ESR spotlight on 2016 US Election

Recent articles about the 2016 U.S. election that have run in Enter Stage Right

Did illegals voting give Hillary the edge?: The evidence would strongly suggest, writes Dr. Robert Owens, that Hillary Clinton only won the popular vote last November thanks to the help of people who weren't citizens of the United States

Chains on the tracks of the Trump train: What to watch out for: Donald J. Trump may be president now, writes Daniel M. Ryan, but the hard work -- and the worst of times -- are yet to come as he will likely face never-ending war from his opponents

Trump makes America great again – why wait?: Donald J. Trump has barely assumed office and companies were lining up to announce expansion of jobs in the United States. Dr. Robert Owens can only wonder what's coming over the next four years

Trump’s billionaire dealmakers: Dr. Peter Morici says the Trump administration will be the first real test of whether private sector management strategies will actually work in Washington, D.C.

Trumping the media: U.S. President Donald Trump has upended a news media that’s still in denial about its vanished world, reports Scot Faulkner

The dossier debacle: Time to rethink secrecy?: Buzzfeed's "revelatory" dossier that essentially claims Donald Trump is a Manchurian Candidate has Daniel M. Ryan thinking about how to vet intelligence

The measure of Trump’s presidency: Dr. Peter Morici argues that Donald Trump isn't only faced with the challenge of restoring growth in America's economy

Then came Trump: It wasn't that long ago that those who feared for America's very soul had nothing to hope for. Dr. Robert Owens has a simple response to each of them who lost hope

Even if the Russians did hack the emails, so what?: Selwyn Duke is unimpressed by continuing claims by the Democrats and the media that the Russians "hacked" the 2016 election

Why the progressives want a recount they know they will lose: Regardless of what recounts in a few states may result in, writes Dr. Robert Owens, the left's demands for them has a method to their madness

Mainstream media 'fake news': Mark Alexander doesn't think much of recent media coverage of "fake news", especially considering their own record on major issues of the day

Trump’s economy will benefit ordinary investors: Dr. Peter Morici believes that Donald Trump's administration will enact policies that will do well for average American investors

Hillary Clinton popular vote count lead: Much ado about nothing!: Those who still haven't accepted the results of the election earlier this month are holding onto every argument they can, including the one about popular vote, says John W. Lillpop

Trump triumph: Now do what you said you would do: Donald Trump's job isn't finished, writes Dr. Robert Owens, he now only has to actually deliver on what he's promised

Righteous blowback: Why Donald Trump Is the Man Of The Current Year: Daniel M. Ryan explores why he believes that Donald Trump won and why the establishment -- perhaps of both parties -- are so befuddled by it

The start of the deal: Dr. Peter Morici believes that despite a Trump victory and Republican control of Congress, the president-elect needs to work with everyone to guide a very divided nation

President-Elect Trump — The week in review: Donald Trump has had a busy time since he won the presidential election and Mark Alexander offers his thoughts on what's happened so far

Make money great again: Vote for gold: The president-elect has had some generally positive things to say about gold and Guy Christopher hopes that translates into a brighter future for precious metals

Hit the ground running, and cleaning: Now that Donald Trump is about to assume the presidency, Daniel M. Ryan lays out some big to-do items for the maverick billionaire to get to work on

The Biblical thousand year peace: Michael Moriarty is happy to be in Canada and making a contribution in the Great White North but he's also overjoyed that the land of his birth seems to have returned to sanity

America rising: The United States stepped away from the ledge last week, writes Dr. Robert Owens, there's still plenty of fight in -- and opportunity left -- for the progressive left

Why voters deserted Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton didn't lose the election last week for any one reason and Rachel Alexander enumerates a few of the bigger ones

I was 100 percent wrong about Donald Trump: Michael R. Shannon doesn't mind admitting that he was completely surprised that Donald Trump actually managed to capture the presidency last week

We should take our cues from markets -- not politicians: Although the "experts" seemed to not realize what was going on, Jp Cortez believes the markets sensed a victory by Donald Trump was coming

Reflections on the U.S. presidential election and its implications for American Jewry and the State of Israel: American Jews voted in large numbers for Hillary Clinton and are naturally disappointed at a Trump victory and Dr. Steven Windmueller says they have some challenges ahead of them

Giving thanks for the divine intervention that saved America!: The surprise win last week by Donald Trump of the American presidency should be attributed to one being alone, argues John W. Lillpop

