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Political Action Follows Political Philosophy: More Dispatches From the History of the Future
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Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson For President: Hillary Clinton's campaign for the presidency is reminding Dr. Robert Owens of the lovable scamp Bart Simpson who seemingly could get away with anything

Escape From The New World Order: Forces are at work to destroy the grand American experiment, writes Michael Moriarty, and there are only a few left willing to stand up against them

Cdn pol Theoretical rights, multiculturalism, and marginality – the Polish-Canadian case (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at the community's main authors

Has Egyptian President Abd el Fattah el Sisi lost his charm?: The once popular president of Egypt has come under fire by his fellow countrymen for concessions made to Saudi Arabia, the country's economic woes and a myriad of other concerns

Federal Reserve should focus on inflation: The brain trust at the U.S. Federal Reserve is scheduled to meet this week and Dr. Peter Morici believes they should keep an eye out on a slowly heating economy

Freedom from Religion Foundation: "I'm Secular and I Vote" campaign, Part 2 of 3: Debra Rae continues her investigation of the Freedom from Religion Foundation and its efforts to sway the coming presidential election

In defense of liberty: Barack Obama made it a cornerstone of his second term to attack the Second Amendment and Mark Alexander hopes Americans remember how important their rights are

Florida Governor Rick Scott capitulates to left-wing special interests: Rachel Alexander is disappointed that Florida Gov. Rick Scott vetoed a bill that that would have implemented major reforms to child custody and alimony laws

Decadence, not Donald, destroying GOP: Dr. Peter Morici argues that the voters that the GOP is hoping to attract -- whether by Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich -- are rapidly disappearing in a massive demographic shift

Smelling blood in the political water: Having destroyed the US coal industry, Democrats and eco allies are now attacking all fossil fuels, writes Paul Driessen

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