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The left's next target: 'Christian Nationalists': The political and cultural's left's latest straw man is to label patriotic Christians as "haters," reports Mark Alexander

Cdn pol George Parkin Grant and the fading of conservatism in Canada: In this year of anniversaries of three major Grant books, Mark Wegierski asks, has a more authentic traditionalism become impossible in current-day Canada?

There’s power in the blood: Dr. Robert Owens was once told by someone that Christianity was a religion drenched in blood. He argues that isn't far from the truth -- though not in the way critics believe

Medical migrants head to Mexico: It's still relatively rare but Michael R. Shannon reports that some insurers are beginning to offer cost-savings incentives to patients -- including procedures conducted outside of the United States

Abbas tries to convince the Palestinian public he’s not corrupt: Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is trying to convince the Palestinian street that he doesn't preside over a corrupt government but Yoni Ben Menachem says he's failing

There is no climate emergency!: Climate models predict disaster – but the real world evidence shows no such thing, argue Dr. Jay Lehr & Tom Harris

The biggest threat to 'free and fair' elections: Big tech: Mark Alexander argues that Facebook and Google have done more to undermine American elections than Russia could

Eighty years since its outbreak, World War II continues to shape the world: Mark Wegierski offers a précis of some of the ideological consequences of the Second World War

Stand up for Americans who stand up for America: Dr. Robert Owens praises US President Donald Trump for leading the way on the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, designed to help those affected by the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

Labour Day 2019 -- Who speaks for the working classes?: Mark Wegierski argues that left-wing intellectuals have betrayed the workers

Google discriminates against conservatives and climate skeptics: We must understand how Google does it, why it is wrong and how it hurts America, says  David Wojick

Historical financial lessons learned: Whether you want to hear it or not, says Dale Schlundt, an economic downturn will happen -- the only question is when it will happen and what will cause it. What you can do, he argues, is be prepared for it

A wake–up call for snooze alarm conservatives: Conservatives are celebrating that Universal has decided to can The Hunt, a movie which saw "deplorables" be hunted by elites. Michael R. Shannon argues that conservatives should instead be disappointed by the news

Gold price suppression denier defends his client central banks: Chris Powell takes issue with a prominent metals consultancy firm member who argues that central banks aren't manipulating the price of gold on the markets

It’s time to whack greenhouse gas Endangerment Finding: Carbon dioxide does not “endanger” our health, argue Tom Harris and Dr. Jay Lehr, and it’s time EPA recognized that simply fact

Shadows dancing on a wall: Greek philosopher Plato and Christian creation influence this essay by Dr. Robert Owens who looks at the difference between perception and reality

Millennial becomes unhinged after boss corrects her spelling of “hamster”: There have been few generations so widely hated in recent decades as millennials and Selwyn Duke reports on one incident that perfectly explains why they are the target of such opprobrium

Eighty years since the start of World War II -- recalling a commemorative ceremony at Nieszawa, Poland: Mark Wegierski recalls an event sixty-five years since the start of World War II

What did Miles Davis have that no other musician, before or since, has ever possessed?: Michael Moriarty argues that Miles Davis, like Marlon Brando, had a mystery about them that explains their an extent at least

Trump works for US: One year ago US President Donald Trump made a pledge to help American workers and Dr. Robert Owens argues that the administration has certainly done that

Hypocritical, contradictory Antifa becomes more violent at latest event in Portland: Antifa hasn't gone away and it would appear that they've only stepped up their violent tactics, reports Rachel Alexander

Indoctrinating and radicalizing mass murderers: Mark Alexander says it may come as news to some but mass shooters and other murderers have this in common: They are sociopaths and disregard the law

The unique status of t4he Jerusalem suburb of Wadi Hummus: Wadi Hummus is a neighborhood in the southern Jerusalem Arab village of Sur Baher and not surprisingly the source of controversy, writes Nadav Shragai

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