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ISIS terrorists posing as refugees?
Terror attacks on America?
ISIS in Mexico?
America's Trojan War is ripped from the headlines!

America's Trojan War
Dr. Robert Owens' latest book is now available on Amazon.com!

Homeless community in Fresno, Ca

Obama boom builds Obamatowns: Happy days are here again! Dr. Robert Owens reports that the media has declared Barack Obama's economic policies a massive success and a new America is thriving!

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: An invisible epidemic of unhinged norms: PTSD, though it wasn't known as such, was at epidemic levels both during and after the First World War and it seems to be making a comeback both in civilian and military life. Daniel M. Ryan examines why

The dilemma of hypermodernity (Part Seven): Mark Wegierski reprises one of his earlier, most important essays, from the year 2000

The New World Order plot against America: Regardless of who wins in November, writes Michael Moriarty, Barack Obama and his allies want to make sure that America loses

Why Trump remains a long shot: Donald Trump may be making up ground in national polls but Dr. Peter Morici believes that the chances of him capturing the White House still remain slim

What's the point of having a majority if GOP doesn't use it?: Why does the GOP in Congress continue to do little with the majority it has? So that they can continue to hold a majority, explains Michael R. Shannon

Liberal mother pushes her little son into masquerading as a girl: The New York Times recently, and gleefully, reported on a Seattle family that was raising their son as a daughter, something that has Selwyn Duke shaking his head

Capital punishment and the futility of referenda: The election of Hillary Clinton would undoubtedly eliminate the death penalty and Dr. Lester Jackson has little faith in the power of referenda

Democrats despise 'We, the [Deplorable] People': Hillary Clinton recently described half of Donald Trump's supporters as "deplorable" and the other half as "misguided". Mark Alexander says the comments shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone

And the winner is? Expect little change from Wall Street bankers if ‘Double Down' Donnie and ‘Hottie Tottie' Hilary make it to the White House: When it comes to the world of housing policy, argues D. Sidney Potter, neither of the primary candidates seems to have any real idea of what to do

The Experiment:  Capitalism versus Socialism: What if we could have an experiment to compare the two systems? Wait – we already did, says David R. Legates

Stain that would be on Obama's conscience — if he had one: Tens of thousands of refugees remain stranded in Syria but they would appear to belong to a group that Barack Obama doesn't approve of, says Selwyn Duke

Powering countries, empowering people: Paul Driessen argues that affordable energy brings jobs, improved living standards and pursuit of happiness  

The true steps to becoming a godly man: Nathan Tabor always thought he was a religious man, and therefore a good man, until he realized relatively recently that he still had a ways to go before he could make any claims

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