ESR spotlight on 2012 US Election

Recent articles about the 2012 U.S. election that have run in Enter Stage Right

Herman Cain and the alpha president: Daniel M. Ryan examines the latest rising star of the Republican Party and explores whether he's right for the job of president

Political candidates ignore social media at their peril: If you plan on throwing your hat into the ring in 2012, says Rachel Alexander, you're making a big mistake by ignoring the importance of social media

Will Republicans have the courage to hit the reset button: Frank Salvato argues that the Republican Party needs to break with its recent past if it wants to regain power any time soon

Majority fools...: The election of Barack Obama was a crushing blow to conservatism but Mark Alexander says that all is not lost

If the center does not hold…: America has long served as the linchpin of the free world. Michael Moriarty wonders if Barack Obama will change that as well

How America has changed: Barack Obama is promising change but Alan Caruba says the U.S. began its change long before the president-elect was born

The blind leading the greedy: J.J. Jackson charges that the change Barack Obama has been promising is going to seem oddly familiar to Americans

The revisioning of America by Barack Obama: What can we expect from President Barack Obama? Joseph Randolph says an aggressive leftist agenda...if that wasn't already obvious

Why the race was lost: Michael M. Bates says John McCain and the Republicans lost for a number of reasons, some their fault but mostly external

A Marxist tsunami cannot quench the flames of freedom: Angered by what happened last Tuesday? Henry Lamb says you have one option other than complaining to yourself: Getting involved with freedom-loving organizations

The audacity of deception: If Barack Obama wins the election tomorrow night, writes Mark Alexander, it's because he's convinced Americans he's not a socialist

Why I'm voting for John McCain: Why is Michael Moriarty voting for Sen. John McCain? He says an Iraq war veteran said it better than anyone else has

What's waiting for him: Whoever wins the White House tomorrow evening will have a number of challenges awaiting him, says Daniel M. Ryan

The young will pay for a President Obama: A heavy bill will come due if Barack Obama is elected president and it's the youth who will pay the tab, says Michael M. Bates

Maybe you should not vote: The constitution guarantees the right to vote but J.J. Jackson believes that some people would be better off if they just stayed home

What does that make me?: If Americans are supposed to vote along racial, cultural, religious, economic or gender lines, Lisa Fabrizio wonders who she's supposed to case a ballot for

U.S. now hiring – Voters need not apply: California's Proposition 8 isn't so much about gay marriage as it is about who gets to make decisions, says Christian Hartsock

Winning enough to fight again: Uninspired by John McCain? Think he's going to lose next month? Bruce Walker says your vote still counts more than you know -- read to find out why

1930s Europe in America: If America's election campaign and the undercurrent all seem familiar to you, you're not alone. Michael Moriarty argues all of this reminds him of pre-Second World War Europe

Why I would vote McCain...If I were American: Philippe Manteau is a Frenchman living in America and with that in mind he has some advice for American voters next month

The terrorist attack of 2010: Selwyn Duke lays out one possible future that could come about all thanks in part to a vote that Barack Obama cast

Mock the vote: The cult of the vote is a powerful one, says David Heleniak, but given the choice that Americans have he doesn't think much of that right

Obama's misplaced Robin Hood complex: Barack Obama may believe he's a modern day American Robin Hood but J.J. Jackson says he's really playing the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham or Prince John

Birds of a feather Barack together: Why are Barack Obama's radical friends important? Because like-minded folks tend to stick together, writes Michael M. Bates

Active troops disagree with Powell: Retired general Colin Powell may have crossed over but J.B. Williams says the polls show one thing: The military is solidly behind John McCain

Barack Obama, moral authoritarian: It's fairly easy to see that Barack Obama considers himself more enlightened than the rest of us, says Jeff Perren

The real threat of censorship: Along with socialism, Barack Obama will bring censorship of divergent political opinion if he's elected, writes Bruce Walker

The leading man contest: Whether or not John McCain lost the third and final debate, argues Michael Moriarty, his tepid performance on the issue of the Supreme Court didn't help him

Is Obama a socialist?: Barack Obama would likely recoil at the notion that he's a socialist but Henry Lamb says his platform speaks for itself

Media refuses to scrutinize Obama's background and socialist agenda: The media has been obsessive in attempting to investigate the backgrounds of John McCain and Sarah Palin but have completely ignored Barack Obama, charges Carol Devine-Molin

Barack Obama's campaign of the lie: If the mainstream media won't do it, we will. Selwyn Duke explores Barack Obama's past ties with a socialist political party back in the mid-90s

Another Great Depression?: The election of John McCain and Sarah Palin would bring about a Great Depression, writes Michael M. Bates, except it wouldn't be the economic kind and it would occur only on one side of the political aisle

