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The hex is being broken: A memo to never-Trumpers: In 1964 Barry Goldwater was destroyed in the election. In 2016? Democrats seem to be using the same playbook. Daniel M. Ryan says its time to break what he calls the "Goldwater Hex"

A treasonous, bipartisan strategy for creating the New World Order: When it comes to a globalized control of the United States Michael Moriarty argues that both the Democrats and Republicans are guilty and only one person can stop the agenda

The dilemma of hypermodernity (Part Six): Mark Wegierski reprises one of his earlier, most important essays, from the year 2000

Tim Kaine: Catholic of convenience: Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine is being described by a worshipful media as a devout Catholic but Michael R. Shannon says the record says otherwise

Employment application: The New York Times is apparently looking for a climate change editor. William Briggs says, "That's me!"

Fed should set a schedule to raise interest rates and stick to it!: The U.S. Federal Reserve should gradually start raising interest rates, says Dr. Peter Morici, and have a very clear plan for how to do so

Whither those withering "bombshells," Mr. Assange?: A few weeks back WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange announced he had "bombshells" related to Hillary Clinton. John W. Lillpop would like to know what happened to them

The science deniers' greatest hits: Bill Frezza argues that science is a process, not a destination, and must not be immune to falsification by experiment

The businesses of Mahmoud Abbas and his sons: Much like many before him, writes Yoni Ben Menachem, Mahmoud Abbas seems to be holding on to power in the Palestinian Authority to enrich his family as much as possible

"Toxic chromium" fear-mongering: Paul Driessen says that detecting Cr-6 droplets in Olympic-sized swimming pool doesn't equal health or cancer risks

Without life there can be no liberty or happiness: Speaking against abortion isn't a particularly popular thing to do these days but Dr. Robert Owens stands ready to suffer slings and arrows for doing so

Expression equates to freedom: It is society that dictates laws and Dale Schlundt says that an absolutely necessary component for the successful functioning of society is that people are able, and take advantage, of the right to free speech

A UN and tribal takeover?: Attorney Lawrence Kogan believes that hidden provisions in congressional energy bills undermine America's water and property rights

Why should Obama declare martial law?: The alt-media is filled with predictions and concerns that Barack Obama will declare martial law at some point, something that Dr. Robert Owens considers to be a ridiculous concern

The New World Order hens: The critical reaction to the 2008 movie Pride and Glory, dealing with police corruption in the New York Police Department, tells Michael Moriarty much about the state of America

The dilemma of hypermodernity (Part Five): Mark Wegierski reprises one of his earlier, most important essays, from the year 2000

Fiction, fairy tales, and fiat: People know so little about economics these days, writes Guy Christopher, that fiction and fairy tales are often what has informed them

The real cost of illegal immigration: Dr. Peter Morici argues that illegal immigration imposes a real cost on nations -- both financially and to democratic institutions as well

The next sector to recover from the oil price crash: Many related sectors have been impacted by the continuing low price of oil but Zainab Calcuttawala believes but there is one sector that will continue to do well

Clinton the "Congenital Liar": In her Benghazi cover-up testimony, Hillary Clinton declared, "What difference, at this point, does it make?" It's the difference between serving time in the White House or the Big House, writes Mark Alexander

DOJ unbelievably recommended new charges against Bob McDonnell after SCOTUS unanimous exoneration: Earlier this month the US Department of Justice proved that politics trumps anything else when they recommended new charges against former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell

Confusion, muddle, obfuscation and racism: Paul Driessen writes that as Barack Obama, UN and EPA seek to dictate our lives and livelihoods, the real issue is green racism 

A calm look at the alt-right: The term "alt-right" has been used a lot by the media these days -- particularly for those who support Donald Trump -- and Daniel M. Ryan explores what it means

The dilemma of hypermodernity (Part Four): Mark Wegierski reprises one of his earlier, most important essays, from the year 2000

Steven Hill: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to noted actor and his co-star on Law & Order, Steven Hill, who passed away recently at the age of 94

A parallel universe without progressives: Could you imagine a universe without progressives in it? Dr. Robert Owens can and it's a very wonderful thing

Chastity backlash breaks out among Christians: There are apparently some Christians, primarily female, who are unhappy that they decided to wait until marriage to have sex, reports Michael R. Shannon

Why in the world are taxes levied on money itself?: Jp Cortez thinks it absolutely offensive that governments levy taxes on anyone who wants to buy precious metals in favour of fiat currency

The genius of Trump's foreign policy: Donald Trump may be most ungraceful when he speaks on foreign policy but Dr. Peter Morici agrees with many of his proposals, particularly on trade and immigration

Why Wall Street is throwing billions at the Permian: Oil prices may be in the tank but Nick Cunningham says some exploration continues to grow at an impressive rate

Democrats planting radical fake conservative news sites: Within the past year a number of ostensibly conservative news web sites have sprung up but Rachel Alexander says they aren't what they appear to be...they are run by Democrats with the aim of embarrassing conservatives

The most costly military waste: Morale: America's armed forces personnel are the best in the world, argues Mark Alexander, but their effectiveness is being undermined by wasteful and absurd political mandates

Another way citizen's pay for illegal aliens: Michael R. Shannon's daughter was recently involved in a car accident in which her vehicle was struck by one driven by an illegal immigrant and they both learned about the hidden costs of illegal immigration

Trumping the Establishment: The Washington Establishment hates Trump, because he promises to put them out of business, argues Scot Faulkner

Don't bee-lieve the latest bee-pocalypse scare: Now wild bee junk science and scare stories drive demands for anti-pesticide regulations, writes Paul Driessen

The great disconnect: As a historian it pains Dr. Robert Owens to no end that people continue to make the same mistakes by not learning from history and the examples of others

EPA's dangerous regulatory pollution: Paul Driessen says the EPA's deceptive practices, human experiments and unjustified regulations cost Americans dearly

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