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Ferguson is not America: Ferguson is once again in the news and Alan Caruba says a confluence of factors have combined to make that community very dysfunctional

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Fourteen: The Increasingly Painful Realities of Fiction: American Television's House of Cards: You may already be watching House of Cards but if for some reason you aren't, Michael Moriarty wishes to draw your attention to one of the finest television dramas airing today

A brave sortie against political correctness (Part Two): Mark Wegierski examines Marxism, Multiculturalism, and Free Speech, a critique of political correctness by Frank Ellis, whose own career was undermined by his dissent from its strictures

Does the sun set in the west?: It's a big question: Dr. Robert Owens asks has the U.S. Constitution -- and by extension the United States itself -- failed and the end will eventually come for the American experiment?

Stagnant productivity, sluggish growth abroad weigh against Fed raising rates: Dr. Peter Morici believes there are four primary factors that will cause the U.S. Federal Reserve to hold off on rate hikes later this year

Time for Obama to give back his Nobel Peace Prize: Barack Obama started his presidency by winning the Nobel Peace Prize -- for what no one actually knows -- but since then he's been an eager user of America's military, writes Rachel Alexander

Everyone is guessing when it comes to oil prices: Will oil prices rise or fall? Nick Cunningham believes that anyone with an opinion -- educated or not -- is just speculating

The left's latest 2A assault: Ban ammo: The BATFE's recent move against "green tip" 5.56 ammunition was part of a wider gun control move, writes Mark Alexander

Iran's defiance: Flaunting a cruise missile with 2,500 km range: Iran's unveiling last week of new long range cruise missiles was designed to send a message that it will give up neither its nuclear or missile programs

The EPA thinks you're stupid: Given some of the behavior and actions of the EPA in recent years, argues Alan Caruba, they must believe that you're a moron

Crony biofuel politics wag the dog: A governor and his son lobby for ethanol – and expect presidential candidates to endorse it, reports Paul Driessen

America's military power in a steep decline: Just a few years removed from active war and America's military is already in the state that it is unprepared for future challenges, argues Alan Caruba

The left and vested employment: Leftists hand out jobs to solidify their support and reward their followers -- Bruce Walker believes that conservatives need to begin fighting that patronage system

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Thirteen: America's Back-Door Suicide: Death isn't always immediate, writes Michael Moriarty, as the United States seems intent on dying through indirect means

A brave sortie against political correctness (Part One): Mark Wegierski examines Marxism, Multiculturalism, and Free Speech, a critique of political correctness by Frank Ellis, whose own career was undermined by his dissent from its strictures

A world of oil: Is putting gas in your car a moral good? Alex Epstein's The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels argues so and Steve Martinovich reviews his efforts

Where are the jobs? America's new leisure class: Job growth remains sluggish and Dr. Peter Morici says that's essentially created a class of Americans at the bottom of the economic pyramid who live off the government

Chicago on the Potomac: The current inhabitant of the White House -- and doubtless future presidents will continue the trend -- has essentially turned the nation's capitol into a version of Chicago's machine politics, writes Dr. Robert Owens

Nation of drivel: Rachel Alexander abhors the state of discourse in the United States these days and says Americans need to act

Bill Nye on Muslim terrorism: Jews need to get to know their neighbors better: Selwyn Duke couldn't help but laugh at Bill Nye's assertion that Israelis just need to get to know their neighbours better in order to have peace in the Middle East

A bad agreement with Iran will undermine Middle East stability: Michael Segall argues that a bad deal with Iran will essentially allow the Persian nation to dominate its neighbours and destabilize an already shaky Middle East

Memo to the GOP: Find a pile driver: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress last week reminded Mark Alexander once again that there is a paucity of leadership both inside the White House and on Capitol Hill

Here's what will send oil prices back up again: When it comes to the price of oil, what goes down must inevitably go back up and Martin Tillier explains why oil prices will eventually begin to rise once again

Obama amnesty plan: Legalize foreigners, "Take Over the Host," push "Citizens into the Shadows": Barack Obama's plan to transform America included last year's de facto amnesty which Selwyn Duke argues was designed to create a country within a country

Silencing skeptics – financing alarmists: Paul Driessen wonders if Congress and media will examine government, environmentalist and university alarmist funding?

Green slander: The green orthodoxy is losing the battle over man-made climate change and that means that the attack dogs have been unleashed, says Alan Caruba

Conservatives and "gaffes": Conservatives always seem to be accused of committing "gaffes" so Bruce Walker has an answer ready for any conservative leader facing that accusation

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Twelve:  An American President Increasingly Slow And Indelibly Soft On Undeniably Genocidal Islam: This week Michael Moriarty discusses which American contender for president is the greatest enemy of ISIS and its allies and what the ultimate stakes are

A summary of the dilemma of hypermodernity: Mark Wegierski presents a précis of one of his most salient, earlier-published essays

A rose by any other name: Are groups like ISIS Islamic? Political leaders say no but Dr. Robert Owens says many Muslims would disagree

How to win the Christian baker/Same-sex "wedding" cake debate: Don't want to make a wedding cake for a gay couple because of honestly felt religious beliefs? Selwyn Duke may have the answer for you

Five things to know about the Fed raising interest rates: Interest rates are likely to begin rising soon and Dr. Peter Morici says several things you expect to happen -- such as higher mortgage rates -- likely won't

The Islamic armageddon lies between Turkey and ISIS: Turkey's recent incursion into Syria to rescue the remains of an early Ottoman leader puzzled many but Pinhas Inbari believes it's easily explained

The end of freedom in America: The Federal Communications Commission's decision to impose "net neutrality" effectively means White House control over the internet, argues Alan Caruba

Political correctness: Western civilization's bizarre, postmodern affliction: Greg Strange says that the west is sowing its own seeds of destruction by not clearly labeling its enemy and learning the lessons from the past

Newly released book provides the framework to end the scourge of Islamic jihad: Jim Kouri believes that Van Hipp's The New Terrorism:How to Fight It and Defeat It offers some solutions in the war against the latest evolution of terrorism

The easy oil is gone so where do we look now?: Future oil recovery is going to be more expensive and difficult and Andrew Topf lays out who has what

Climatist jihad?: Climate Crisis extremists attack experts who challenge claims of imminent climate Armageddon, says Paul Driessen

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