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Coming out of a coma in the time of COVID: The final season of The Walking Dead is currently airing and Greg Strange imagines what it would be like if someone went in to a coma in January 2020 and woke up today

Cdn pol New directions for conservative ideas -- a sketch of future possibilities: Mark Wegierski offers advice to the Conservative Party of Canada after their September loss at the polls

Community and identity in late modernity – updated to 2021 (Part Five): Mark Wegierski suggests a dialogue among different definitions of community and identity today

Don’t reward Airbus’ criminal behavior with a military contract: European aerospace firm Airbus has been tied to corruption across the world and ties to the Chinese government specifically and yet the United States may still award the company with a billion dollar contract, says Rachel Alexander

Louis L'Amour: America's prolific western novelist: Sam Jacobs pays tribute to and explores the life of American novelist Louis L'Amour, a man who understood the west and its appeal more than most

Sri Lanka turmeric shortage: Starting last year Sri Lanka began to experience a major shortage of the spice tumeric, used in many of that country's traditional dishes, and not surprisingly the government acted and made it worse, writes Maggie Draper

The miracle on the Han River: It would surprise people to know that South Korea actually was once poorer than it's northern communist sibling but it pursued policies that has made it the economic powerhouse it is today, says Donovan Chong

Crossroads: The United States, says Robert T. Smith, stands at a fork in the road in which it is presented with the options of attempting to return to its founding mission or descend straight into collectivism

Community and identity in late modernity – updated to 2021 (Part Four): Is current-day society ruled by a liberal oligarchy, asks Mark Wegierski – and are there similarities between conservative and social democratic critiques of the system

Virginia voters restore their state motto: Kamala Harris stated, "What happens in Virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on." Mark Alexander agrees very much

Hit the courts and fight hard! Without vote fraud, Ciatarelli wins New Jersey hands down: It should be no surprise, writes Selwyn Duke, that New Jersey is once again the scene of some hanky panky when it comes to a high-profile election

Selling freedom to the loudest bidder: A modern-era Hundred Years War: Since the rise of Marxism, argues Charlotte B. Cerminaro, there has essentially been a war against those who actively resist the lies of the ideology and its

David Marshall Williams: The true history of "Carbine Williams": There is a lot of myth about David Marshall Williams -- better known as "Carbine Williams" -- and Sam Jacobs peels them away to tell the true story of the noted gun designer

Fed admits failure on price stability, doesn’t care: Fed chair Jerome Powell essentially admitted last week that he had failed to hold the line on prices ... and also essentially admitted that he didn't really care either, reports Mike Gleason

Lethal carbon-imperialism in Glasgow and DC: Paul Driessen argues that climate alarmists intend to keep poor nations energy-deprived, impoverished, jobless and dying  

A distributed capacity for violence: A brief history of weapons technology and political power: There's been plenty of talk recently about political unrest leading to revolution in the United States and Sam Jacobs take a look at the history of what he refers to as a "distributed capacity for violence" and what that means today

Community and identity in late modernity – updated to 2021 (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at questions of the particular vs. the universal, and at the morality of nations

When I'm a Moth: The character and destiny of Hillary Clinton: Back in 1969 Hillary Clinton spent a brief time working in at a fishery in Alaska and not much is known about those days. Thomas M. Sipos reviews When I'm a Moth, a fictional account of that period

Decrease in marriage continues a spiraling wave of problems, and churches are AWOL: The institution of marriage is rapidly collapsing with marriage rates falling fast and children born out of wedlock racing far ahead of those born within and most churches aren't doing very much about it, writes Rachel Alexander

Central planners clinging to hope that inflation is “transitory”: While there is still some hope amongst investors that the spectre of inflation will disappear at point, Mike Gleason says that all signs are pointing to that not happening

China must stop its return to socialism if it wishes to continue its rate of economic growth: Of late China has been imposing more socialist controls on its economy -- in an apparent attempt to tamp down debt and ostensibly environmental issues -- and it's leading to some big problems in their economy, says Crofton Lee

Delivery service -- A substitute for in-person sales: Whatever else that COVID-19 has wrought on the world, Maggie Draper writes, it has at least made the delivery of goods and services to Americans far more efficient and less expensive

Europe’s energy crisis better wake America up: If it doesn’t manage to do that, writes Paul Driessen, activists and governing classes will destroy middle class jobs, families and lives

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