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The Crown: Part Two

By Michael Moriarty
web posted December 16, 2019

The CrownThe killing of a deer by the Queen of England, Elizabeth II.

The body of the dead deer? Something to most effectively project a mirror image to the Queen, following what comes!

“Priggish” and “Tweedy”!

Descriptions of Queen Elizabeth reprinted by major London dailies. Taken from a small publication run by the by now infamous “Peer”!

Or “Lord”.

Lord Altricham, to be exact. And, incidentally, the best spokesman for his case!

In a television interview, he eloquently offers not only his love and admiration for the British Monarchy but the formula that Great Britain needs to re-energize its importance in the world.

Many of the dailies applaud “The Peer”!

What can the “Queen Bee” and here “Marionettes” do now?!

Altricham, as described later, is “of the extreme Right”!

Part of “The League of Empire Loyalists!”

“A pressure group against the dissolution of the Empire! And has a clear doctrine of English, racial supremacy!”

Many in the audience of his speech found him to be “eminently reasonable!”

“Almost half the country appears to agree with his sentiments…”

“The Prime Minister,” says the Queen’s aide and adviser, “wishes to discuss it with you.”

“A Constitutional Crisis,” says the Queen, echoing the press’s accusation!

Then she brilliantly and justifiably blames her adviser and speechwriter, requesting that he and his fellow advisers-to-the-queen have at least “a foot in the real world.”

It is following this moment, that she again sees the deer she killed.

Possible death by a thousand cuts from the Press!

Prime Minister MacMillan brings the warning of a possible overthrow of the monarchy and the establishment of a republic! He lists a few, recently threatened and deposed monarchies.

His solution: “Altricham is a fire that must be put out!”

Cut to a boy chasing a girl in the earliest stages of first love!!

The Queen is staring at them.

I tear up, knowing instantly how life could have been so simple at that age, and such a possible nightmare in adulthood!

We all know what Elizabeth I would have done in Elizabeth II’s place.

The Gallows!


Elizabeth the Second chooses to meet her critic face to face!

God bless her!

As the Almighty obviously has!!!

Though our presumptuous Lord had never expected to meet the Queen face to face on this visit, he brought along a list of suggestions which might improve the Queen’s monarchy!

1- Put an end to The debutant’s ball!

Ends the inequality created by the few young women considered worthy of the title: “Debutant”

2- Allow divorced people to move more freely in royal circles.

The Queen replies that the Church of England does not recognize divorced persons, so neither must the Queen.

She wants to know why he would.

“It’s unkind.”

“Discriminatory”, he adds, “and possibly unlawful!”

3- He recommends “getting rid of an entire generation of courtiers.”

He adds, “They are ostriches with their heads buried in the sand! Let the palace evolve with the rest of the world!”

She defends it as an age-old “tradition”!

4- “Let the people get to know you!”

“I don’t wish to be known!” is her frankest replay to his suggestions so far.

5- “Televise the Christmas speech! Become more transparent!”


6- “Spend time with average people… let normal people get to know you too!”

Indeed, of course… “the bells are ringing.”

And “concessions will be made” to one or two of his suggestions.

He proved to be neither a racist nor an elitist! Quite the opposite really.

Meanwhile, her efforts to answer his requests?!

“I feel like an actress! A common little show-girl!”

“Memorizing lines and wearing make-up…”


In the blessedly inspired character descriptions in the script… possibly… “the Queen is, for the first time in her public career, filled with stage fright. Indeed, the curse of all actresses and “common little show-girls!”

The Queen is beginning to join the human race!

I so love this series!!!

And I don’t doubt the reality of at least one moment in her life of stage fright!

Her speech, however, is splendid and a victory for both herself and, of course, her young but wise adviser, the “Peer”!

Who doesn’t approve?!

Of course! Queen Mother Mary!

What she knew as a monarchy, “slips away!”

“Bit by bit!”

And for her, one of the grandest Queen Bees of all?! She is the one who feels reduced to being nothing more than a “marionette”!

As things in this episode conclude, however, Queen Elizabeth is certainly being revealed as the grandest, most well-loved and adored, revered and profoundly honored British Monarch of all time!

What great leader, of any kind, male or female, and in any epoch, hasn’t had to grow into their greatness?!

I suspect, by the end of this series, this American-Irishman will be idolizing Queen Elizabeth.

Should I ever have the good fortune of meeting her?!

I shall make an utter fool of myself before her!

I might start with, “I see you in my dreams now, your highness….” ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.




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