrants of the earth live together. Napoleon, to pay for his campaign to rule the entire Euro/Russian Continent, sold the Louisiana Territory to Thomas Jefferson's America. No doubt he thought that he'd get it back later with his armies.

His idea of the People, with the obligatory German improvements by Marx and Engels, is not only at the doorstep of Louisiana but has a Louisiana Purchase ex-President, Arkansas' own William Clinton to play Napoleon himself. It's not without irony that this piece of American real estate was named after a long line of French Christian Monarchs. Should the Imperial Couple, Bill and Hillary, reign for decades, perhaps the State of Louisiana should be renamed Napoliana and New Orleans re-christened as Clinton City. Who knows? "Leningrad" certainly stood for a few years.

So, the choice America is faced with can best be confronted by comparing the Judeo-Christian Bible with the two testament Handbook For The French-German Revolution of the People, Das Kapital and Communist Manifesto. Out of the Bible came William Shakespeare. Out of German National Socialism came a philosophic effort called Mein Kampf. Subsequent embarrassments of the Third Reich have rather placed that testament into increasing disrepute.

Why the record of subsequent socialist Federations Under Permanent Martial Law, such as Soviet Russia under Stalin and Communist China under Mao, why the massacres and starvation under Stalin's Purge and Mao's Great Leap Forward are not broadcast to America as often as the Holocaust crimes of the Third Reich is fairly obvious. How can America be persuaded or even expected to capitulate to an idea that has bourn such ugly fruit on its tree. They can't and they won't. Not anymore than the British General Wellington was willing to give it all up at Waterloo.

It is vitally important for the American People to realize that their two party system is no longer one of Federalists vs. Republicans, nor the often lively debate between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson over the composition of the American Constitution and how its idea of the People should be realized. We have seen the American Democratic Party increasingly adopt the policies and dreams of her enemy: the repeatedly proven and highly successful, imperialistic aims of worldwide socialism.

The second President of the United States, John Adams, had immediate problems with America's former, ten minute, revolutionary ally, France. The French Empire's desire to control the seas was interrupting both British and American fair trade. Adams legislated the Alien and Seditions Act which justifiably targeted the not so loyal French-American community. Similarly, President George W. Bush repeated Adams' solution with the Patriot Act. Despite the cries of civil libertarians both Presidents will be proven right. America was in the early 1800's still a child at being a nation. America is now a 250 year old proven reality of united humanity, strength, generosity and a repeatedly enforced commitment to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Simply put, the United Nations wants America to fall into the Socialist Beehive, to drop her ideas of individual freedom and responsibility, answer to the Queen Bee Secretary General as the Mum of a Matriarchal idea and simply be the enforcers, the tough cops to institute an even more profound obedience to the French-German idea of the People as outlined by Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto.

It is the expectation of the Internationalist Revolutionary People that Secretary General Clinton, their new Napoleon because of the massive inroads his Presidency made into the United States, will do just that. What the Social Imperialists need to do now is make America "an offer they can't refuse." It will be Emperor Clinton's job to do just that. If he doesn't, of course, the People always know what to do with leaders who disappoint them.

Clinton's only comfort as a Socialist Emperor and not a Prime Minister or President any longer is to take comfort in the survival records of Stalin, Mao, Fidel Castro and, so far, Kim Jong Il whose recent acts of humility hints at what might have been an offer out of Beijing which he could not refuse.

Uneasy sits the head that wears the crown or imperial robes. Should a Republican again be elected in 2008, there will certainly be a half-time socialist chalk-talk in the U. N.'s locker room. The message will possibly be "Toughen up, Bill. We've victory in our grasp and we just have to close our fingers!!"

Where Canada and Paul Martin – whose longevity as Prime Minster will most likely exceed that of Jean Chretien – sit on the issue of the Socialist Empire's "toughening up" remains to be seen. As America's closest neighbor and proven conduit for terrorists, Canada poses the greatest possible threat to America.

That, perhaps, is why President Bush paid an official State Visit last week to Ottawa. The issues of softwood and Mad Cow Disease had little to do with the face to face necessity. The President wanted to take the measure of a man who will be either the "lynchpin of the English-speaking Peoples," as Winston Churchill described Canada, or the Marshall Petain of what amounts to a Vichy Socialist Government. Judging from Prime Minister Martin's equivocating demeanor before the cameras, he himself doesn't know and hasn't really made up his mind. Will his country be a satellite of the Socialist Empire or the leader of a North American free nation and an unapologetic ally of the United States as Prime Minster Tony Blair has been? The Queen of England has a great deal of influence in the matter and will, perhaps, be obliged to drop the kind of Swiss neutrality which the Monarchy has adopted since the British Empire became a Constitutional Monarchy. Perhaps she will say, point blank, in the name of the English-speaking People Canada must support the United States.

The Canadian Liberal hegemony has repeatedly show desires to leave the Commonwealth and replicate a non-violent version of the American Revolution. Canada's problem, however, is there is no clean slate to start with as there was in 1776 America. Canada is obliged to become a satellite of the Socialist Napoleonic Empire. After decades of programming the Canadian people, through its Ministry of Culture, to look down on America, there is really no choice at all. Prime Minister Martin must remain on the same highway Prime Minister Lester Pearson set for Canada decades ago: complete and willing loyalty to the United Nation's Empire. I feel sorrier for Canada than I do America. Having lived in Canada for ten years, I see the heart-wrenching decision it will be for the majority of Canadians to simply turn their backs completely on America.

America will not go down without a fight; and, as at Waterloo the hopes and dreams of a 250 year old French-German idea of the People will suffer defeat at the hands of a 5,000 year old Judeo-Greco-Roman-Christian-English-American Civilization.

Emperor Clinton's certainty that he has prophetically and dialectically synthesized the thesis of Western Civilization with the anti-thesis of Marxist Materialism into an oxymoron called Liberation Theology will be seen as no more a possibility than the de-constructionist, Jacque Derrida's impossible dream of a post modern world. In the same way you cannot corrupt the absolutes of language, you cannot synthesize atheistic-humanistic imperialism with any "Nation Under God." Any effort at a transplant will kill both participants.

Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan both confronted the possibility of Armageddon. The specter of such a holocaust looms more vividly tangible with each passing day. Don't press the American Rainbow Bourgeoisie too far. They are now more than ready for the terrorists and henchmen, the amoral insanity of the Empire's mob-inciting idea of the People.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, and the recent TV-movie The 4400. In May, Moriarty won a Leo Award (celebrating excellence in British Columbia film) for best supporting actor for his role in the TV-movie Mob Princess.


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