It's Americanism vs. Socialism on November 4th: Barack Obama's encounter with Joe Wurzelbacher throws into a clear spotlight what the American presidential election is all about, says Frank Salvato

So do we want them to feel our pain or get down to work?: We all want our political leaders to empathize with our problems but Jean Johnson and Scott Bittle argue the next president has to get to work solving some big problems

Presidential character: If this election year is a referendum on character, argues Mark Alexander, then your choice for president should be very easy to make

A winning issue for McCain: There are any number of issues that John McCain can use to expose Barack Obama but Bruce Walker says there is one in particular that he could score big points with

A race card up his sleeve: Barack Obama's rise to prominence has once again forced America to confront the issue of race -- and the political left has no problem using it either, says Alisa Craddock

Saturday night slander: If the same things were said about Barack Obama that are being played for laughs about Sarah Palin, the outrage would register on a seismograph, says Nathan Tabor

Let the records speak for themselves: Barack Obama's record in the Senate -- especially compared to John McCain's -- is hardly awe inspiring, writes Nancy Salvato

Florida cop under fire for using Obama's middle name 'Hussein': Is a Florida sheriff in trouble for using Barack Obama's middle name? Jim Kouri says yes

Palin as "ready" as Truman was: Sarah Palin is suffering the same attacks as Harry Truman, writes Michael Moriarty, and history demonstrated how effective FDR's successor was

The Obama Youth: The brouhaha over a video showing a group of children singing about Barack Obama and the resulting Democratic reaction shows what the political left is all about, says Selwyn Duke

The Sarah bashers: Those bashing Sarah Palin, particularly writers from the New York Times, reveal themselves as no more than clucking hens, writes Michael Moriarty

Who defines feminism?: Bruce Walker argues that Sarah Palin hews much closer to the original version of feminism than any of her critics

Barack Fauxbama: Barack Obama and Joe Biden want you to believe their a pair of tax hating and gun loving good ole boys. Dustin Hawkins says don't believe the hype

Explaining ourselves: Labels are just convenient ways of telling people where we stand on the issues, says Lisa Fabrizio, and "liberal" and "conservative" do mean certain things

Key to presidential win? White males: As with every election, writes Carey Roberts, the key to victory for either party will be to attract the white male vote

Patriotism, taxes and charity: Michael M. Bates does not think paying more in taxes is patriotic and he doesn't think much of Barack Obama or Joe Biden's record on the subject of charity

John McCain: Veteran faith: Although he doesn't wear it like a sash, John McCain is a man of Christian faith, says Mark Alexander

The truth is not dishonorable: The Obama campaign claims John McCain is lying when he says the Democrat supported sex education for kindergartners. Michael M. Bates says the facts support McCain

The inhumane humanists: Why do the Democrats hate Sarah Palin with such ferociousness? Michael Moriarty believes its because she stands for everything they despise

Press-release lap dogs: The media is defending charges that it is looking for anything to discredit Sarah Palin but that rings hollow given the pass that Barack Obama has received, writes Tom DeWeese

Political elections, cultural elections, and the votes that really matter: Selwyn Duke really doesn't like spending a lot of time writing about politics but there is a war going on and he has to stay involved

Palin phenomenon accelerates downfall of old media: Whatever else Sarah Palin manages to accomplish on the campaign trail, writes Christopher Adamo, it will be to put another nail in the coffin of the mainstream media

McCain or Obama? How about this referendum...: If you're truly tired of the mainstream media, says Frank Salvato, then you know what to do this November

Wanted: One "bad guy" for president: J.J. Jackson wants a president who won't be afraid to tell Congress to shove off when they overstep their bounds

Those who forget the past: Every election cycle sees liberals get foam at the mouth crazy at the mere mention of a conservative's name and nothing has changed in 2008, says Lisa Fabrizio

Voter fraud: More than 1,000 voter cards suspect: If you can't win honestly, cheat very hard. Jim Kouri reports that the left is using a very old trick to win in 2008

Hope and change in the land of Oz: Mark Alexander charges that the "hope and change" that Barack Obama promises is all merely a façade

McCain and the constellation of global conservatives: If John McCain wins the presidency this November, says Bruce Walker, he will join a group of conservatives that have taken power around the world

Why Obama is fading in the polls: Why is Barack Obama sliding in the polls? The more Americans learn about him, says Carol Devine-Molin, the less they like him

Obama hits new low: John Bender says a new commercial by Barack Obama criticizing John McCain's inability to use email is dirty politics at its worst

Lipstick on a Marxist does not work either: J.J. Jackson doesn't care what Barack Obama meant by his "lipstick on a pig" comment -- all he knows is that the Democrat is merely a warmed over Marxist

