Land of the free?

By Scott Carpenter
web posted December 20, 1999

The United States of America can no longer claim to be the "Land of the Free". At least not after last months episode in Seattle. It used to be that I looked to the U.S. with a certain degree of admiration but not any more. It's not that I have less respect for my southern neighbours it's just that I came to a sudden realization: we're all in the same boat floating helplessly towards the same damn iceberg. America is no longer the last bastion of freedom in the world; the WTO has seen to the demise of that prestigious title. Indeed, it is finally official. The United States has now joined the rest of us in the worlds newest and largest dictatorship.

Think I'm over reacting? Consider that days before the protests began the Seattle City Council banned the civilian use of gas masks in the down town core. If that doesn't set off a few warning bells in the old noggin then I'm afraid there is nothing I can say at this point that will.

The saddest part of this mess is that I am forced into the position of having to defend a bunch of left wing wackos with earrings hanging from every appendage but their ears. Ironically, though I have never held fast to the idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, I must concede that although their reasons for protesting were mired in faulty premises and a swamp of irrational emotion these protesters did have the right to protest and as such the actions taken by the WTO (anyone who honestly believes that it was the mayor's idea alone to implement martial law needs to have his head examined) were something that Stalin would have been proud of.

I would have had more sympathy for the protesters had they had the intelligence to see that the real problem with the WTO is not their disregard for environmental laws, "workers rights" or some other socialist lie but rather their disregard for basic human rights all together. Having a job is not a right. It is the product of ones life effort. Owning your own life is a right. This means that speaking your mind in a public forum without interference from the state is also your right... a right that was blatantly disregarded by the WTO and its handmaidens; including the Seattle City Council, the Mayors office and even Bill Clinton himself.

Which reminds me. Bill Clinton is a spineless, treasonous wimp. Any man who would allow an international organization of politicians masquerading as businessmen to come into his country and violate the constitutional rights of his own people to peacefully assemble and speak their minds deserves to be run out of office or much, much worse. I'll leave the deserved punishment up to the readers imagination. Either way Clinton is a traitor and a puppet to whatever ugly, fascist organization lurks behind the curtains of his supposedly legitimate government. I hope he rots in hell.

To the American people I can finally but sadly say "Welcome to the club." We had our own little "Battle in Seattle" here in Canada not so long ago. The press call it "Pepper Gate". If your experience ends up being anything like ours this means that some street cop or perhaps a low ranking politician will take the fall for your leader's reprehensible behavior. Keep an eye on things my friends and don't let the culprits get away with it.

Research the command structure. Find out where the orders came from to hit innocent people with pepper spray and to beat them within an inch of their lives. Consider that if you don't it will only get worse. The decision is yours. Good luck to you all and for that matter... God help us all.

Scott Carpenter is the editor of Canada's Liberty Free Press. This is his first contribution to Enter Stage Right.

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