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In their own faces: Something funny happened on the way to a supposed "blue wave" tomorrow evening, writes Daniel M. Ryan: The Democrats' perfect plans went off the tracks

The Trump administration's extraordinary midterm record: Mark Alexander says that this election is a referendum on Demo voters' IQ and the MSM's chokehold on their opinion

Olga Kern: Once a year Michael Moriarty pays tribute to the majestic triumph Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #3 and this year Olga Kern and her interpretation of it is the subject of his spotlight

Cdn pol What should the legacy of World War I, and its great battles such as Vimy Ridge, be for Canadians?: Mark Wegierski meditates on the Great War’s possible meaning for Canada, 100 years after its end

Jump!: Jesus died on the cross for you, writes Dr. Robert Owens, which behooves you to be all that you can be in this life

The real conspiracy against the working man: Michael R. Shannon argues that the average American is experiencing stagnant wage growth thanks to systemic issues and an imbalance of power compared to employers

Pittsburgh massacre and the breathtaking hypocrisy of the left: Greg Strange is nothing but outraged that the political left would blame President Donald Trump for the shooting at at the Tree of Life synagogue

Other than the shooter, who is responsible for synagogue carnage?: Robert Bowers was clearly responsible for the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue recently but Selwyn Duke wonders if another kind of blame can also be laid

Understanding the threats from Iran: Col. Udi Evental examines the increasing belligerence of the Iranian mullahs and how likely they are to actually carry out their very many threats

After they put up a Trump yard sign, their HOA targeted them: The Parker family of Peoria, Arizona had no problems with their HOA when it came to an expansion of their garage -- until they decided to put up a Trump campaign sign

Does global competition lead to inflation?: Some prominent economists believe that competition amongst nations leads to inflation. Luke Kim doesn't share that belief

Coercion’s effect on freedom: Does political coercion really limit political freedom? Grace Cifuentes says no less than Milton and Rose Friedman argued that it indeed does

Dual tracks, ideological distortion: Pipe bombs mailed to prominent liberals and Democrats and a shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh has Daniel M. Ryan pondering political violence and the difference between talk and action

Nov. 6th is the day conservatives go on strike: Republicans in Congress have done so little that even Democrats are praising their collective efforts. Michael R. Shannon says it's time for conservatives to send the GOP a strong message

The Internet - assessing its main social, political, and cultural impacts in America (Part Five): Mark Wegierski looks at the five main “visions” of the Internet

The Holocaust: Michael Moriarty will be spending the better part of the fall in Europe to participate in the making of a documentary about the ground-breaking miniseries Holocaust which he co-starred in and has some opinions to share

Want to buy a bridge?: The party of globalism, open borders, and mobs promises years of Kavanaugh style show trials, argues Dr. Robert Owens

Cdn pol The passport: Keith Henderson has been watching Netflix's Al Hayba, the drama of a Lebanese-Canadian woman who visits the nation of her birth and relates it Canada's refusal to revoke the passports of Canadians-in-name-only seeking refuge from Lebanon's 2006 civil war

Exposed: Inside the DOJ 'hit squad': Rachel Alexander examines the issue of corruption within the Department of Justice and associated federal agencies and the massive abuse of power that is occurring at the expense of Republicans

The emperor has no clothes: Atonal music, the unacknowledged elephant in the concert hall: If you listen to classical music or opera you may be familiar with atonal music and if you don't like it you aren't alone, at least judging by Juilliard trained musician Charlotte Cerminaro

Is “statistics shadowbanning” the latest big-tech salvo against conservatives?: Whatfinger News is a popular news aggregator that caters to conservatives. That, apparently, was enough to get it essentially shadow-banned by WordPress, reports Selwyn Duke

The Democrat platform: Foment fear, anger, hatred, and division: The Democrats are systematically disuniting America and giving rise to leftist mob rule, says Mark Alexander

Bethlehem after Oslo: Terror spiked in Israel’s absence: Since essentially handing over Bethlehem to the Palestinians in 1995, argues Nadav Shragai, the city has become a warzone where Jews and their sacred sites have become open targets for terrorists

Dream big, to build a brighter future: An immigrant’s saga offers lessons for all Americans, in every social and economic class, writes Mark Murphy

Anti-fracking chaos in Colorado: Dr. David Wojick argues that an insane “eco” proposition in Colorado that will appear on ballots next month would all but shut down oil production – and set bad national precedent

Sanctuary maternity wards a leftist success story: Michael R. Shannon follows up on a recent column where readers accused him of being overly alarmist and a news story which proves emotion trumps evidence

U.S. shale has a glaring problem: By all measures US oil companies in the shale sector should be sleeping on piles of cash but Nick Cunningham reports the exact opposite is true -- and that could cause problems down the line

Beyond the tragedy: The effective end of Elizabeth Warren's claim to Native American ancestry and the media storm it provoked may have seen the turning of a corner, argues Daniel M. Ryan

The Internet -- assessing its main social, political, and cultural impacts in America (Part Four): Mark Wegierski examines whether the Internet can be a healthy outlet for dissidents

The Holocaust: Michael Moriarty will be spending the better part of the fall in Europe to participate in the making of a documentary about the ground-breaking miniseries Holocaust which he co-starred in and has some opinions to share

Kanye v Kaepernick — Breaking ranks: Mark Alexander says it's clear that any break from the Democrat Party orthodoxy poses an existential threat to their electability

Is overconfidence to blame for the failure of financial forecasting?: Financial forecasting is a lot like weather forecasting: the ones doing are wrong just often enough to be utterly frustrating to watchers. Jason Yu explores the pitfalls of the art of forecasting

2017 tax law continues to bring benefits: Mark Murphy argues that even before enactment, anticipation of passage of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act spurred investments, jobs and growth

What is the source of America’s economic growth?: Donald Trump and his supporters are taking a lot of credit for America's recent economic success. Libbi Wu explores the question of who should actually be taking credit

The opioid crisis from a Thaler point of view: The opioid crisis is one of America's largely unknown drug issues and Sarah Shin explores the problem from the prospective of economics

Price vs. quantity approaches: William D. Nordhaus recently won the Nobel Prize for Economics and Yesun Kim looks at his work on how to slow or reduce global warming through price mechanisms

The party of Antifa fascists?: Paul Driessen asks if Americans really want these intolerant, violent mobs and their representatives running America?

Developing Northern Sinai – A new diplomatic paradigm: How can the economic situation in Gaza be alleviated without strengthening the military capabilities of Hamas? Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira and Shlomi Fogel think they have the answer

How Al Gore built the global warming fraud: And changed the alarmism from global cooling to global warming, and now climate change, write Jay Lehr and Tom Harris

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