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America's Trojan War
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Please note: This is our annual end of summer two-week issue. We'll be back on September 5!
ISIS fighters

Obama and Clinton did create the Islamic State!: Donald Trump was blasted by pundits and the media for arguing that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton deserved all of the blame for ISIS. Mark Alexander believes the GOP nominee was entirely correct

The Nietzsche/Wagner melodrama and the American president who never was: Michael Moriarty is currently working on a new project -- an opera -- and Barack Obama serves as a titanic inspiration...if that's the appropriate word

The dilemma of hypermodernity (Part Three): Mark Wegierski reprises one of his earlier, most important essays, from the year 2000

American Pravda and New York's Sixth Crime Family: These days, says Dr. Robert Owens, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find anyone who actually takes the time to do a little thinking and figure things out for themselves

Both parties should adopt the Barbara Bush Rule: Barbara Bush has no love for political dynasties, something that Michael R. Shannon wishes her fellow Americans believed as well

 "Sexism" at the Olympics? How's this: Why do women's sports even exist?: Prompted by a torrent of SJW criticism of how women's sports were being reported at the Olympics -- and in general -- Selwyn Duke decides on the nuclear option

Globalism + Super Capitalism = Formula for Disaster: Policies which are encouraging what is in essence immigration at dangerous and destabilizing levels need to be reexamined and changed, argues Debra Rae

Saudis ramping up oil output to gain leverage in OPEC talks: Despite continuing low oil prices, writes Tsvetana Paraskova, Saudi Arabia taking advantage of its production might to gain an advantage ahead of upcoming an OPEC conference

$135,000 gold-backed scholarship fund launched to help students cope with Federal Reserve induced tuition inflation: Jp Cortez says a new scholarship -- naturally backed by gold -- will help students deal with the harm that fiat currency is causing their ability to pay ever rising tuitions

Fracturing common sense: Paul Driessen reports that Colorado extremists want to ban fracking, oil, gas, jobs, revenues and property rights

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