Obama's politics of new ideas: Barack Obama claims that he's bringing new ideas to the current campaign but Michael M. Bates says he's heard much of it before

Obamanomics 101 for useful idiots: Barack Obama has promised to raise taxes on the rich and corporations. J.B. Williams says the senator's economics are out to lunch

America's imperfect servant: Many in the GOP may not like John McCain but Lisa Fabrizio says her feelings for the senator changed earlier this month

A Republican revival: The media may dislike her but Mark Alexander says the choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate may actually save the Republican Party

Palin and the power of real American women: Frank Salvato says that Sarah Palin represents what a real American is and that will resonate with voters

Could Reagan win today?: There was a lot of talk about Ronald Reagan at the RNC last week. But could he have actually won the presidency in 2008? Bruce Walker answers that question

Mario and Oprah: Michael Moriarty explains why the Democrats ditched Mario Cuomo and why Oprah Winfrey won't have Sarah Palin on her talk show

Election assumptions and expectations: Jim Camp urges you not to make the mistake of making assumptions about either Barack Obama or John McCain

2008 races: Marriage-absence ignored: David R. Usher charges that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have addressed marriage-related issues and neither is likely to make positive change if elected

Biden selection is bad news for America's fathers: The selection of Joseph Biden as Barack Obama's running mate sends an anti-male message to voters, argue Mike McCormick and Glenn Sacks

Dictatorship we can believe in: An American president is supposed to lead but Michael M. Bates says Barack Obama has a lot of demands of the American people

Dead wrong: Thomas E. Brewton wasn't surprised at Joseph Biden's selection as Barack Obama's running mate. The two share similar and wrong positions in Iraq

All American otherness: The Democratic Party wants to promote "all-American" ideals at their national convention. The problem? Lisa Fabrizio says the party has a different notion of what that means then Americans do

I smell a Clinton coup brewing: Think Hillary Clinton is still capable of some sneaky deeds at the Democratic National Convention? J.B. Williams shares your suspicions

Voting conscience, not color: Nancy Salvato has one piece of advice for Barack Obama and his fellow leftists before they talk about race: Take a look at your own history

The artificially inflated self-esteem of Barack Obama: What is Barack Obama's greatest flaw? Out of the laundry list Frank Salvato has chosen the ego that the presumptive Democratic nominee continually displays

DNC platform: Bad news for dads: Mike McCormick and Glenn Sacks aren't sure why any man from either side of the political spectrum would vote Democrat in 2008

I never said I wanted a perfect candidate: J.J. Jackson has been accused of wanting the impossible: the perfect conservative running for president. He responds that he actually just wants a conservative

Why John Edwards' affair matters: Although Democrats are using Clinton-era defences over the John Edwards scandal, Selwyn Duke says his affair illustrates the importance of one attribute

Hillary does Denver: It probably won't be things that Hillary Clinton would say when she speaks at the Democratic National Convention in a week's time but Lisa Fabrizio's effort isn't a stretch

Obama, dancing like a butterfly; McCain, stinging like a bee: Alisa Craddock was impressed by John McCain's performance at the Saddleback Church this past weekend in his debate with Barack Obama

Why have political conventions?: About the only thing left to do is the announcement of running mates and release of platforms not even the candidates are likely to have read. Jack Ward wonders why bother with conventions at all?

Wanna-be president of the world: Barack Obama's words and deeds clearly show him to be a man more interested in showing the world how virtuous he is instead of representing the U.S., says Henry Lamb

The case for Cantor: John McCain needs a running mate and Bruce Walker has the perfect person: Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia. He's everything that McCain isn't

Thanks for the wake-up call, Carly!: McCain economic advisor Carly Fiorina's recent comments about abortion reveal his campaign isn't serious about ending the practice, argues Michael Moriarty

Birds of a feather: Barack Obama bills himself as the candidate of change but Lisa Fabrizio argues that he's a virtual clone of Jimmy Carter when it comes to the issue of energy

Obama: Messiah in his own eyes: Rush Limbaugh may call Barack Obama "The Messiah" but Henry Lamb says the presumptive Democratic nominee appears to actually believe he is one

Obama will lose: The media believes Barack Obama should already be moving into the White House. Jack Ward thinks this November will see him lose to John McCain

The implosion of the mainstream media: The media has been in the tank for Barack Obama for years and that fact, along with others, has effectively destroyed them, argues Bruce Walker

Hey, Barack, Hillary only suspended her campaign: Are Democrats keeping Hillary Clinton around as an insurance policy? If Barack Obama continues his catastrophic campaign she may be back, says Frank Salvato

