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ISIS terrorists posing as refugees?
Terror attacks on America?
ISIS in Mexico?
America's Trojan War is ripped from the headlines!

America's Trojan War
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Bank trouble

The next financial crisis: Did you think the world was past bank related financial crises? Dr. Peter Morici says batten down the hatches because the next round is coming soon

The dilemma of hypermodernity (Part Ten): Mark Wegierski reprises one of his earlier, most important essays, from the year 2000

American BDS organization takes its case to Capitol Hill: A conference designed to encourage divestment and boycotts of Israel wraps up today in Washington, D.C. and Dan Diker discusses the real aims of the movement

Open letter to Benedict Ted: Karen Norling was once the biggest fan of Sen. Ted Cruz but his continued endorsement of Donald Trump in the wake of some crude comments about women has her walking away from the Texas politician

Can the hair be convinced to train like the tortoise?: Michael R. Shannon argues that whomever is giving Donald Trump advice needs to tell the candidate to be the person who managed to capture the GOP nod

For how long can OPEC talk up oil prices?: Oil prices have been rising in recent weeks, largely because OPEC has made pronouncements -- though not doing very much afterwards. Julianne Geiger wonders how long that game can last

Hillary — spare us your faux indignation: Mark Alexander says that Hillary Clinton's sycophantic Leftmedia propagandists restore her poll standing while Donald Trump threatens to overturn Senate and House majorities

Iranian missiles in Houthi hands threaten freedom of navigation in Red Sea: Houthi rebels have been battling the Yemeni army for years but Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall says the conflict recently took a very dangerous turn

Why Republicans continue to lose: Scot Faulkner says it is very simple: Republicans wrote the book on losing. Democrats wrote the book on playing for keeps

Stormy climate deception: Paul Driessen says continued hype and deceit are driving the climate and energy agenda – clobbering poor families

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