Now comes the hard, fun and vital part: Paul Driessen argues that "making America great again" requires deep-sixing punitive energy and environmental rules

Trump can get us the China deal we deserve: Donald Trump needs to bring jobs home and ensure China lives up to fair trade, even at the cost of tariffs, to restore American manufacturing, argues Dr. Peter Morici

The "peak weird" election: What to expect next: Regardless of who wins tomorrow night in America's oddest election in a very long time, our Daniel M. Ryan thinks he knows what's going to happen next

Two Hillary's: Listening to the beautiful music that violinist Hillary Hahn produces while ruminating over the danger that Hillary Clinton poses to America occupied Michael Moriarty for a time last week

Trump triumph to dream the impossible dream: Dr. Robert Owens is urging everyone to vote Donald Trump on Tuesday so that Americans can begin to recover from the mistakes of the past

How Democrats promote poverty and inequality: Hillary Clinton may talk a good talk about combating inequality and poverty, writes Dr. Peter Morici, but her party's policies do nothing but grow them both

Missing the connection between politicians and consequences: Michael R. Shannon compares and contrasts politicians in two very different places -- Montgomery County, MD and Gaza -- but finds similarities

Sleazy 'scam PACs' hurt GOP candidates again this cycle with fake fundraising: Rachel Alexander reports that once again some shady PACs, ostensibly set up to help elect Republicans, seemed to be more interested in filling their coffers

Trump or Clinton life or death: The choice between the two candidates, according to Dr. Robert Owens, couldn't be more stark...which is why he's choosing one over the other

Another reason why Trump is right: No conceding a rigged election: Selwyn Duke argues that Donald Trump refusing to accept what potentially may be a corrupted election process is what all Americans should be in favour of

Alexander, How will you vote?: Mark Alexander has been asked many times this year how he plans on voting and he has the same answer for them that he has every single presidential election

Final debate answers dictator question: Hillary Clinton has made it clear that if she wins the presidential election on November 8 that all branches of government are expected to serve her whims, writes Michael R. Shannon

The subtle but corrosive problem with white nationalism: Yet another gift of this year's American election has been the right of white nationalism -- both tongue-in-cheek and otherwise -- and Daniel M. Ryan discusses both the movement and its critics

The fix: Michael Moriarty believes that it is an inevitability that Hillary Clinton will win election next month, at least in part due to the system being manipulated

It is what it is: The Machine's white washing of the scandal over Hillary Clinton's emails during her time at the Department of State has prompted a lot of whispering in Washington, D.C. says Dr. Robert Owens

No, Trump should not accept the results of a possibly stolen election: Selwyn Duke asks: If Donald Trump truly believed on election night that the vote had been stolen why should he accept the results? Moreover, why should the GOP?

Republican Party now controlled by depend caucus: Michael R. Shannon believes that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan needs to spend less time answering questions about Donald Trump

Democrats grope female gender gap: Despite Hillary Clinton's decades-long war on women, women voters will likely put her over the top, writes Mark Alexander

Open letter to Benedict Ted: Karen Norling was once the biggest fan of Sen. Ted Cruz but his continued endorsement of Donald Trump in the wake of some crude comments about women has her walking away from the Texas politician

Can the hair be convinced to train like the tortoise?: Michael R. Shannon argues that whomever is giving Donald Trump advice needs to tell the candidate to be the person who managed to capture the GOP nod

Hillary — spare us your faux indignation: Mark Alexander says that Hillary Clinton's sycophantic Leftmedia propagandists restore her poll standing while Donald Trump threatens to overturn Senate and House majorities

Why Republicans continue to lose: Scot Faulkner says it is very simple: Republicans wrote the book on losing. Democrats wrote the book on playing for keeps

Revenge justifies the American suicide?!: Donald Trump has essentially proven himself during the election to be a repellent human being and he's still better than who and what he's running against, writes Michael Moriarty

Hillary's statist solution: Dr. Peter Morici argues that what Hillary Clinton thinks will lead to further economic growth will only mire the United States in further statism

Bill Clinton's unforgivable sin: Tells truth about ObamaCare!: You don't hear it often from Bill Clinton, says John W. Lillpop, and plenty of people probably didn't appreciate him telling the truth -- particularly about the sacred cow of ObamaCare

Jefferson's enlightened liberty v Clinton's elitist statism: Hillary Clinton's campaign has only served to reveal her as the ultimate in classist elitism that looks down on the average American, writes Mark Alexander

Bienvenida a nothingburger: The Trump-Cuba flap: Donald Trump was once interested in investing in Cuba? Newsweek would have you believe it was a shady episode but Daniel M. Ryan says there isn't much meat on the bone

Voting for growth: Dr. Peter Morici argues that electing Donald Trump in November would spur growth and shake up the entrenched world of Hillary Clinton's Washington, D.C.

