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The Thousand Year Peace: Chapter Seven:"Off The Rose"

By Michael Moriarty
web posted December 7, 2015

I have this wonderfully strange but inspired feeling that God wants Carly Fiorina to be President of the United States.

Carly Fiorina
President Carly Fiorina


One: to rub even more fiery salt into the undeniably corrupted pride of Hillary Clinton.

Two: to see a woman, hopefully Carly Fiorina, rather like a totally victorious, American Joan of Arc, within two Presidential terms, 8 years in all, utterly humiliate the machismo pretentions of the Neo-Soviet, quasi-Christian dictator, Vladimir Putin, his rapaciously Islamic, Iranian pals and, finally, the diabolical perversities of the Depraved Boys Clubs known of as ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and the Taliban.

Mamma Mia Fiorina gives a severely spank-spank lesson about growing up and being real adults.

Not sadistically homicidal adolescents in men's clothing.

Joining the true, tangibly real and inevitably divine progress of Mankind's Third Millennium.

A lesson from true feminism.

The law that human beings are here on Earth… to nurture!

To feed.

To protect.

To defend.

To do all the things that Motherhood has been doing for millenniums… and getting painfully little credit for!

The universal, American feeling and instinct that it's about time we had a female President?!

That time has come.

But it is not a time for any President Hillary Clinton!

God does not repeat himself.

Another disaster like Barack Hussein Obama? God doesn't repeat himself.

On the other hand, the Devil, however, does repeat himself.

All the time.

And the disaster that America has already faced under the guidance of this nation's first black… Democrat… President, Barack Hussein Obama?

God is not going to let the same nightmare repeat itself with America's first female President.

Carly Fiorina, without being a female, chauvinist bully… yet a very strong and principled woman… has outlined, with her invariably superb clarity, what she would do with the frighteningly horrible mess she would face if she were, indeed, elected as the 45th President of the United States.

With the same, unflinching dedication and simple eloquence with which she has led her entire campaign for the White House, Carly Fiorina has, for our sakes, intensified the spotlight in which she increasingly shines.


Here's the question!

And the problem!!

Has America the strength and, I add, the genius… to not just double-down but triple-down… upon the courage to elect Carly Fiorina as the first Female President of the United States?

After this disastrous last four years of corrupted, dedicatedly anti-American and treasonous leadership by President Obama, does America's commitment to not only racial equality but sexual equality… remain as strong as ever?!

I certainly hope so.

Oh… there are a few men vying for the Presidency that represent sane and reasonable choices for the Oval Office… but… as many of the Christian Community in America believe… we… the human race… are now in the End Times.

We are living the Book of Revelation.


But also… The Second Coming.


I am not saying that anyone of the candidates for the American Presidency, including Carly Fiorina, is the Second Coming.

I do, however, believe that the infamous characters of the Book of Revelation, the Anti-Christ and the Beast?!

They are on the Earth!


For myself at any rate, and with all the irony that God intended with the words "wolves in sheep's clothing," these two Biblical Monsters are Pope Francis II of Rome and his Islamic version of The Beast, President Barack Hussein Obama.

Together, they are igniting what Obama has already referred to as The Arab Spring.

The Radically Islamic Hell.

And the Radically New World Order Inferno.

Both the Pope and our present President of the United States?!

Big fans of The New World Order.

Both profoundly, unmistakably and unrelentingly contemptuous of the United States of America.

And absolutely everything… that is American.

Pope and CastroBarack Obama
The Prophets of Islamic, Liberation Theology
The New World Order

All three of the above loathe the entire idea of individual freedom.

They, the Pope, Castro and Obama, are the only hierarchy they know of or are sincerely willing to recognize.

If you don't believe me and believe the Progressively Marxist, New World Order is a myth?

You are then ignoring the only possible explanation for why the now faltering, thank God, but intensely Bushified fraternity known as the Republican Party… has refused to impeach Barack Hussein Obama for treason.

The Bush Family, certainly its leader, George H. W. Bush, was the first to announce the inevitability of a New World Order run by the United Nations!

As George Sr. declared about the New World Order: "When we succeed… and we will!"

George H. W. Bush and his cohorts… William Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama, Henry Kissinger, George Soros… have… thus far… succeeded!!!!

And, so far, certainly with the aforementioned Cabal, this plot is in the midst of Total Triumph!