Is Obama an alien abductee?: Barack Obama has been acting plenty strange during this election season, writes Michael M. Bates, and according to experts that may mean he was abducted by aliens

Demonomic deja vu: Mark Alexander argues that Barack Obama's economic plans have been seen before -- and they failed back then as well

"Where stands Nixon?": Why is Sen. John McCain ignoring the conservative base of the Republican Party? Steve Martinovich says that if Barry Goldwater were alive today, he could tell you

The gaping ignorance of Democratic leaders: Barack Obama's continued placing of foot in mouth isn't an anomaly, says Bruce Walker, as Democratic leaders have consistently shown

The Obama-philes: Barack's leftmedia sycophants: If the past week has shown anything, argues Mark Alexander, it's how in the tank the media is for Barack Obama

Obama's health care plan: The return of Kerrycare: Barack Obama's recently announced plans for health care is simply the return of John Kerry's horrible plan, writes Kevin Gabriel

Big O losing big mo?: A few months ago Barack Obama was the untouchable savior of America. Today? Lisa Fabrizio says the Democrat is looking very human to both sides of the political aisle

Smart Hillary bides her time: Given the increasing number of blunders that Barack Obama has commited, can Michael M. Bates be wrong in thinking that Hillary Clinton is waiting for the right moment to "save" the Democrats

Slandering Obama with out-of-context quotes: Barack Obama puts his foot in his mouth enough times without having to take his words and make them mean something they don't writes Glenn Sacks

The New Yorker's incredible gaffe: Carol Devine-Molin says the New Yorker may have wanted to lampoon alleged right-wing attacks on Barack Obama but actually managed something else

Obama, the national security neophyte: Barack Obama's pronouncements on issues of national security are examples that he's never learned from the past, argues Mark Alexander

Blessed be the name of Obama: Barack Obama's presidential bid is being described as divinely inspired. Alisa Craddock says his campaign is actually a little more down to earth

Obama's Supreme puzzlement: As with many issues, writes Michael M. Bates, Barack Obama's thoughts on the types of justices he wants on the U.S. Supreme Court show some very muddled thinking

Barack Obama and equal pay for women: Barack Obama pays his female staffers less than their male counterparts? Selwyn Duke is about to do the improbable: Defend the Illinois senator

Off the tracks again: John McCain has a reputation for telling it like it is. J.J. Jackson says while the Arizona senator may tell you what he believes, he certainly doesn't expose the reality of a situation

Responding to "None of the Above": A few months back Tom DeWeese proposed adding "None of the Above" to election ballets. He still thinks it's a fantastic idea

The Dream Team II: President John McCain and Vice President William Colin Powell, Jr.: Last week Michael Moriarty argued that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were a natural -- if disastrous -- fit. This week he picks John McCain's running mate

Big bad Barack flinches: Barack Obama has a reputation as a faultless speaker. Michael M. Bates says the past few months have shown anything but that

Obama and the Social Security privatization lie: Barack Obama attacked John McCain for being open to partial privatization of Social Security. Ken Marrero responds that the Democrat is living in the past

Obama would be a Clinton third term: Forget all the talk about change, says Christopher Adamo, Barack Obama has proven that he would merely be a continuation of the Clinton era

The dream team: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, if he does make her his running mate, face an uncertain world and plenty of disadvantages that America used to enjoy, writes Michael Moriarty

Change we can believe in: Barack Obama does represent change, writes Thomas E. Brewton, but the type of change he would bring were announced a very long time ago

"The ole man's wisdom": Now that the race is set between Barack Obama and John McCain, Michael Moriarty has some advice for the Arizona senator

Echoes of 1968: Hillary Clinton recently got into a bit of trouble for bringing up Robert Kennedy's assassination when talking about Barack Obama. Michael M. Bates says the two men share a few characteristics

Back alley conservatism: Conservatives had waited a long time to see one of their own nominated to serve as the GOP candidate, and they'll likely have to wait for some time, writes Brian Wise

McCain's best running mate: Recently Bruce Walker compiled a short list of people John McCain might consider as a running mate. This week he explores who he believes might be the best choice of all

A Hooters girl in every bed: J.J. Jackson has an electoral plan that will surely get him elected: A promise of an attractive man and woman for every American!

