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Political Action Follows Political Philosophy: More Dispatches From the History of the Future
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Bernie Sanders

Better red than Ted: The continuing popularity of Bernie Sanders among Democrats looking to nominate a new candidate for the presidency shows Dr. Robert Owens that the party has nearly completely gone over to socialism

The Interlude: The Genius of Elia Kazan: East of Eden: Michael Moriarty takes a break from politics this week to explore the man who was Elia Kazan and his triumphant adaptation to the cinema East of Eden

Questions of ethnic identity persistence in mass-media dominated North America (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at some possible resistance to mass-media

If Trump is the answer...: If Mark Alexander had to he would vote for Donald Trump in a general election, but he argues that the flamboyant billionaire is not the solution to America's problems

Slow growth: Good for stocks, not jobs: The American economy is slowly improving and while that may be good for your stock portfolio, writes Dr. Peter Morici, good jobs will remain in short supply

NAACP head can use bad language when complaining about language because he's "one of the best guys": The head of one chapter of the NAACP believes that objectional language should be attacked immediately...except when he uses it, writes Selwyn Duke

Theatre of the absurd: The continuing controversy over the lack of black actors and actresses nominated for any of the key Academy Awards this year and the anger of people like Spike Lee has Greg Strange unmoved

Occupy trespassed for months, ranchers arrested after 24 days of trespassing: Rachel Alexander argues that there seems to be a disparate level of response from authorities when confronted by right- and left-wing protests

The typo that bloated a nation: Haste makes waste? Michael R. Shannon wonders if that old saying has actually made Americans a nation of stretchy pants aficionados

Phantom thread of Islam in the fabric of America, Part 1: Christian no more?: Progressives claim that America has had an Islamic presence since Day One, something that Debra Rae doesn't buy

The dethroning of cash: Discouraged, penalized, even banned?: Stefan Gleason examines the possibility that people one day -- sooner than you think -- could be pushed into using electronic currency instead of good old fashioned cash

The 2016 election: Jews and their politics: Dr. Steven Windmueller takes a close look at American Jews and what principles tends to influence their choices in politics and whom they vote for

How to avoid being raped? Just say no: Selwyn Duke reports that a new Finnish campaign aimed at stopping rape might just be a little ineffective

Obama's 0.7 percent "solution": Barack Obama, Democrats and bureaucrats are burying America's future under more federal regulations, writes Paul Driessen

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