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web posted November 30, 2009

Re: The global carbon footprint scam by Alan Caruba (November 23, 2009)

Alan Caruba's piece is fiction. The data is abundantly clear….CO2 is causing significant climate change and warming. I live in Oregon: our snow pack is down, our oceans are becoming more acidic and animal migrations are changing…at too fast of a pace. The real hoax that Caruba and his ilk should address is the tens of billions of dollars of our tax money that goes to subsidies to oil, coal and gas corporations. But…sadly, Caruba is a pawn for those interests. A type of corporate socialism at the expense of taking care of common assets: nature.

Thousands of scientists…not paid shills for Fox news or corporate oil/coal interests…have documented the science behind this dangerous issue. Caruba uses little science in his article…because he is ecologically ignorant. That is why his global warming denial falls flat like the flat earth he believes he lives on.

Blessings, John F. Borowski
Marine science teacher of 30 years…proudly giving students data, not, corporate propaganda

Alan Caruba responds:

If the facts about carbon dioxide (CO2) mean anything to you, I recommend you read either or both of the presentations linked below. Suffice it to say, you are very wrong about CO2's ability to trap heat or even ofits miniscule role in the upper atmosphere...which is composed of 95% water vapor. As someone who teaches marine science, you are surely aware of this and that the oceans trap heat and CO2 as well.

Why does a lowly science writer like myself know more than you and why do you accuse me of writing "fiction" just because it conflicts with your brain-washed addiction to the increasingly discredited "science" of "global warming." The Earth is cooling and has been for ten years. Time to peak out the window or door and see for yourself.




Alan Caruba

PS. You can read all about the latest revelations of phony GW data below



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