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Turkish hyper-activity reverberates throughout the Middle East: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has long fancied himself as the man who would bring Turkey back to being a regional and world power and Lenny Ben-David and Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser say he's been pretty busy in recent years trying to bring that to life

Cdn pol Fading blues – the decline of the Tory tradition in Canada since the 1980s (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks especially at the various factions in the Progressive Conservative party of the 1980s

Bad Blood versus reality: Part One: Michael Moriarty has discovered a new series for you to catch up on entitled Bad Blood, a Canadian effort chronicling the life and death of Montreal mob boss Vito Rizzuto and nearly Shakespearean in its scope

Revelation not contemplation shows us the way: Modern humanity -- including many Christians -- believe that they can divine God's intentions by merely thinking really hard, or not thinking at all, but Dr. Robert Owens says none of that is true

The therapeutic industrial complex goes bonkers: The American Psychological Association recently waded into the social-cultural chaos of modern day America with a pronouncement on racism that had Greg Strange wondering if the APA itself went a little crazy

Weaponized lawlessness: Robert T. Smith believes that the Democrats are using a proxy army in Antifa and Black Lives Matter to do nothing less than destroy the America of today and replace it with a creation of their own making

Biden doesn’t stand for anything, but all signs point to a far left presidency: When he isn't flip flopping on issues he's pretending to be a centrist but Rachel Alexander believes a Biden presidency would be nothing but a far left exercise

Geopolitics: How maps help us understand history, predict the future, and go beyond politics: Maps have long fascinated people and with good reason: They tell much about a people depending on what they include or leave out. That's why geography is so important to understanding the world, argues Brian Miller

Have a heart or I’ll sell you mine: Aimee Lindemuth has a very libertarian proposal to help meet the demand for organs to be used in transplants: allow the sale of those organs

The smear continues: The Atlantic story that appeared last week and accused US President Donald Trump of disparaging the sacrifice of dead US Marines is merely the latest in the long string of smears, writes Gary Bauer

Billionaire hedge fund manager warns of 10% inflation: The US Federal Reserve has essentially said that it believes that inflation in America will average about 2% over the short- and mid-term but Mike Gleason says at least one hedge fund manager thinks it will be much higher than that

Revisiting EPA’s Gold King Mine blowout – Part 2: Duggan Flanakin reports on the war that the Navajo Nation and New Mexico are fighting vs. the incompetence and bad faith in the US Environmental Protection Agency

Who really killed George Floyd?: Mark Alexander says we all need to be clear on the facts of today's troubled social and political landscape: Trump did not create the hate; he exposed it

Cdn pol Fading blues -- the decline of the Tory tradition in Canada since the 1980s (Part One):  Mark Wegierski begins a series of pieces looking at the “Centre-Right Opposition” over the last four decades

Stand Up Guys: Michael Moriarty takes a look at the underappreciated 2012 film Stand Up Guys, featuring an outstanding collection of actors in a story of aging gangsters working together...and against each other

What’s all this “in” Christ business about?: "In" Christ is a phrase that confuses many people -- whether they are Christians or not -- so Dr. Robert Owens takes it upon himself to explain what the concept actually means

The racism of climate change alarmists: It’s not climate change that’s racist, writes Duggan Flanakin, but those who use it to block energy development

The ongoing war: Piers Shepherd takes a look at Thomas J. Fleming and Frank Brownlow's A Thousand Years of Jihad, a series of essays which examines the relationship between the West and Islam

Let’s unleash RICO on the Meat Mafia: The tide of illegal and cheap labour from Mexico may be at an end soon, argues Michael R. Shannon, thanks to recent moves from Immigration & Customs Enforcement

The left is treading on thin ice by going after what people wrote years ago: Cancel culture is the name of the game these days in our political and cultural landscape but Rachel Alexander believes that the political left had better be careful with their new weapon

Pension funds start looking to gold to avert disaster: Stefan Gleason says that thanks to the US Federal Reserve has essentially declared war on people who save and that's prompted pension funds to examine gold as an investment

Recalling EPA’s Gold King Mine disaster – Part 1: Five years after the infamous blowout, reports Duggan Flanakin, the EPA finally settles with Utah over Gold King pollution

Christians stop believing the coronavirus con: Many people are growing exasperated with the ongoing restrictions over COVID-19 but some Christians are beginning to take action against them, says Michael R. Shannon

Potentially powerful pipeline precedents: Radical Greens have given citizens the tools to stop destructive wind and solar projects, says Craig Rucker

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