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Wars, past, present, and future: The sneak attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941 should be a lesson to America that an enemy can attack unexpectedly and out of nowhere, argues Alan Caruba

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter One: 1st Movement: Michael Moriarty begins a new series, one in which he tells the story of his life and its increasing turmoil and ecstasies all because of politics

Why we need a third party: Americans have been failed competely by both major political parties in Washington, D.C. and it is time to explore a new option, argues Dr. Robert Owens

New Year's plea: "Heal the Bird": Debra Rae doesn't believe that either the left or the right is going to heal this nation -- rather America needs a higher power

Abbas shuts the door to negotiations with Israel: Mahmoud Abbas has essentially decided to dictate terms of any future Palestinian state that Jonathan D. Halevi believes may be the start of future action against Israel

Jobs jump in November but outlook remains guarded: The number of jobs may have grown slightly in November but Dr. Peter Morici doesn't believe real improvement is in sight

Tell Congress, "End wind energy tax giveaways now": Paul Driessen can think of no logical reason why "temporary" subsidies for wind power should be continue by Congress

Egyptian President al-Sisi vs. Hamas: Yoni Ben Menachem argues that Egypt continues to heat up its campaign against Hamas as part of a wider war against the Muslim Brotherhood

Hating Santa Claus: It was bad enough when athiests fought to remove Christ from Christmas but Alan Caruba says there seems to be a growing movement to get rid of Santa Claus as well

Dumb policies frustrate benefits of falling oil prices: Oil prices may be hitting multi-year lows but Americans aren't enjoying the full benefits thanks to White House policies, argues Dr. Peter Morici

Take your pick of lies about ozone, methane or mercury: The EPA continues to tell some whoppers about climate science and Alan Caruba says the agency hopes you won't bother investigating its claims

Looking back at a 1994 game and magazine about U.S. civil conflict (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues his examination of Crisis 2000: Insurrection in the United States!

Michael Lear: Part Twenty-One: The Red Islamic/Communist Muslim Alliance and War Against Judeo-Christianity: Chapter Two: Michael Moriarty wonders if the West perhaps should take a page from Vladimir Putin in confronting threats to its existence

What's next?: Halted deportations of illegal immigrants? Dr. Robert Owens wonders if that's only the first item on an agenda that Barack Obama has yet to fully reveal

UN charter clashes with free world constitutions: Whatever the United Nations may be, argues Jane Gaffin, it is no friend of nations who are dedicated to freedom

The Gruberization of environmental policies: Paul Driessen argues an accumulation of fraudulent EPA regulations impacts energy, economy, jobs, families and health

City of Ferguson needs a "Two-Gun Pete" police force: Legendary Chicago cop "Two-Gun" Pete Washington was known for his legendary harsh approach to controlling crime. Harold Witkov says Ferguson, MO could use a dose of the lawman's methods

21st century sentinels desperate to change the narrative: Plenty are defending Barack Obama's executive order concerning illegal immigrants but Nancy Salvato argues that motive is rarely investigated

Battle of the parties: Caroline Kimbro didn't think much of a recent Paul Krugman essay which attacked the Republican victory this past November

United, but divided: Americans may be united by some things but Alan Caruba argues that liberals and conservatives are clearly divided by how they perceive their country and the world

Hamas embraces the path of the Islamic State (ISIS): ISIS has put plenty of pressure on nations in the Middle East but Jonathan D. Halevi argues that even terrorist organizations like Hamas are being forced to react to them

Taxpayer Alert: Big Wind is pressing Congress for yet another bailout: Mary Kay Barton has a warning for Americans: Big Wind is looking for more money and you shouldn't be surprised that it will come from your pocket

Obama's amnesty further fractures America: Whatever Barack Obama intended for his de facto amnesty announcement last week , writes Dr. Peter Morici, it will do nothing but weaken the United States

The Democrat gender gap problem: Pundits go on constantly about the demographic issues that Republicans face but Bruce Walker argues that the Democrats have their own problems

Iran will negotiate until it becomes a nuclear power: If anyone believes that Iran is negotiating in good faith when it comes to its nuclear program they're being niave, says Alan Caruba

After the U.S. mid-term elections: The Congressional role in U.S.-Iran policy: Lenny Ben-David argues that the P5+1 group appears to want to appease Iran on its nuclear ambitions and only the U.S. Congress may be able to stop them

Looking back at a 1994 game and magazine about U.S. civil conflict (Part One): Mark Wegierski examines Crisis 2000: Insurrection in the United States!

Michael Lear: Part Twenty; The Red Islamic/Communist-Muslim Alliance and War Against Judeo-Christianity: Chapter One: Michael Moriarty chronicles falling asleep under the wings of William Fulbright as a young man and what eventually woke him up

Impeach President Obama why when where and how: It is time for members of Congress -- and ordinary Americans -- to stand up to Barack Obama and tell him to stop, argues Dr. Robert Owens

Agenda 21: So-called 'compromise' with the enemy is idiotic: Compromising over the issue of property rights only results in loss -- it's time for people to fight back against institutions like the United Nations, writes Jane Gaffin

Immigration Executive Order -- All smoke and mirrors: Whether or not Barack Obama is able to pull off his amnesty, says Mark Alexander, the Democrats will win big with their constituencies

Why are these groups silent about Obama's executive amnesty?: The Department of Homeland Security issued a memo laying out the grounds of how an illegal immigrant would be deported and John Bender says some people should be plenty steamed

Shattering the covenant between the ruler & the ruled: Nancy Salvato argues that Americans need to start calling to account the various branches of their government to restore the connection between governed and governor

Needed: Accurate climate forecasts: Focusing on carbon dioxide (because that's where the money is) threatens forecasts, and lives, write Paul Driessen and David R. Legates

Bull market has a lot more room to run: Stock markets are surging and Dr. Peter Morici believes that there is still time to get in on rising equity prices

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