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El Paso: The real root causes of mass shootings: After the mass shooting at El Paso you heard the usual from the mainstream media about motivations but Selwyn Duke says there is more to the story

Seventy-five years since the fateful Warsaw Uprising of 1944 – a précis of the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, and the aftermath of the war in Poland

Mass shooting causes: Trump's rhetoric or leftist nihilism: Pundits and Democrats say Donald Trump and his words are to blame for the recent mass shootings but Greg Strange would argue that the answer isn't quite so pat -- or convenient for the left

Lead me not into temptation: Temptation is an issue which every Christian grapples with. Dr. Robert Owens discusses it from his own personal perspective and colourful history

Left’s doxxing of Trump contributors is just another way they destroy our careers: The political left has made the destruction of their ideological opponents one of their primary tools in recent years and that includes doxxing people, reports Rachel Alexander

Warning! Coming to a Republican district near you!: If these leftist cadres haven't yet infiltrated a Republican district near you, they are coming, warns Mark Alexander

The sound money showdown in U.S. states: As most state legislatures have now wrapped up their work for the year, Jp Cortez reviews the victories (both offensive and defensive)—and lone defeat—for sound money during the 2019 session

Past, present and future progress requires mining: John M. Clema argues that metal and mineral needs in our modern society are constant, constantly evolving, and require new mines

Murder, It’s a Democrat thing: The media and the political left love to blame shootings like that in El Paso on white conservatives but Selwyn Duke argues murder is generally a liberal disease

Enforce rules against false and misleading organic claims: Paul Driessen says the FDA must no longer let organic food growers, manufacturers and sellers get away with lies

Federal employees want taxpayers to keep their distance: What is the latest outrage proposed by the vile Trump administration? The high crime of moving parts of the Department of Agriculture and Bureau of Land Management closer to the people their decisions affect, writes Michael R. Shannon

Seventy-five years since the fateful Warsaw Uprising of 1944 – a précis of the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at Poland under German and Soviet occupations

The two witnesses who helped change my life: Dr. Robert Owens isn't afraid to admit that he used to live a life of dissolution -- that is until he saw the light thanks to two people

Feliks Wegierski, artist and World War II veteran: Pola Kojder and Mark Wegierski write about Feliks Wegierski, who was born in Dzialdowo, Poland, 1923, and died in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2019

Government’s case against Steve Stockman getting weaker: The conviction of Steve Stockman, which Rachel Alexander argues was nothing more than a politically motivated hit job, is under heavy attack these days

Evidently Ahab Mueller wasn’t the captain of the Pequod: Robert Mueller's performance before the House of Representatives last week failed to impress anyone in the building, argues Michael R. Shannon

Elijah Cummings is a racist: Democrats hope shrieking "racism" at every opportunity will keep black voters on their plantation through 2020, argues Mark Alexander

After Fed disappoints, will Trump initiate currency intervention?: It would appear that the only people satisfied with the US Federal Reserve's monetary policy of late are those who work for the US Federal Reserve, says Stefan Gleason

Sound money movement gains momentum in the states: An interview with Jp Cortez: Mike Gleason talks with ESR contributor and Sound Money Defense League member Jp Cortez about the positive push advocates of sound money have made across the United States

Fraud and corruption bring big payoffs: Paul Driessen argues that California judges are providing a stage for kangaroo court justice over the Roundup weedkiller

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