What to do when you don't like any of these candidates: Tom DeWeese would like an option on the ballot for those times when there is absolutely no one you would vote for: A vote for "None of the Above" which is actually binding

GOP congressional disasters: The "McCain effect": John McCain is proving, writes Christopher Adamo, that as the Republican Party moves further away from the right its support falls

Obama makes his case?: Barack Obama has been receiving some praise for his approach to foreign policy but Thomas E. Brewton believes the senator is dangerously naive

Memo to Republicans: Take a cue and get a clue!: Mark Alexander has but one message for the Republicans: This November will be an utter catastrophe for the GOP and it's time to start rebuilding -- and that means going back to being the party of Ronald Reagan

"Operation Chaos" fueled by realities of liberalism: Christopher G. Adamo wasn't too impressed by a recent Chris Matthews rant targeting Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" as undemocratic

Operation Chaos and Hillary's future: Why is Hillary Clinton refusing to concede defeat to Barack Obama? Bruce Walker says whatever her motivation he hopes she continues to fight

Government of the people or by the faction?: Frank Salvato has one message for Hillary Clinton: Don't listen to those who say you've lost the race

We are all Barack Obamas now!: Michael Moriarty says Barack Obama is learning what the rest of America will likely come to now in a few years: Getting in Hillary Clinton's way isn't very wise

Barack Obama's corner: The racist theology of Rev. Jeremiah Wright has put Barack Obama in an uncomfortable position: He either is seen as repudiating the "black church" or he accepts the pastor's assertions, says Lisa Fabrizio

Waiting for Jeremiah Wright to apologize to us: Bruce Walker believes that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright -- and the Democrats -- need to issue a big apology to America

The new racism and the mind of Obama: Barack Obama says he wants to transcend race. Alisa Craddock says his words betray him

When will we admit the truth about Barack Obama?: Everyone on both sides of the political fence say they like Barack Obama on a personal level. Selwyn Duke says they're blind to what he really is

Barack Obama: It's more about his choices: The controversies surrounding Barack Obama haven't been constructed, they're the result of conscious decisions made by Obama himself, says Frank Salvato

Another unsavory obama associate, official blogger a communist?: One of those choices is his official blogger, reports Warner Todd Huston, who also happens to hold some very unsavory views

Conservatives voting for a socialist?: J.J. Jackson isn't convinced that an honest to goodness conservatives who are angry that John McCain is the GOP nominee could bring themselves to vote for Barack Obama

Hillary versus Obama: Whose lies will prevail?: Last week's primary results in Pennsylvania decided absolutely nothing except that lies will continue to be spoken, says Christopher Adamo

Barack Obama is a condescending, paternalistic, liberal elitist: Recent comments by Barack Obama about bitter Americans clinging to guns and religion simply underscores that the Democrats are the party of the so-called elites, says Charles Bloomer

Change doesn't come by electing a president: If you believe that simply electing a different person as president brings meaningful change then you have no understanding of America's political system, says Frank Salvato

Liberal hate speech may doom Dems' election hopes: The venom from the Democratic Party these days may actually destroy their changes of regaining the White House, argues Carey Roberts

How dare ABC News treat Obama as if he were a conservative!: Jim Kouri isn't too impressed by liberal claims that Barack Obama was treated unfairly by Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos during last week's debate in Philadelphia

McCain confirms GOP out of ideas but so are the Democrats: Peter Morici doesn't think much of John McCain's recently announced economic program but he doesn't have any praise for those offered by the two leading Democrats either

My, Obama, what big ear(marks) you have: Barack Obama has gone to war against earmarks on the campaign trail but it appears it's a case of doing what he says, not as he does, writes Michael M. Bates

Lies, damn lies, and Hillary Clinton: For someone with so much experience one has to wonder why Hillary Clinton keeps getting caught in lies -- such as last week's whopper about the woman who died in a hospital after giving birth, wonders J.J. Jackson

Perusing the political terrain: Who could have predicted Barack Obama and John McCain being the candidates Americans will have to choose between? Carol Devine-Molin says the coming months will be very interesting

An open letter to fellow conservatives: There are plenty of conservatives who say they will not vote for John McCain this November. J.B. Williams wishes to speak to them

Obama's empty formula for 2008: Christopher Adamo says America is being hollowed out from within and Barack Obama and his supporters offer little in the way of solutions

Bob Barr's nomination would offer conservatives a choice: Bob Barr's intention to seek the Libertarian Party nomination will give conservatives someone they can cast a vote for, says John Bender

No uniform answer for the Democrats: Four years ago Democrats can't get enough of reminding Americans that John Kerry had served in Vietnam. Michael M. Bates wonders why they aren't bringing up the topic in 2008

Risks of misinterpreting Democrat turmoil: The Democrats may seem like chaos personified at the moment, writes Christopher Adamo, but don't count on that continuing for much longer

Comedy of horrors: Obama vs. Clinton: Watching the Democrats grapple over issues of race and experience is to watch the party descend into a circus, says Jim Kouri

