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Essential acts of piracy

By J.J. Jackson
web posted December 7, 2009

A lot of once revered members of Al Gore's Cult of Man Made Global Warmingology are reeling.  After years of stonewalling and claiming privilege to protect their so-called "data" supposedly proving how real global warming caused by evil Homo sapiens is and shouting from the mountain tops that they were right, could prove it and all such nonsense, the world is finding out that lowly dissenters like myself were oh so very right about this wacko group all along.  Yes, after years which saw them call us every name in the book even as we produced actual data to show that there was no "global" warming trend caused by man, their reputation is, or at least should be, so tarnished that not even ACORN will associate with them.

And as we all now know it takes a lot to make you that toxic to one of the most corrupt organizations in existence today. Heck they are willing to welcome hookers, pimps and child abusers into their fold with open arms after all.

Everything is upside down right now for those that have banked on the infallibility of a theory of climate change based on the acts of mankind and our industrialization.  So much of what was considering the gospel truth on the matter, although much of it has been debunked for years, is being exposed as downright and purposeful fraud.  S0-called scientists whose work was the basis for the entire current school of thought were caught red handed explaining how to hide data unkind to their theories, promoting the destruction of data to avoid legally binding freedom of information requests and even going so far as to make plans to blackball publications that dared to print scientifically verifiable rebuttals to the theory of man made global warming.  The mob could learn a few things from them for sure.

It was a conspiracy of grand proportions and governments around the world were not only apparently content to help in the cover up by issuing orders to release data but never actually pulling through on the threats attached if it was not and even using the conspiracy itself to promote larger government and more limits on individual liberty.  All because we had to save the planet they claimed.

Enter someone brave enough to not take it anymore and act.  That someone has been vilified by members of the press who have also bitten the Global Warming bait hook line and sinker and run with it.  Even the far left in America's own Congress (Rep. Barbara Boxer for example) has called for an investigation and the hacker to be hoisted upon his own petard.  With their reputations on the line many who have spent years promoting false science are helping to circle the wagons and carrying even more water for the liars at the heart of this whole problem now broken wide open.  "Vigilante!" they scream.  "Criminal!" they cry.  All while deriding the brave soul or souls that brought forth this new information and actually held the true scoundrels to account and got information they had been already legally required to produce but had purposefully failed to do.

No, not a criminal; a hero.  As for trying to claim that vigilantism is someone disgusting, I must remind you of the actual definition of the term which is one that suppresses and punishes crime when the processes of law are not adequate to do so.  Vigilantes, by definition do not act outside of the law nor do they create new laws in their own minds to uphold and also new punishments as well.  Nope.  Vigilantes uphold laws when the courts and the government will not.  But like so many words it is misused on purpose to have a negative stigma attached to it by those with sinister means because those people think that they can create a particular response based on ignorance.

Jack SparrowIn Pirates of the Caribbean, one of the main characters is pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.  Yes, he is a pirate and engages in acts of piracy which are indeed crimes.  But one thing that becomes clear as the movie rolls on is that Captain Jack Sparrow does have some scruples even as he seeks to take the property of others and even as these principles seem to change from moment to moment and with regards to whom he is talking or bargaining with.  When the daughter of Governor Swann is kidnapped as a result of mistaken identity little is done and nothing is done of consequence to free rescue her.  To the rescue comes the pirate Captain whom is broken out of jail by a young William Turner and together they both steal a ship from the royal navy and commit an act of piracy to go and do what the leaders would not.

In the end, Elizabeth Swann is rescued, the pirates that took her are defeated and none of that would have been possible without that original and "criminal" act.  The problem however, as seen in this movie, is that so-called leaders are often fairly self-important and often do not do what is right or just and when they do finally do what is right, take a very long time to deliberate before coming to such an obvious conclusion.  In this case, take after the pirates and rescues the maiden in distress but not before going after the ship that was stolen from the fleet.

At the end of the movie Jack, as a notorious pirate with a rap sheet as long as his arm, is set to be hung and Will Turner is pardoned for his role in the affair; a double standard that is surely not to be missed.  The reasoning is, of course that an act of piracy even to do something noble is still an act of piracy but as a first time offender Will gets preferential treatment whereas Jack has been sought for years.  The entire situation takes a turn as Will attempts to rescue Jack, an attempt that fails and both are surrounded and about to be shot by a group of British soldiers until Elizabeth puts her body between the firing squad and the pirates.

Jack then escapes although in a clumsy and haphazard manner by falling over the edge of a cliff and into the sea below where his ship is waiting.  As those present mull what to do, Governor Swann pipes up with some wisdom that allows Jack to continue to flee unmolested.  He poses a serious question to the military, "Perhaps on the rare occasion pursuing the right course demands an act of piracy, piracy itself can be the right course?"  The Commodore agrees and fails to order a pursuit, something that he will pay dearly for in later tales of the trilogy I might add as he looses his command.

Had the government done its job initially there would not have been any need for the original act of piracy in the movie.  So too with regards to the wretched souls who have built their lives on lying to us about man made global warming.  If the government had done its job and not allowed them to destroy and withhold data they were legally compelled to produce, and also data I might as scientists they were morally compelled to produce so that others could confirm or denounce their findings, there would have been no need for this hero hacker to act.

Of course those that cannot abide by the truth coming out will disagree.  But who really cares about what the dishonest think in pursuit of saving their own rears? ESR

J.J. Jackson is a libertarian conservative author from Pittsburgh, PA who has been writing and promoting individual liberty since 1993 and is President of Land of the Free Studios, Inc. He is the lead editor contributor to American Conservative Daily and also the founder of SignalCongress.com.  He is the owner of The Right Things - Conservative T-shirts & Gifts. His weekly commentary along with exclusives not available anywhere else can be found at http://www.libertyreborn.com.


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