Making America great again: Donald Trump's heavy burden!: John W. Lillpop believes that a Donald Trump presidency would have an extraordinarily ambitious agenda that would transform the United States

Why Trump remains a long shot: Donald Trump may be making up ground in national polls but Dr. Peter Morici believes that the chances of him capturing the White House still remain slim

Democrats despise 'We, the [Deplorable] People': Hillary Clinton recently described half of Donald Trump's supporters as "deplorable" and the other half as "misguided". Mark Alexander says the comments shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone

And the winner is? Expect little change from Wall Street bankers if ‘Double Down' Donnie and ‘Hottie Tottie' Hilary make it to the White House: When it comes to the world of housing policy, argues D. Sidney Potter, neither of the primary candidates seems to have any real idea of what to do

The hex is being broken: A memo to never-Trumpers: In 1964 Barry Goldwater was destroyed in the election. In 2016? Democrats seem to be using the same playbook. Daniel M. Ryan says its time to break what he calls the "Goldwater Hex"

Tim Kaine: Catholic of convenience: Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine is being described by a worshipful media as a devout Catholic but Michael R. Shannon says the record says otherwise

Whither those withering "bombshells," Mr. Assange?: A few weeks back WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange announced he had "bombshells" related to Hillary Clinton. John W. Lillpop would like to know what happened to them

Why should Obama declare martial law?: The alt-media is filled with predictions and concerns that Barack Obama will declare martial law at some point, something that Dr. Robert Owens considers to be a ridiculous concern

Clinton the "Congenital Liar": In her Benghazi cover-up testimony, Hillary Clinton declared, "What difference, at this point, does it make?" It's the difference between serving time in the White House or the Big House, writes Mark Alexander

A calm look at the alt-right: The term "alt-right" has been used a lot by the media these days -- particularly for those who support Donald Trump -- and Daniel M. Ryan explores what it means

The genius of Trump's foreign policy: Donald Trump may be most ungraceful when he speaks on foreign policy but Dr. Peter Morici agrees with many of his proposals, particularly on trade and immigration

Democrats planting radical fake conservative news sites: Within the past year a number of ostensibly conservative news web sites have sprung up but Rachel Alexander says they aren't what they appear to be...they are run by Democrats with the aim of embarrassing conservatives

Trumping the Establishment: The Washington Establishment hates Trump, because he promises to put them out of business, argues Scot Faulkner

Obama and Clinton did create the Islamic State!: Donald Trump was blasted by pundits and the media for arguing that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton deserved all of the blame for ISIS. Mark Alexander believes the GOP nominee was entirely correct

Both parties should adopt the Barbara Bush Rule: Barbara Bush has no love for political dynasties, something that Michael R. Shannon wishes her fellow Americans believed as well

Clinton v the 'Unfit Candidate'?: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have a mantra: Donald Trump is unfit to serve as president. Mark Alexander doesn't think much of the Clinton record either

Hillary and her viper: Much like Cleopatra and the famous asp, writes Michael Moriarty, America and the world's leaders have decided to commit moral and spiritual suicide

Clinton body count or left-wing conspiracy? Three with ties to DNC mysteriously die: Rachel Alexander doesn't want to come across as one of those weird conspiracy theorists but there seem to be a lot of bodies tied to the Clintons over the years

Election fraud: Last week Donald Trump told supporters at a rally that he believed the presidential election was rigged. Michael Moriarty doesn't consider that to be an outlandish statement

Clinton's Khan: Who is trashing whom?: Hillary Clinton used the Khans' religious, ethnic, cultural and political status, in addition to their loss and grief, as fodder for a disgraceful political charade, writes Mark Alexander

From #NeverTrump to #NeverClinton: Mark Alexander has a simple question for his fellow conservatives who plan to stay home rather than avoiding voting for Donald Trump: What will your country look like if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency?

