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A scorecard on the first decade after the Arab Spring: Ten years after the "Arab Spring" the Middle East is a collection of confused countries, increasingly radicalized, threatened or supported by Iran and its proxies and facing huge and apparently intractable issues, writes Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah

Cdn pol Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2020 (Part One): A conservative infrastructure in Canada is definitely lacking, says Mark Wegierski

The Crown: Part Four: Michael Moriarty continues his look at the landmark and popular Netflix series The Crown with an examination of an episode that features both a disgraced prince and a famed American evangelist

Move over, Communist Manifesto, The Capitalist Manifesto is here: Rachel Alexander offers a review of the new e-book by Ralph Benko and Bill Collier entitled The Capitalist Manifesto: The End of Class Warfare, Toward Universal Affluence, an answer to the twisted classic by Marx and Engels

On how evangelicals can support Trump, both libs and conservatives get it wrong: Christians have had occasionally had a hard time being fully onboard the Trump Train -- for obvious reasons -- but Selwyn Duke believes that the religious need to remember some important facts about politics and culture

Reform USAID energy aid policies now!: US President Donald Trump should direct USAID to support coal and gas, argue Paul Driessen and David Wojick, not just wind and solar

Trump trips on a pygmy: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is clearly no fan of US President Donald Trump -- even working against him some days -- but Michael R Shannon says needs to decide whose side the Kentucky politician is really on

The signs swirl all around us, so is the monetary reset at hand?: Chris Powell believes that all the signs are pointing to reasons to be optimistic about gold and precious metals investments thanks to what he believes is an impending breakdown of government market manipulation

Climate alarmist banks go carbon-colonialist: Paul Driessen and David Wojick argue that Africa must move forward without the climate alarmists of the world, using fossil and nuclear energy to build prosperity

How Democrats could undo Trump’s “lasting legacy” in the courts: US President Donald Trump has done a remarkable job in the amount of judges he's named to the Federal bench -- something that will pay off for years to come -- but Selwyn Duke says Democrats can undo all of that hard work

The reason for the reason: To say that Christmas has become amazingly commercialized is like saying that the sky is blue -- it is beyond doubt. Dr. Robert Owens, however, says we need to remember why the holiday actually exists

The Crown: Part Three: Michael Moriarty continues his look at the Netflix series The Crown with his thoughts on the episode Vergangenheit, one with a secret that threatens the entire Royal Family at the end of World War II

Greta Thunberg: And a little child shall lead them: Greta Thunberg, regardless of what you may think of the Swedish environmentalist, is being exploited by the political left in order to advance their agenda and Greg Strange says that's the saddest part of her crusade

Time to give American Samoans U.S. citizenship: Rachel Alexander says it's time for the United States to do the right thing by American Samoans, long treated as second-class people, =and grant them the citizenship that they deserve

Sound Money State Index identifies friends & enemies of precious metals investors: An interview with Jp Cortez: Mike Gleason speaks with frequent ESR contributor Jp Cortez on the the Sound Money Defense League's recent ranking of states both friendly to and enemies of those who invest their money in precious metals

The Democrats’ one-night stand with the Founders: You can tell that the House Democrats were throwing everything they could against the wall in their quest for impeachment, writes Selwyn Duke, when they were suddenly the strongest constitutionalists America had seen in decades

Politicized veganism: Do we really have to tolerate, asks Duggan Flanakin, local, state, national or UN officials telling Americans what they may eat?

UN bureaucrats chow down on burgers – while attacking meat: Craig Rucker runs down what happened in Madrid, where climate hypocrisy was alive and well at COP-25

The dangerous winds of trying to prevent climate change: Duggan Flanakin argues that inconvenient facts for environmentalists show why wind energy is not renewable, sustainable or climate-friendly

The Crown: Part Two: Michael Moriarty continues his look at his newly favourite Netflix series The Crown, a partially fictionalized/partly fact-based look at the English monarchy during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II

Cdn pol Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Fourteen – Canadian speculative fiction, and conclusion: Mark Wegierski looks at Canadian speculative fiction, and concludes the series

Trump remembers the forgotten: For a very long time America's blue collar workers seemed to be, at best, an afterthought for the nation's ruling class. Dr. Robert Owens argues that the current president has put them back on the agenda

R.I.P. Paul Volcker, the last “good” central banker: Former chairman of the Federal Reserve Paul Volcker passed away last week and while he was no friend of gold or Austrian economics, writes Jp Cortez, he did recognize the danger of inflation and maintained his independence from politicians

Border Patrol Agent Nick Ivie was killed by smugglers, not friendly fire: The official story is that Border Patrol Agent Nick Ivie was killed in 2012 by accident by a fellow BP agent. Rachel Alexander says Who Shot Nick Ivie? lays out a compelling case that narrative is nothing but a cover-up

The latest assault on religious liberty in the armed forces: Mark Alexander reports that leftists have demanded that the Department of Defence stop allowing the production of Shields of Strength with military logos

He touched me: Dr. Robert Owens offers a short essay in which he describes how God changed his life with the lightest touch -- yet had a deep impression on his soul

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