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America's Trojan War
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Donald Trump

America First!: Dr. Robert Owens says that he has been waiting his entire life to hear what Donald Trump has been saying on the issue of trade and the American economy

Presidential insurgency-candidacies from 1992 to 2016: Mark Wegierski asks, why has Donald Trump done better than Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul?

Lady Gaga: It came as a surprise to us as well but Michael Moriarty has come out as a fan of pop diva -- a description which might not do her justice -- Lady Gaga

Principle and pragmatism in the Ethereum microcosm: Whether in politics or cryptocurrency, writes Daniel M. Ryan, human beings and their motivations are pretty much the same

Why is France the preferred target for terrorists?: Amb. Freddy Eytan argues that past and present policies in France have made it an attractive target for terrorist attacks

Science or advocacy?: Students are learning energy and climate change advocacy, not climate science, in the classroom, reports David R. Legates

Keeping the poor impoverished: Paul Driessen charges that callous eco-imperialists use lies, scare stories to deny poor countries better living standards

Real climate denial: Megan Toombs argues that the potential Democratic VP nominee recently misrepresented the Cornwall Alliance on Senate floor

Did oil kill the dinosaurs?: Did oil play a role in the meteor impact which helped spell the end of the dinosaurs? Michael McDonald reports on a new study which argues just that

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