Hillary and "The Big Boys": Michael Moriarty argues that Hillary Clinton has always wanted to prove that she's more than she actually is...and she will fail doing so

To Trump or not to Trump?: As a member of the William F. Buckley school of conservatism Rachel Alexander has no great love for Donald Trump but she will be voting for him in November

Trump is right: Unemployment is worse than official numbers say: Dr. Peter Morici agrees that the official unemployment numbers touted by the Obama administration are much worse in reality

America First!: Dr. Robert Owens says that he has been waiting his entire life to hear what Donald Trump has been saying on the issue of trade and the American economy

Presidential insurgency-candidacies from 1992 to 2016: Mark Wegierski asks, why has Donald Trump done better than Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul?

Trump's challenge on trade: Dr. Peter Morici lays out what issues Donald Trump needs to address in order to be taken seriously on the subject

Hillary: Too old, too naive, too evil? All of the above?: Some entertaining excuses have been formulated by Hillary Clinton's supporters to explain away her use of a private server to send and receive top secret emails, writes John W. Lillpop

Slick Hillie — The Slick Willie sequel: Once again a Clinton has escaped the jaws of justice, writes Mark Alexander, and the email scandal was simply the latest Houdini act for Hillary Clinton

Comey & FBI blink after email investigation: Michael R. Shannon writes that FBI Director James Comey's news conference concerning Hillary Clinton reminded him of a prisoner of war talking to the media

Donald Trump vs. Woodrow Wilson?: Norwegian pundit J.K. Baltzersen hardly believes that Donald Trump is the ideal candidate to represent the right but he argues that the maverick has already had a positive influence on American politics

Clinton, Trump, and your money: Comparing the economic plans 2016 presidential candidates: Dale Schlundt compares the competing economic plans of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and what they likely mean for you and the American economy as a whole

Donald Trump's consuming passion:  America First versus deadly ignorance!: Donald Trump's critics believe him to be a buffoon but John W. Lillpop would argue that the maverick billionaire has little more going on than most think

Can (should) America trust Hillary Clinton with nuclear codes, other sensitive state secrets?: Given Hillary Clinton's past blithe disregard for security involving sensitive information, John W. Lillpop wonders if Americans should be trust Hillary Clinton with even more top secret information

Anti-Trump violence must be treated as acts of terror!: Continuing acts of violence by the left at Donald Trump's rallies has John W. Lillpop calling for action against the protestors responsible for the attacks

Trump earthquake causes Democrat tsunami: Dr. Robert Owens wonders if Hillary Clinton will actually be the candidate that Donald Trump will face off against considering all of her baggage and ongoing problems

Donald Trump: For rent: Donald Trump's recent announcement that he would no longer be self-funding his campaign for the presidency has Michael R. Shannon believing the maverick may have undone himself

America's reckoning and Donald Trump: Decades of mismanagement has left America in a position where no real meaningful reform can take place, argues Dr. Peter Morici

Roadside hook–up results in slow Bern: Michael R. Shannon responds to a recent news story in which a tow truck driver decided not to tow a vehicle sporting a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker

False cries of voter suppression in Arizona and other GOP primaries: Earlier this year news reports out of Arizona suggested that voter suppression had taken place during presidential primary elections. Rachel Alexander says don't believe the hype

Trump, now what?: Mark Alexander is no fan of Donald Trump -- as his essays on this web site would attest to -- but he's going to vote for him in November and he explains why

Feeling sorry for Hillary? Save those tears ---this (misplaced sympathy) too shall pass!: Some actually feel sorry for Hillary Clinton and the ongoing probe over her e-mail server but not John W. Lillpop

America needs Mark Levin & Glenn Beck to pivot in favor of GOP 'presumptive nominee': Now that Donald Trump has all but captured the GOP nomination, writes Michael R. Shannon, it's time for some to get back into the fold

The Biden-Warren warning: Mark Alexander believes that it's not out of the question that Hillary Clinton could be pushed aside in favour of a nominee that isn't facing the spectre of a prison term

Trump trumps Never-Trump: Donald Trump and his supporters have been the recipients of much scorn from the establishment and the media and yet continue to do nothing but win, writes Dr. Robert Owens

No matter who wins . . . you lose: Elections are usually a time of optimism for the future but Ron Marr is of the opinion that America is so far gone that it doesn't really matter who wins in November

Freedom from Religion Foundation: "I'm Secular and I Vote" Campaign, Part 3 of 3: Debra Rae concludes her three-part investigation of the Freedom from Religion Foundation and its efforts to sway the coming presidential election

Bart Simpson For President: Hillary Clinton's campaign for the presidency is reminding Dr. Robert Owens of the lovable scamp Bart Simpson who seemingly could get away with anything

