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Chick-fil-A runs afoul of the alphabet people

By Greg Strange
web posted December 9, 2019

Chick-fil-AWell, that’s it.  Christians take note.  Chick-fil-A has fallen.  This once reliably Christian business which closes its doors on Sunday, the Lord’s Day, has now joined the endless perp walk of cowardly corporations that have capitulated to . . .  Guess who?  The titanic, all-powerful, authoritarian, supremely intolerant, Godzillian behemoth: Big Gay, a.k.a. LGBTQ, LMNOP, the alphabet people, the Gay Mafia, the Gaystapo.

Call it what you will, it works relentlessly, day and night, from sea to shining sea and all points in between.  Its mission is to destroy any and all societal standards of sexual and gender normalcy such that any microscopic subset of any bizarro group of like-minded deviants may indulge in any twisted sexual proclivity without moral condemnation and while absurdly claiming a place in the ever-growing pantheon of intersectionality.

As we speak, the alphabet agenda is being promoted by Hollywood, the media, most large corporations and the public schools, k-grad.  As we speak, Big Gay is spreading the transgender madness throughout Western civilization like a prairie fire in a windstorm.  As we speak, Drag Queen Story Hour is an actual thing being promoted in libraries across the breadth of this land, wherein actual drag queens – some of whom are convicted child molesters – are brought in, typically wearing garish outfits and make-up, and allowed to read LGBTQ-themed books to little kids.  As we speak, the Gaystapo is working hard to make it illegal for licensed therapists to help people with unwanted same-sex attraction, unwanted gender confusion and the like because such therapy is equated with disapprobation and they will not stand for that.

Everywhere Gayliath goes it sows sexual and gender chaos and confusion, not to mention immorality.  A few more years of this and the kids won’t know up from down, let alone right from wrong.  And of course, after Big Gay’s long march through our institutions, it has been firmly established that anyone who disagrees with any part of their radical agenda is, automatically, a bigot and hater.

But getting back to Chick-fil-A, the popular, mild-mannered Christian fast food restaurant . . .  Of course, it’s been under attack by the Gaystapo for years, and especially since 2012 when CEO Dan Cathy made some public comments expressing a preference for the biblical definition of marriage, which doesn’t include homosexuals marrying each other.  In addition, it was noted that Chick-fil-A donated millions of dollars to various organizations perceived to be hostile to homosexual “rights.”  So naturally, a boycott was called for by Big, Monolithic, Gargantuan Gay (BMGG).  At the time, though, that didn’t work because a counter-boycott was launched and the restaurants were swamped by supporters.

But in LGBT time, 2012 was eons ago.  It was, after all, a dim, surreal time before a supposedly conservative SCOTUS up and legalized same-sex marriage across the board.  (No more backward states full of bigoted bumpkins hating on homosexuals by depriving them of their constitutional right to marry each other!)  Once that was out of the way, BMGG, drunk with power, pulled out all the stops and went full-on decivilization to try and crush every sexual taboo and restraint that society was still precariously hanging onto.

Fast forward to now and there’s hardly a corporation left that stands on the timeless values that a heartbeat ago were universally accepted.  Accordingly, Gaygantuan finally got to Chick-fil-A.  As already mentioned, one of the complaints about Chick-fil-A from 2012 was that it donated to “homophobic” charities.  One of those charities is the Salvation Army, which happens to be one of the most effective charities on earth.  The problem is, it’s Christian and therefore it’s not down with homosexual marriage.  Doesn’t matter how many needy people it helps, Chick-fil-A has to kick it to the curb – or else. 

And now it has.

So what happened?  Well, like so many other “woke” companies, Chick-fil-A has a department of “Corporate Social Responsibility” and that department is headed by Rodney D. Bullard, who is on record having donated to both Obama and Hillary.  That’s all you really need to know about him.  But why was he chosen?  Don’t know, you’d have to ask CEO Dan Cathy.  Presumably, you’d get some tortured rationalization, but it all comes down to capitulation and we all know it.  Big Gay wins again!

A reasonable person might ask, why can’t Christians be left alone to believe what they want, especially when they don’t push those beliefs on anyone else?  After all, homosexual marriage is now the law of the land.  Homosexuality is now exalted by virtually every institution in the country.  Beyond that, the very concept of heteronormativity has come into question, which means it is fast becoming politically incorrect to say that heterosexuality is the norm even though it obviously is since it’s the only thing that can propagate our species and thus prevent our extinction!

In other words, you’ve won, Big Homo!  You’re totally fabulous!  Your 50-year program of appropriating the civil rights movement and applying it to sexual deviancy and gender madness has been wildly successful.  You’ve won every battle, you steamroll over everything in your path.  You're free to keep right on sowing sexual and gender chaos at will, especially amongst the young, because most societal institutions now abet you in the process.  There is no sexual depravity or gender-related absurdity that you can’t normalize and even bamboozle people into praising!

So, how about you practice a little of the tolerance you constantly scream about, stop hating on Christians and just let them believe what they want, especially since they have no power over you?

Big Gay:  Hell no!  And our next objective is the queering of the churches and of Christianity itself in order to remove all remaining dissent.

Is that so?  Well then, you’ll be taking on Islam after that, right?

Naw, we’re good!

Right, you may be totalitarian, intolerant and totally agenda driven, but you’re not suicidal.  Nobody's going to demand a gay wedding or celebratory gender reassignment cake at an Islamic bakery.  The last thing Big Gay wants is for an Islamic jihad to come down on its ass, ending its 50-year orgy of deviant indulgence and sending its minions back to the closet.

Unfortunately for Big Gay, as the Muslim population increases throughout the West, a clash is inevitable between the two intransigent groups.  And in a fight between the ayatollahs and the gayatollahs, it's not hard to figure out who comes out on top.  (Hint: it won’t be the gender-confused snowflakes who take to their safe spaces over the slightest challenge to queer orthodoxy or the leftist worldview.)

In the meantime, though, the gayatollahs’ own jihad against gender and sexual normalcy will continue unabated as virtually every institution in the Western world falls prostrate at their feet in reverential obeisance and obsequious compliance.  That means that our few remaining taboos – e.g., incest, pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia – are likely on very shaky ground, as is Western civilization itself.

Chick-fil-A’s pathetic capitulation is yet another signpost pointing in that direction. ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2019 Greg Strange.




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