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SpinTech has always reminded me of Enter Stage Right. Its founder and editor, Michael R. Allen, came to my attention after he submitted a piece on U.S. foreign affairs in 1997. I didn't hear much from him again until he launched his magazine just a few "blocks" away from me at Geocities, ESR's old home.

Where it seemed to take ESR a while to get to its present form, SpinTech almost seemed to be off and running within months. Since its inception, SpinTech has been offering quality essays and articles from regular contributors, some of whom have also coincidentally appeared in ESR, talented writers like Rightgrrl's Stephanie Herman and Exegesis' Steve Myers.

And like ESR, SpinTech also made the move to its own home on the World Wide Web with its own domain recently.

If you are unfamiliar with the magazine, it adopts a position similar to that of ESR in its promotion of individual freedom through individualism, free markets and limited government.

SpinTech bills itself as a magazine which publishes criticisms of the prevailing culture, whether politics, economics, philosophy, literature and culture and has in the past seen pieces on Tiger Woods, Saddam Hussein, the Religious Freedom Amendment, teenage radicals, the Starr Report, and the recent American elections...and every topic conceivable in between. Befitting the fact that the contributors are all solid writers, SpinTech been more impressive with each new issue.

The month of December marks the magazine beginning its second year of publishing, a landmark considering the fluid nature when it comes to the survivability of DIY magazines on the World Wide Web. If you've been unable to find great reading material on the web (with the exception of ESR of course), then SpinTech should definitely be added to your bookmarks.

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