Decadence, not Donald, destroying GOP: Dr. Peter Morici argues that the voters that the GOP is hoping to attract -- whether by Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich -- are rapidly disappearing in a massive demographic shift

What "Not Trump" Republicans must embrace to win in November: Dr. Peter Morici argues that Republicans need to do several things on the policy front if they hope to beat Hillary Clinton in November

George Soros versus "The Ugly American": Whomever runs against the Democrat nominee in November won't simply be facing one opponent, writes Michael Moriarty, but a billionaire progressive as well

Freedom from Religion Foundation: "I'm Secular and I Vote" campaign, Part 1 of 3: Debra Rae launches a new three-part series looking at the Freedom from Religion Foundation and its efforts to sway the coming presidential election

Trump incoherence spreads to pro–life supporters: A recent answer that Donald Trump gave on abortion made Michael R. Shannon shake his head and caused the pro-life community no end of self-inflicted wounds

Trump supporters have good reason to be mad: Dr. Peter Morici understands why those who support Donald Trump -- particularly men -- are so angry with everything today

In Wisconsin both Trump and GOP will lose: Dr. Peter Morici does not expect Donald Trump to win tomorrow evening in Wisconsin but the bigger loss is likely going to be to the Republican Party itself

President Don "Corleone" Trump: Republicans currently have two choices: a man who has some questionable policy views and a billionaire who acts more like a mobster than a politician, writes Michael Moriarty

Economy stuck in low gear fuels Sanders, Trump and Cruz: An American economy that continues to be moribund is one reason why candidates not favoured by the establishment continue to be players in the race for the presidency, writes Dr. Peter Morici

Can the GOP learn from Hillary in their nominee crisis?: The Republican Party continues to tear itself apart -- with wounds both self-inflicted and otherwise -- and John W. Lillpop wonders if it can take page from its Democrat rivals

Blind to facts, GOP headed for a disaster of its own design: If the Republican Party is destroyed at the polls this November they can only blame themselves, argues Dr. Peter Morici

The 'art' of the heel: Contemptibly dishonorable or irresponsible person: As a Christian Karen Norling is dumbfounded that Donald Trump has put one over on her fellow believers and many in the Republican Party

GOP must call in outside help to deal with nomination crisis!: Given whose left standing on the Republican side in the race for the presidency, writes John W. Lillpop, the GOP might need to look to the Democrats in order to figure out who to nominate

On presidential character: Americans have had some real characters serve as president but Mark Alexander says a president needs to have real character if they are to serve and lead in an inspirational manner

Who are the 'Establishment Republicans'?: Donald Trump and his supporters argue that it is "establishment Republicans" who are opposed to his candidacy. Mark Alexander rejects that assertion

Will being 'kinder, gentler' destroy Donald Trump?: Last week's GOP debate, one in which Donald Trump notably was less combative, also turned out to be one of the most boring debates. John W. Lillpop hopes that's not the start of a trend

The silent dog of the prediction markets, and what Donald Trump needs to do: Can prediction markets -- essentially stock markets for the trading the outcome of events -- predict who will win in November? Daniel M. Ryan addresses the question

Flagging economy should advantage Trump over Clinton: Dr. Peter Morici believes that if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off against each other this fall, women and the rest of America would do better under the billionaire

Two words that would seal Trump's deal for me: Michael R. Shannon doesn't think much of Donald Trump's conservative credentials, such as they are, but he argues one issue would instantly make all of that irrelevant

Where was the 'fire in Romney's belly' four years ago?: Last week Mitt Romney took aim at Donald Trump as a fraud and liar. John W. Lillpop wishes Romney had the same spunk when he ran against Barack Obama

Mocking Marco: While Ron Marr has no great love for Donald Trump -- whom he finds to be a barely believable candidate -- he has nothing but loathing for Florida's favourite son, Marco Rubio

Trump's most taxing questions: Why does Donald Trump resist calls to release his tax returns and answer some questions about his true net worth? Mark Alexander believes it speaks much to the bigger questions surrounding the maverick businessman

Economic literacy 101: Paul Driessen asks if millennials really want the Big Government socialist policies Bernie and Hillary advocate?

