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Episode 35 -- "'Tis The Season to be Thankful!"-- available!

Join us on our latest podcast, ‘Tis the Season to be Thankful, as we celebrate our gratefulness for this country, our families, friends, and for you.

Every Farmers Got a Gas Pump
Dr. Robert Owens announces the publication of his first ever book of poetry!
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The spread of Iran’s malign activities: Very quickly, report Wade Ze’ev Gittleson and Lenny Ben-David, Iran has spread its influence around the world -- even to Africa and parts of Europe -- and established itself as an ideological partner to groups and entire nations

Cdn pol Community and identity in late modernity – updated to 2021 (Part Seven): Mark Wegierski points to certain dilemmas of current-day Canadian multiculturalism

The right’s love affair with Kyrsten Sinema and the elephant in the room: There are a lot of Republicans white knighting for Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema these days and Rachel Alexander says they need to take a deeper look into the position that she's championed throughout her political career

Unsaid: Joseph Rosenbaum might have committed suicide-by-Rittenhouse: Why did Joseph Rosenbaum attack Kyle Rittenhouse when the young man was clearly armed with a semi-automatic rifle? Selwyn Duke posits that the man may have actually been seeking to commit suicide

Will the anointed experts get it wrong again?: Stefan Gleason says your investment strategy should be that the experts clearly have no idea what's going on and any guidance they provide should be suspect

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