The fate of the alpha female

By Joe Schembrie
web posted November 29, 1999

Recent revelations by biographer Gail Sheehy, alleging that Hillary Clinton ordered the bombing of Serbia, should not be surprising to veteran Clinton watchers. We've known since HillaryCare that Hillary is the dynamo for militant liberalism within the Clinton duo. And while Bill Clinton's perversion is well-known to one and all, Hillary is always at the heart of all the non-sexual ethical revelations: Whitewater, Cattle Futures, Vince Foster.

Hillary is the Alpha Female of an amazonian troika that comprises the terrorist face of the Clinton regime. The other two members of that troika are, of course, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Attorney General Janet Reno. Albright bombed a civilized, democratic, peaceful nation down to Pre-Cambrian strata, killing thousands of innocent Serbs while ranting slander about an 'ethnic cleansing' whose mass graves never were. Reno rolled tanks against law-abiding Americans possessing a few rifles -- while declining to investigate illegal campaign contributions that possessed an outlaw foreign government of nuclear missiles.

A feminist once blurted to me, out of the blue: "How come when a male leader acts aggressive, everyone admires him for being strong and decisive, but when a female leader acts aggressive, everyone just calls her a bitch?" I refrained from saying, "Because she is one." Surely, if there is any sexual bias involved in the national appraisal of Albright and Reno, the feminists are the ones afflicted. It's undeniable that the Secretary of State and the Attorney General, more so than all their male predecessors, have the blood of innocents on their hands. If sexual bias has anything to do with their careers, it's been to help them: they've gotten away with this bloodlust because the broad mass of the populace experiences cognitive dissonance when it comes to associating females with murderous violence.

Despite years of feminist propaganda -- or perhaps because of it -- we are culturally conditioned to think of women as supremely nurturing. Even negative-connotation terms like 'bitch,' 'shrew,' and 'feminazi' seem mirthfully saccharine when the killing fields of Serbia, Waco, and the neighborhood abortion clinic are brought to mind. Older generations had the epithet 'Jezebel,' but biblical allusions are inaccessible to the masses today. And so Hurricane Hillary caught us psychologically unprepared.

We just don't understand Hillary. That's why we're in denial over her dark side.

Nah, we say. That can't be the way it really is. Bill must be in control somewhere. And of course, he is -- when it comes to sex. It's become part of their game. As long as she plays victim in the bedroom, she can embody Stalin in politics, and so far only a minority of the public has caught on.

Undoubtedly, his sexual liberation rankles Hillary's compulsion for control, but she's been stuck with Bill because he's the Political Happy Face masking her Will to Power. The same hormonally-unbalanced female voting bloc that swoons for Bill is cool toward Hillary. Hillary's criticism-deflecting pose of Innocent Little Victim strikes the voters as inappropriate for a leader. Yet to abandon that pose would make her fair target for ethics charges. There's no happy-medium cure for Hillary's anti-charisma, and so even New York isn't liberal enough to elect her.

With Bill's political shelf life expiring, both are experiencing restlessness in their relationship. Bill recently rebelled against Hillary's feminist agenda by signing legislation banning UN abortion funding. He'll soon be slouching toward a shadowy political afterlife, predictably cut short by cocaine overdose, sexual disease, and/or a lover whose jealousy outlasts the handgun waiting period. Yet Hillary may actually still consider Bill a political asset under such circumstances. She gains media points from standing by her man -- even when she doesn't speak to him for months at a time.

Hillary can't be King, but she can carry on as Kingmaker. Her braindead Senate campaign bequeaths her twenty million dollars, half again as big as the Reform Party's much-contentioned war chest. Campaign spending laws allow her to ladle it out in $5000 increments to individual candidates, or in megabuck chunks to the Democratic Party. Likely the money will be seed for one or more 'non-profit' Foundations, whose primary purpose will be to launder federal subsidies into Democratic campaign contributions, and provide the lifestyle-enhancing kickbacks that have always characterized her quasi-legal career.

But with her lesser-half spouse Constitutionally banished to Bimbo Limbo, Hillary can never again play political Godzilla stomping above federal corridors, gorging on hapless bureaucrats and politicians in frenzied powerlust. The Alpha Female glory days of gassing Texan churchgoers and strafing Serbian refugees are setting. Shriveled back to mere private citizens, Hillary and her harpies henceforth will only be strong enough -- and courageous enough -- to bully fetuses.

God help those truly innocent little victims.

Joe Schembrie is a regular contributor to Enter Stage Right

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