What I like about Bernie Sanders: Dr. Peter Morici is an economic conservative but he has to admit that there is a part of him that likes Bernie Sanders

The Trump freight train: Donald Trump cleaned up in Nevada last week -- including amongst Hispanics -- and Mark Alexander looks into why the billionaire continues to lead the Republican pack

Cupcake Kasich is a (rather dull) tyrant enabler: Ohio Governor John Kasich may be running for the GOP nod but Selwyn Duke believes he's no less a fan of state interference in our lives than his counterparts in the Democrat Party

Trump tizzy in Virginia long before primary: The Virginia GOP's decision to require a "loyalty oath" for those participating in their primary next month has Michael R. Shannon shaking his head

Prospects for Bush Family "dynasty" end in South Carolina!: John W. Lillpop says the failure of Jeb Bush to continue he's family's political legacy was largely due to some rather unpopular stands he took and the rise of Donald Trump

Why so many Americans find Trump and Sanders appealing: Why are a maverick businessman and a self-proclaimed socialist riding high in the polls? Dr. Peter Morici argues its because both of them are offering something the other candidates aren't

Clinton's Democrats and Sanders' Socialists: Clinton the Democrat and Sanders the Socialist? Mark Alexander says there really isn't much of a difference between the two

Better red than Ted: The continuing popularity of Bernie Sanders among Democrats looking to nominate a new candidate for the presidency shows Dr. Robert Owens that the party has nearly completely gone over to socialism

If Trump is the answer...: If Mark Alexander had to he would vote for Donald Trump in a general election, but he argues that the flamboyant billionaire is not the solution to America's problems

The 2016 election: Jews and their politics: Dr. Steven Windmueller takes a close look at American Jews and what principles tends to influence their choices in politics and whom they vote for

Is Trump the First "European-conservative" American presidential candidate?: Selwyn Duke posits that Donald Trump has more similarity with European conservatives than he does with any traditional American definition of conservatism

Trump's got it right on trade: Donald Trump has been attacked for his economic prescriptions for the United States but Dr. Peter Morici believes the maverick businessman is pushing for the right actions

Man's ego and Michael Bloomberg: The media was filled with reports last week that Michael Bloomberg was pondering a run at the presidency and Selwyn Duke has his thoughts on the matter

Trump, Cruz and New York values: Sen. Ted Cruz's recent shot at Donald Trump over having "New York values" has prompted Selwyn Duke to ruminate about generalizations and profiling

Trump's 'New York values: Mark Alexander has one simple message for the millions of Americans who support Donald Trump's candidacy for the GOP nomination

Last chance: Will Mitt Romney jump into the presidential race?: With the continuing popularity of Donald Trump beginning to worry the Republican establishment, Rachel Alexander wonders if they will turn to Mitt Romney

Want to make income inequality worse? Elect Bernie Sanders: Isaiah Garner argues that Bernie Sanders may sound appealing -- at least to those people inclined to believe what he's selling -- but he would only do tremendous damage to the United States

GOP media takedown: A recipe for victory: Last week's CNBC GOP debate provided Republicans with a valuable opportunity to call out the media party, writes Selwyn Duke

Unleash Ted Cruz to save America!: John W. Lillpop says the CNBC GOP debate showed Ted Cruz to be a real conservative unafraid to challenge the media

Trump and the chumps: What's a serious candidate, anyway?: Donald Trump has basically been written off by pundits and establishment officials as a clown show that's temporarily tapped into a groundswell of anger. Selwyn Duke believes they're all wrong

In answer to Carly's critics: Carly Fiorina has been slowly increasing in popularity and with that comes attacks on her present and past. Robert Bidinotto mounts a defense

The deceptive misuse of legislator voting records: Plenty of GOP candidates are pointing to their voting records as proof of their conservative credentials...something that Dr. Lester Jackson finds debatable

The Divinely Human Prison:  Chapter Thirty-Seven: Dr. Ben Carson: Last week Michael Moriarty endorsed long-shot candidate Carly Fiorina for the GOP nomination...this week he decides to change his mind and his throw his support behind Dr. Ben Carson. It's early...he's allowed

Straight talk from Bernie Sanders: With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Rachel Alexander pens a speech that she can imagine that socialist Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders would deliver

What establishment GOP candidates must accomplish: Dr. Peter Morici argues that establishment GOP candidates need to start connecting with the concerns of ordinary Americans...unless they want Hillary Clinton in the White House

The Trump Card — Ace of anger affirmation: Mark Alexander is no fan of Donald Trump or his campaign but he argues that the billionaire represents something that the GOP leadership needs to hear and understand

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Thirty-Five: "What is this world coming to?! A President Donald Trump?!?!": What's made Michael Moriarty a bit of a Donald Trump fan? Despite all of his flaws, he writes, the billionaire candidate is far better than a continuation of the Obama agenda