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Gov. Northam and the guy who said: Kill people in mixed-race relationships: As the recent scandal surrounding Virginia Governor Ralph Northam illustrates, argues Selwyn Duke, racial controversy largely depends on what you are rather than what you've actually said and done

America’s Suicidal Turning Point: Chapter Ten: Barack Hussein Obama: Michael Moriarty turns his eye towards Barack Hussein Obama, a man that he says embodies two aspects of the radical American left in recent decades

Cdn pol Regionalism and nationalism in Canada – another reassessment (Part One): In his latest series on Canadian politics Mark Wegierski will be examining the tensions between different regions in Canada

Got hope?: In a world where it seems to be that evil is praised and good is derided there is only one thing that a person can do, writes Dr. Robert Owens, and that is to have hope

Cdn pol Private colleges could revive the humanities in Canada: Mark Wegierski argues that Canada needs more private colleges

‘Toxic Masculinity’ is misnamed: Toxic masculinity casts a wide net, whether by accident or design, and allows the political left to treat all men as nothing less than a great evil, argues Rachel Alexander

Mathematical modeling illusions: Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris say that the global climate scare – and the myriad of government policies resulting from it – are based on models that do not work

Demos hate the effectiveness of border barriers: Though Democrats continue to argue the contrary, says Byron York, the evidence is there that border barriers do stop or slow down attempted illegal immigration

We must hope Dr. Soon is right …: And the global warming apocalypse is not nigh, writes Jeffrey Foss, PhD. The real-world evidence certainly supports his contention

The myth of the media: Politicians and pundits are fixated upon the media and their perceived importance for "getting the message out" but Bruce Walker believes that conservatives need to pursue a different line of thinking

America’s Suicidal Turning Point: Chapter Nine: The Bipartisan, New World Order Treason: Before Michael Moriarty moves on to the next American president to examine -- Barrack Hussein Obama -- he needs to address a really big idea that still threatens to destroy America

Looking back twenty-five years at a 1994 game and magazine about U.S. civil conflict (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues his examination of 1994 political board game Crisis 2000: Insurrection in the United States!

And now a word from our sponsor about “toxic masculinity”: Gillette's recent commercial which lectured its customer base about "toxic masculinity" has Greg Strange examine the thought process behind the concept and why men need to fight back against this and all such campaigns

Why term limits lost and ranked choice voting will succeed: Two major reforms focused on deciding how and how long people would serve in elective office started back in the 1990s and Michael R. Shannon says we shouldn't be surprised which one has essentially won

What President Trump should say in his State of the Union Address: US President Donald Trump has delayed his State of the Union speech so Dr. Lester Jackson has amended the proposed speech that he suggests the president should deliver

The left isn’t stopping at merely censoring the right’s free speech: Rachel Alexander points out something that few apparently noticed during the MAGA hat/Nathan Phillips incident and it speaks to a new tactic by the political left

The ultimate irony of the 'Native American Elder' and the MAGA hat kids: It's probably not a surprise that Selwyn Duke wasn't impressed by Nathan Phillips, his claims of racism and his general appreciation of leftist politics

The Leftmedia's 'hate' narrative lynch mob: "Mob of white racist MAGA boys taunts noble native warrior"? Mark Alexander explains what really happened at the Lincoln Memorial and why

Huge backlog could trigger new wave of shale oil: Nick Cunningham reports that there are lot of drilled but uncompleted wells in the American shale oil patch and that could add a lot of new supply and make forecasting more difficult

Saved by pseudo-renewable energy?: Paul Driessen argues that climate alarmists must prove that expensive, weather-dependent energy is green and sustainable

Reasonable precautions: Environmentalists have grabbed a hold of a normal decision-making principle and used it to attack anything that smacks of progress or presents only the slightest risk of a negative outcome, writes Robert T. Smith

America’s Suicidal Turning Point: Chapter Eight: Michael Moriarty turns his sharp pen towards the second Bush that occupied in the White House and notes that there were three words that you never heard emanate from Bush 43's lips

Cdn pol “Third parties” in Canada – yet another reassessment (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at Canada's left of centre/socialist New Democratic Party (NDP)

Here’s what President Trump should say in his State of the Union address: Lester Jackson is not a professional speech writer but we believe that US President Donald Trump would be hard-pressed to deliver a better State of the Union address

Looking back twenty-five years at a 1994 game and magazine about U.S. civil conflict (Part One): Mark Wegierski examines 1994 board game Crisis 2000: Insurrection in the United States! -- one that was perhaps more insightful than readers at the time knew

Does God speak to you?: Call him crazy if you will but Dr. Robert Owens doesn't mind telling people that God speaks to him and he's rather surprised if He isn't speaking to you as well

Watch out for far left presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren: Elizabeth Warren may be selling herself as a moderate Democrat these days, says Rachel Alexander, but her history reveals herself to be nothing less than a member of the far-left

Hospitals guard prices like the CIA guards secrets: The current American health care system is designed purely to maximize cost and Michael R. Shannon says it's time for hospitals to start posting firm prices for procedures if they wish to continue receiving federal money

MLK v the Democrat Party: Mark Alexander believes that Black Americans are recognizing that Democrats have turned the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream into a nightmare

When environmentalism becomes corruption – Part 1: Craig Liukko argues that environmental principles are too often used to stop lawful, responsible, vital land uses

Don’t ban plastic bags!: Hal Shurtlef says people need to learn the facts about plastic versus paper bags – and bag the bans that are sweeping North America, instead

Climate hysterics skyrocket: Increasingly absurd environmentalist disaster rhetoric is consistently contradicted by climate and weather reality, argues Paul Driessen

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