These men have succeeded in so demonizing… and so weakening the United States… that the United Nations – with its troops mainly supplied by America's traditional enemies, Red China and Neo-Soviet Russia – that the United Nations could invade what has been called "Man's Last and Greatest Hope On Eart".

The United States of America!

It appears to be very possible… that they, with the invaluable help of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, that they conquer the entire North American continent.

Render the United States of America, as we and History have known it, humiliate it into being something… beyond a thing of the past.

America, according to this Power Elite, will be a "No More!"

And, in the eyes of the New World Order architects… "hopefully"… America as an utterly forgotten… pipe-dream.

A delusion called "individual freedom".


The future of the New World Order… and the ambitions of the United Nations… are … in so far as this is possible… to end the entire concept of individual freedom.

The are determined to institute what even Robespierre of the French Enlightenment referred to… admiringly… as "the Enlightened Despots"!

Not unlike the "enlightened despots" of Red China.

That hallowed, Communist Committee that decides what will and/or will not be allowed to exist for the Chinese.

If it works in China?!?!

Why not shove the entire human race inside and under… increasingly under and subservient to… the "enlightened despots"… a "despotic" Committee of the United Nations?!

This, however, doesn't sound very American, does it.

I have no doubt and am quite certain, given the rumblings out of the White House in its seemingly last year in office?!

President Obama will do his best to inspire an emergency situation in the United States that would, in his eyes and in the eyes of the United Nations, create a state of national emergency!!

Thus justifying, in the eyes of Barack Obama and the United Nations, a call for Martial Law.

And, of course, the necessary suspension of elections.

Does Obama really have the balls… to try something like that?

No President so far has ever made greater fools out of not only Congress and the Supreme Court… but literally made blind idiots out of the entire American population.

No American of any standing… except for… perhaps… President Abraham Lincoln… has surpassed such a… and I quote… "Fundamental Transformation of the United States of America"!!

Wallowing quite comfortably in the very hell… of the American Peoples' good intentions… Barack Hussein Obama… AKA Barry Soetoro… con-man supreme… most indisputably successful, two-legged serpent… of the entire 20th Century?!

Because of a New World Order… concocted by the "enlightened despots"… of the entire, post-world war I and World War II elite?

Those elite, not in agreement with the New World Order Plan… such as President John F. Kennedy?

He and they have been… as you more than well-know… eliminated.

In the absence of Good Men among The Elite?

A monster was formed!

The one man, the shameless American dictator… that they, these Chosen Elite… think… that they can shove down the throats of all Americans… for two terms… and get away with it?!

They were right!

And I?!

Who left America over twenty years ago because of the Un-Constitutional behavior of the Clinton Administration?!

Now seeing… from the bleachers of British Columbia, Canada… in utter astonishment… that during the last four years of unbridled treason in the White House?!

President Barack Hussein Obama
has not been

That is beyond an outrage.

That's deliberately what President Abraham Lincoln said… predicrted… would be the only, possible way for the United States to be destroyed!


It appears, however… or rather I'm beginning to get the impression… that "The Bloom" of Barack Hussein Obama… for even those creators and implementers… of the United Nations'… Progressively Marxist… New World Order… that, even for them, this bizarrely unpredictable and increasingly diseased "bloom"… that criminally creepy glow around Barack Hussein Obama?!

Even that… is now falling "off the rose".

Yet Carly Fiorina?

In my hopes, a savior of sorts?

The Second Coming, however?


The Second Coming?

That miracle… has been on the Earth… and growing… for over two thousand years.

It is called Christianity.

A breathtakingly, billion-headed miracle… that is now everywhere on the Earth!!

In that sense?!

Jesus of Nazareth… the Christ I know… he never left!!!!!!!

However, it took that long, over two thousand years, for the complete Reality of Christ and Christianity to mature into a Force large enough, wise-enough and strong enough to defeat the Anti-Christ and the Beast, plus all of that pair's, praise-singing choruses, and their diabolically deceptive incantations for what amounts to world tyranny.

The very New World Order for which Radical Islam and ISIS have become the Storm-Trooping, Anti-Semitic, Nazi terrorists?!

It would be divine to see our own American Joan of Arc, Carly Fiorina, slowly, steadily, methodically and, with help from the best of the Judeo-Christian World, miraculously tear that Marxist and Radically Islamic, New World Order Monstrosity… tear it apart.

Eat it!

And then drop it… into the toilet.

And into the very non-existence that these "Enlightened Despots" have planned to deposit the United States.

Following that Miracle?!

One Thousand Years of Peace On Earth!!!


Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.





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