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The last month in quotes...the good and the bad

"Our children don't need another two years of partisanship. They need two years of progress, of putting people over politics." -- Bill Clinton

"I just want to make sure we light a fire under our voters and that they know what's at stake." -- Bill Clinton, on minority voters and playing that race card

I've never seen this kind of [campaign] money," Bill Clinton, who spent most of the campaign begging from mega-donors. No word how much was contributed from China

"The level of intense, angry partisanship that the Republicans have injected in Washington is really not good for America." -- Bill Clinton

"No message is no way to win elections. Republicans should have learned by now that you must give people compelling reasons to vote for you. Mealy-mouthed rhetoric is no substitute for a muscular, substantive agenda. A party that loses sight of its values and principles, loses its base." --Steve Forbes

"[Republicans] chant they have held Congress for three elections in a row for the first time in seventy years. This meaningless factoid, however, cannot obscure the fact that they are clearly on track to losing it." -- National Review Online

". . . it is clear that the Democratic party's financial constituency base is gambling, trial lawyers, and public unions, a collection of interests more appropriate to a party seeking power in, say, Russia." -- Wall Street Journal

"How sweet is must be for President Clinton. Lauch Faircloth, the man who actually was responsible along with Jesse Helms for making Ken Starr the special prosecutor who has dogged President Clinton for so long. Lauch is locked out in North Carolina." -- the unbiased Dan Rather

"The American public sent some very strong messages through the ballot box. ..a clear message: disgust with Republican attacks on the White House scandal." -- the unbiased Tom Brokaw

"Talk about luck! Talk about never being prepared to give up! It is unbelievable!" -- the unbiased Ted Koppel on the election

"If Bill Clinton's favorite President could end up on Mount Rushmore and the $2 dollar bill despite being sexually active with a subordinate, it might put Mr. Clinton's conduct with a certain intern in a different light." -- NBC's Bob Faw

"There is something about your style, your grace, about your strength, about your motherness, about your wifeness, about your maturity, about your patriotism, about your strength of reasoning. Hillary, you've walked through the rain and you're not wet. You've walked through the fire and there's not a singe on your clothing." -- Jesse Jackson on Hillary Clinton

"To me, I never came here to be part of that permanent political class. ... I'm not a Washington person in that sense. I don't expect to be when I'm not president anymore." -- Bill Clinton

"I've always believed that because I was blessed to be healthy and have a strong family, I had an obligation to care of other people." -- Hillary Clinton

"I'll focus on making the trains run on time." -- Republican Bob Livingston commenting on what he'll do as Speaker of the House.

"There are no leaders anymore, only studio executives. Our country's chief executive runs focus groups every four years and tries to make sure his movie opens bigger than the other guy's." -- E! talk show host Jon Stewart

"The Republicans ran on a much-ridiculed, highly ideological Contract With America -- and against what once seemed the ultimate motherhood issue, health care -- and scored their greatest victory in 50 years." -- Charles Krauthammer

"It has become obvious that the Gingrich Brigades have learned the wrong lesson from 1994. That year, they unveiled the focus-driven Contract With America, and they...haven´t committed an idea since." - Tony Snow

"Having defended the indefensible [highway bill], Livingston denied the undeniable. He praised the $520 billion tangle of twisted, smoking debris that was the Republican Congress's last act before its rendezvous with unamused Republican voters." -- George Will on the new Speaker of the House

"Why do a majority of women persist in supporting Bill Clinton even in the face of evidence that he treats most of the women in his life like dishrags and the remainder like disposable wipes?" --Linda Bowles

"When a government controls both the economic power of individuals and the coercive power of the state ... this violates a fundamental rule of happy living: Never let the people with all the money and the people with all the guns be the same people." -- P.J. O'Rourke

"I am very serious about running for president but Jane doesn't want me to do it." -- Media mogul Ted Turner, as quoted in The New Yorker

"If I were Clinton, I would have gone in front of the American people and said, 'Yes, I'm having an affair with this woman. My wife is still behind me so it's really none of your business and if this is not OK with you, fine, get yourself a new president.'" -- Woody Allen on the sex expert in this field

"In the interests in keeping the story alive, however, I will remind you that Clinton agreed to pay Jones $850 000 to settle a case he had already won, for an event which never occurred. Right." -- Rich Galen on the Bill Clinton - Paula Jones settlement

"We gave ten-thousand bucks very early on. In all honesty, in the light of events since, it would be awfully hard to say now, 'Oh, here, let me help you out with this problem." -- Tom Hanks in The New Yorker explaining why he regrets donating to Clinton's legal defence fund

Who did these journalists vote for?

"The incredible shrinking impeachment inquiry. Republicans backtrack..." -- Dan Rather

"Republican politicians understand now all too clearly how strongly much of the public feels about impeachment hearings involving President Clinton." -- Peter Jennings

"Results of this election have thrown congressional Republicans into turmoil." -- Tom Brokaw

"Do you think now that the Republican voice will become more moderate and that those extreme right- wing conservatives will have less of a voice?" -- ABC's Lisa McRee to Rep. Chris Cox

"This last election made it very clear that they don't want to have anything to do with impeachment, so shouldn't the will of the people rule?" -- ABC's Connie Chung

"What about some of these very right wing Republicans who like to discuss very socially divisive issues?" -- NBC's Katie Couric

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