Stars, stripes and scoundrels: Dems use flag as fig leaf: Given that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, perhaps it's not surprising that when in trouble Democrats grab the flag and use it for cover, argues Daniel Clark

The messianic couple: Bill and Hillary: Bill and Hillary Clinton apparently believe it is their mission to recapture the White House, a campaign that is assuming biblical dimensions, writes Michael Moriarty

The Democrats' dilemma: The GOP has its problems, argues Henry Lamb, but what the Democrats are going through right now with a protracted battle is a treat. Unfortunately America is still without a good presidential candidate

Radical clergy and the Democratic Party: Barack Obama isn't the only Democrat with a troubling link to controversial religious leaders. Moshe Phillips reports that Hillary Clinton has long been connected with extremist Michael Lerner

Stop the presses! Hillary lied!: The media almost seems shocked by Hillary Clinton's lie about flying into Bosnia under sniper fire in 1996. Christopher Adamo says both she and her husband have a long history of it

The question McCain needs to answer: Randall Nunn wants John McCain to simply answer one question: If he is the next president of the United States, will he government as a real conservative?

Obama is simply guilty: Despite the media's praise and Barack Obama's (somewhat) mea culpa concerning the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bruce Walker says the Democratic frontrunner remains guilty

Presidential insurgency-candidacies from 1992 to 2008: Mark Wegierski examines the recent history of insurgent candidates in American elections and wonders if Ron Paul can still have an impact on this election

The tragically answered prayers of Hillary Clinton: It may look bad for Hillary Clinton at the moment but Michael Moriarty is convinced she will somehow pull out a victory...but it will ultimately be a Pyrrhic victory

The blades of the knives: Not surprisingly opponents of John McCain are attacking his war record. Daniel M. Ryan says that a little history is needed why the issue is important

Democrat turmoil reflects liberal dysfunction: The chaos surrounding the Democratic Party shouldn't be a surprise, writes Christopher Adamo, considering who makes up its various constituencies

Barack Obama, his minister, and the Wellstone funeral: Charles A. Morse argues that the speeches of Rev. Jeremiah Wright should serve to remind people what the political left really thinks about America

Obama connection to terrorists revealed by talk show host: Chances are you learned about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright on this web site over a year ago. It turns out, writes Jim Kouri, that Barack Obama has other equally loathsome friends

Barack's trustafarians: Much of Barack Obama's support is coming from young people, says Bernard Chapin, a group which isn't exactly known for its critical thinking abilities

In Michigan and Florida the rules may not apply: J.J. Jackson isn't surprised some Democrats are trying to re-write their own rules to allow primaries in Michigan and Florida to be held again

Change requires going beyond the name on the ballot: "Change" has been the buzzword this election year but if you're looking for real change, argues Frank Salvato, you're not likely to get it from the three candidates still standing

Three candidates for global governance: When it comes to the issue of global governance, writes Henry Lamb, there isn't much difference between Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain

Obama or Clinton? White men will decide: Everyone is concentrating on how women, African-Americans and Hispanics are voting in the Democratic race but Carey Roberts believes it's white males who are the real barometers

Hillary's silver bullets: Mark Alexander is convinced that Hillary Clinton will be named the Democratic nominee in Denver later this year because she will do anything to win

America's oldest song: With the possibility of a Clinton victory in Denver, Michael Moriarty believes that Americans are poised to once again hear a familiar tune courtesy of the political left

Scrambled eggs instead of a Denver omelette: Last week's results in Texas and Ohio has created a big mess for the Democrats, says Bruce Walker, and someone will end up with egg on their face

A Hussein by any other name: Is using Barack Obama's middle name beyond the pale? Michael M. Bates says the politicizing of names on the campaign trail has a long history

Why most voters shouldn't vote: An informed voter is necessary for the success of democracy. Given the state of the electorate, says Selwyn Duke, perhaps more people should stay home this November

Hillary's scheme to revamp the traditional family: Hillary Clinton is promising "real change". Carey Roberts says that also includes turning feminism's guns -- backed by the power of the White House -- against the traditional family

Sermonizing on the campaign trail: Lisa Fabrizio could only raise an eyebrow at Barack Obama's recent insistence that the Sermon on the Mount okayed homosexuality over an "obscure passage in Romans"

Not a dime's worth of difference: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will both tell you they offer competing visions of America's future. Michael M. Bates demonstrates that their past record makes a mockery of those claims

Rejecting denunciations: Louis Farrakhan's recent endorsement of Barack Obama prompted the Democratic candidates to discuss the issue last week. J.J. Jackson says they both missed the point

Obama bop-a-loo-mop a-lop-bam-boom: The intellectual vacuousness of the Obama campaign has prompted Greg Strange to compare it to the silly, nonsensical songs of the 1950s

