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We're number two!

We're number two!: The IMF recently announced that China's economy had overtaken that of the U.S. to become the world's largest. Alan Caruba wasn't surprised given the policies of the current administration

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Two: An American Pilgrimage: Michael Moriarty has some suggested music to accompany an essay which argues that Barack Obama is the culmination of a long-term plan to destroy the United States

Cdn pol How the Islamic State (ISIL) threatens Canada and the West: The war against ISIS may be taking place on the other wide of the world but Jonathan D. Halevi argues Canadians need to be concerned

Why Social Security hurts society and isn't secure: Social Security may have ostensibly begun as a well-meaning gesture but Dr. Robert Owens argues that the system has revealed itself for what it was really designed to do

Over 1,000 gun owners violate Washington's I-594 - in front of police!: I-594 may be reality in the state of Washington but Rachel Alexander says that gun owners aren't taking the latest attempt at gun control lying down

It's not just the Democrats who have credibility issues: Jonathan Gruber may have proudly wore his contempt on behalf of the Democrats but Frank Salvato doesn't think much of either party when it comes to the subject of the truth

Just who in the hell won the November 4 elections?: John W. Lillpop had been under the impression that the Republicans had essentially won the November 4 elections -- though last week seemed to indicate otherwise

Derrick: About that "I Can't Breathe" T-shirt of yours: Derrick Rose started a movement with his "I Can't Breathe" T-shirt and Harold Witkov wants the Chicago Bull to expand his sartorial campaign into other areas

Blame all those racist cops?: Barack Obama's plan to "reform" America's police officers in response to several apparently racially charged incidents is an attack on the rule of law, says Mark Alexander

Greenpeace again offends indigenous people: Radical global warming campaigners trespass on treasured Inca cultural sites and cause damage, reports Craig Rucker

The new Congress must save the USA from the EPA: Job number one for the Republicans in January is to begin rolling back the growing monster that is the Environmental Protection Agency, argues Alan Caruba

Still more politicized pseudo-science?: Paul Driessen reports that the neonics and honeybees saga takes interesting, potentially fraudulent turn

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