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Don’t lower the voting age, raise it: All around the world -- including the United States -- people are fighting to have the voting age lowered to the teen years. J.K. Baltzersen argues that countries interested in continued liberty should be doing the exact opposite

The kidulthood of the cosmopolitan left: Education was once thought to uplift humans to a higher level of thought and consideration but Dr. Gregory Slysz says the takeover of education by the left has spawned millions of people who know only sloganeering

Anthony Bourdain #1: Michael Moriarty has written a lot about the late chef and food critic Anthony Bourdain and the reason is simple: the man was nothing less than a tragic genius

Cdn pol Regionalism and nationalism in Canada – another reassessment (Part Six): Mark Wegierski looks at the Atlantic region, which has -- to be charitable -- a historically ambiguous relationship with Ottawa

Cdn pol The failure of the Canadian Right (Part Two): Mark Wegierski examines “the managerial-therapeutic regime” in Canada

DOJ finally backs off from targeting another GOP congressman: The Department of Justice has been targeting Republican congressmen for years but Aaron Schock may have signalled a change, says Rachel Alexander

Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District: Anti-Semites ‘r’ us: The only time Ilhan Omar seems to make the news -- assuming the media bothers to report it -- is when she makes anti-Semitic she has done once again, reports Greg Strange

What Nixon and Trump have in common: Although the two men are completely different from each other, writes Michael R. Shannon, Donald Trump and Richard Nixon share one important similarity

The House impeachment subterfuge to obstruct MAGA: Mark Alexander says the Democrats' "Hate Trump" Phase 2 plan — the impeachment obstruction of the MAGA agenda — is now underway

Stop the anti-climate science totalitarians: Paul Driessen argues that anti-climate science totalitarians want to upend and transform America, but demand No Debate on underlying “science”

America needs President Trump’s Climate Science Committee: John Droz argues that America needs independent scientists to  review alarmist “science” that is driving anti-fossil fuel policies

Howard Schultz could use a little caffeine: Former Starbucks CEO and chairman Howard Schultz appears to want to run for the Democrat nomination in 2020 and Michael R. Shannon says he faces an uphill battle to even generate interest let alone a victory

The Danish String Quartet: Four young Danish men comprise the Danish String Quartet and Michael Moriarty says how they play is literally what he has been dreaming of hearing for years

Cdn pol Regionalism and nationalism in Canada – another reassessment (Part Five): Mark Wegierski examines former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s policies towards the regions

Cdn pol The failure of the Canadian Right (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at various signposts of this failure, from Brian Mulroney’s “defeat in victory” to the torpedoing of Stockwell Day to Stephen Harper’s flop in 2015

Take Sanders's 2020 campaign seriously and literally: Bernie Sanders is crushing his opponents' fundraising efforts, and his campaign has already signed up more than a million collectivist volunteers, reports Mark Alexander

America’s Frankenstein culture: Dr. Robert Owens views abortion as an unconscionable evil already but news that a California university is buying body parts from aborted fetuses for experiments with mice has him declaring it no different than Nazi experimentation

Green land grabs on steroids: The Endangered Species Act has increasingly been used and abused to delay, block or bankrupt numerous projects and activities across America, argues Paul Driessen

The U.S. Green Party’s crusade against Israel: Anyone who thinks that the Green Party is about environmental concerns -- at least exclusively -- has yet to actually read their platform. Do so, argues Amb. Alan Baker, and you'll find a party also stridently anti-Israel

The $32 trillion push to disrupt the entire oil industry: Cyril Widdershoven reports that a shareholder network claiming to manage assets worth a staggering $32 trillion and promoting an environmentalist agenda is forcing oil companies to reevaluate some of their plans

Fighting for energy and human rights equality in Africa: The Congress of Racial Equality Uganda has lost another leader, Fiona Kobusingye, but the fight continues, writes Paul Driessen

Countering Warren’s daycare plan: Elizabeth Warren has proposed a national daycare plan that would cost at least $70 billion and further continue the trend children being away from their parents. Bruce Walker has a counterproposal that conservatives should consider

Ji-Min Park: The name Ji-Min Park isn't probably known outside of the world of opera but Michael Moriarty believes that the South Korean tenor should be included on a list of the greatest of all time

Cdn pol Regionalism and nationalism in Canada – another reassessment (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at the long struggle of Western Canada for a serious voice in Ottawa

Far left Kamala Harris fast becoming a Democratic frontrunner for president: Kamala Harris is a very far left candidate for the Democrat nomination in 2020 and she's also one of the party's most popular entrants, writes Rachel Alexander

Cdn pol Canada – a country with an attenuated Right (Part Two): Mark Wegierski examines the left-liberal hegemony in Canada today

Another crop of illegals moves north: The secretly funded mass illegal migrant parade is back on, writes Michael R. Shannon, and the latest version is even bigger than last November's impressive total was

Comey/McCabe/Rosenstein: The coup co-conspirators: While the FBI's McCabe deflected blame to DoJ's Rosenstein, McCabe's coup d'etat against Trump is still in motion, reports Mark Alexander

AOC says America should lead the world: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's environmentalist plans are something that Paul Driessen says means committing national economic suicide and sending living standards back to 19th century

Cold outbreaks are not caused by global warming: Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris argue that global cooling – and global totalitarian socialism – are the catastrophes we should fear far more than colder temperatures

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