The real Obama record: Barack Obama is virtually experience free when it comes to national politics but he does have a record of statements, writes J.B. Williams, and it isn't pretty

Choosing America's future: It used to be you could count on one prominent candidate to enunciate a platform which was conservative-friendly. Henry Lamb believes that no one speaks for us these days

Democrats demagogue poverty. Again: Alan Caruba says it's an election year so that can only mean one thing: The Democrats are talking about poverty

Running mates for John McCain: John McCain will be the Republican nominee and that means one thing, says Bruce Walker, he's going to need a running mate

The Cox Report: Bruce Walker left one person off of his list -- SEC chairman Christopher Cox. Lisa Fabrizio makes the conservative case for his inclusion on the GOP ticket

The transcendent question: Michael Moriarty believes it's the most important question Americans will have to answer this year: With unrest around the world and a broken government at home, who do you trust more, Barack Obama or John McCain?

The ecstasy of Barack: Barack Obama has whipped up a near religious fervor -- at least among Democrats and their friends in the media -- to the point the man has become a rock star among the youth, says Kathleen Parker

The race card may have been dealt, but who's playing it?: Hillary and Bill Clinton have been accused of playing the race card in their attacks on Barack Obama but Frank Salvato says that is a one-sided view of the issue

Barack Obama, Deval Patrick, and Hillary Clinton: Together they can: The recent tempest in a teapot over Barack Obama allegedly stealing lines from another politician papers over an important point about his sloganeering, says Kevin Gabriel

Obama bless America: J.J. Jackson doesn't understand those people who have professed their undying and unreasoning devotion to Barack Obama

Obama selling false hope and false dreams: Felicia Benamon wonders if Barack Obama is a little more concerned about solving the problems of the world instead of those at home

Can Obama be an ethical president?: Would Barack Obama be an ethical nightmare in the White House? Bruce Walker says no, provided something big happened

Our only hope: Like it or not, writes Michael Moriarty, Sen. John McCain is the last remaining bulwark between a repeat of the Clinton years or a new era of liberalism embodied by Barack Obama

McCain's looking better already: Conservatives are right to have problems with some aspects of Sen. John McCain's career but Michael M. Bates says that no matter what, he's more conservative than his Democratic opponents

Dear John - Part I: In what promises to be the first of several letters, Lisa Fabrizio pens an open letter to Sen. John McCain to remind him of a few items of interest

White men give Hillary a lesson in realpolitick: Democrats -- and Hillary Clinton -- have long ignored the white male vote in the belief they could do without. The strategy doesn't seem to be working in 2008, notes Carey Roberts

McCain v McCain: It's now a virtual guarantee that John McCain will be the Republican nominee for president. Mark Alexander believes the Arizona senator needs to define himself quickly

Republicans had their chance – and blew it!: Conservatives don't have to wait for a potential McCain presidency to enact liberal policies, writes Henry Lamb. The last seven years have seen plenty of them

Some dream team: Michael Moriarty believes that John McCain will face a Clinton/Obama ticket, one that will expose all the divisions in the Democratic Party and spark a civil war within it

The wrath of John: John McCain managed to win the Republican nomination without the support of conservatives. Selwyn Duke is waiting for the inevitable angry response by the senator

The choice: Sit out this election because John McCain will be the nominee? Alisa Craddock says that anyone suggesting that is doing the Republican Party a great disservice

Stepping back from the conservative abyss: The American conservative movement has taken a blow this campaign cycle but Frank Salvato believes they still can play a vital role in the process

Conservatives shrugged: The Republican Party appears to have abandoned conservatives, says Ken Marrero, and it will have to work pretty hard to earn their support again

Far too many Americas: Nearly every presidential hopeful is representing some version of America, an approach to campaigning that J.J. Jackson says will destroy the nation

How the Republican Party committed national suicide: Why is John McCain leading the GOP nomination process heading into Super Tuesday? J.B. Williams argues its because the Republican Party made a titanic mistake heading into the primaries

The conservative candidacy that never came to be: Did Fred Thompson have to drop out of the GOP race because social conservatives didn't trust him? Alisa Craddock says they needed to be a little more trustworthy

Bill Clinton remembered: Former president Bill Clinton continues to stump on his wife's behalf but Lisa Fabrizio isn't convinced that it will last much longer

Duty. Honor. Country. Civic responsibility: Won't vote if your favourite candidate isn't the party's nominee? Frank Salvato doesn't have too many kind words for you

Barack Obama: Leader of a new Camelot or just a vacant lot?: Barack Obama the next John. F. Kennedy? Greg Strange didn't know Jack Kennedy but he knows that Obama is no Kennedy

The Clintons, race, and the 50-year-old calculation: Selwyn Duke isn't surprised that the Clintons continue to play the race card. It's worked for so long that regardless of whether it reflects reality, it's still a potent campaign tactic

Presidential leadership brand: Since we don't know the future, writes branding expert Norm Smallwood, Americans will forced to choose the next president simply by how he or she brands himself to the public

McCain, Clintons reveal political parties' ugly undersides: The win at all costs/prevent the other guy from winning approach that John McCain and Hillary Clinton are utilizing in their respective races says a lot about politics today, writes Christopher G. Adamo

The Desert Fox of pro-choice: Senator Barack Obama: Michael Moriarty can't help but admire Sen. Barack Obama but his stand on abortion is one that will consign him to political defeat

Who is Rush Limbaugh and why is he manipulating the GOP vote?: Rush Limbaugh recently hinted he might not vote in the general election if John McCain or Mike Huckabee are the nominee, something that Carol Devine-Molin isn't pleased to hear

Of Rush and Reagan: The media is falling over itself proclaiming the death of the Reagan Coalition. Lisa Fabrizio responds that reports of that death are greatly exaggerated

As nasty as an afternoon tea party: The media is falling all over themselves describing the Democratic race as vitriolic. Michael M. Bates says even recent political history makes that contention laughable

What constituency to offend? The Hillary-Obama dilemma: Thanks to identity politics, the black and female constituencies of the Democratic Party are at war with each other. Bruce Walker says the GOP could be the ultimate winner

Pollaganda -- political polling as propaganda: The American presidential race is underway and that means we'll be inundated with polls. Mark Alexander urges you to trust none of them

Obama for "change"?  He's got my vote!: In case you've been living in a cave the past year, Barack Obama is the self-described candidate of change. J.J. Jackson wonders exactly what Obama would change

GOP riveted by McCain's momentum: Risen from the dead John McCain is back in the race for the GOP nod, says Carol Devine-Molin, and causing Republicans no end of worry

HRC: 'No woman is illegal': Following Hillary Clinton's recent declaration that "No woman is illegal", Carey Roberts has a guide for foreign women who are willing to do what it takes to enter the U.S.

Two parties defined by their frontrunners: Regardless of who you support as the Republican candidate, argues Bruce Walker, you must admit that the Republican field is far more impressive than that of the Democrats

Clinton and Obama: Quiet on Iraq: The Democrats have mostly been noticeably quiet on Iraq recently and answers two of them gave at a recent debate has Mark Alexander shaking his head

Bewitched: The recent events in New Hampshire has inspired Lisa Fabrizio to pen a tune, one that we believe may bring you to tears

Democrats for dead babies: There is a grim humour in watching Democrats boast who has the best record on voting in favour of abortion, says Michael Bates

Hillary Clinton's messiah complex: We're used to arrogant people running for president -- heck, it's practically a job requirement -- but Hillary Clinton's messiah complex transcends all, argues Carey Roberts

Why evangelicals need to stop Huckabee: James A. Bowden lays out his case why Mike Huckabee would be a catastrophe for the United States and the Christian conservative movement in general

Romney: A strong economy = marriage values?: Some of the GOP candidates are talking a good talk on issues related to marriage but David Usher says they'll only be successful if they truly embrace policies in support the institution

Hillary: "No woman is illegal": Gordon E. Finley has some problems with Hillary Clinton's recent assertion that no woman could be considered an illegal immigrant

Conservative blackout: Is Fred Thompson's campaign dead? Lisa Fabrizio says if the media -- mainstream and conservative -- are any indication, it was dead before Iowa

Republican stalemate: Bruce Walker says there is only one candidate who is truly conservative and doesn't carry all of the baggage that other GOP candidates do

Election thrills and spills: The primaries have only just begun and they are already surprising Michael Moriarty with their winners and losers

The madness of would-be King John: Everyone wants to be president so they can do anything. J.J. Jackson says John Edwards apparently believes he can do anything

Cops applaud presidential candidate: He's not capturing any delegates -- at least not so far -- but Jim Kouri reports that a lot of cops are enamored with the Ron Paul campaign

Bad omen from Iowa: David R. Usher believes that numbers that haven't been widely reported -- the number of Iowans who came out last week for Republicans and Democrats -- portends trouble for the GOP

Will the 2008 elections deliver more "non-solutions"?: Christopher Adamo isn't very confident that a new president -- whether Republican or Democrat -- would actually push for action in issues that concern Americans

How did Hillary fall into the feminist fold?: Hillary Clinton keeps attempting to remake herself to appear more friendly but Carey Roberts says her past makes that impossible