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President Trump’s squandered golden opportunity: Dr. Lester Jackson initially thought Donald Trump's recent State of the Union address went exceedingly well but since he's been disappointed by the president on one major issue

The God of Music And His Goddess, Angela Hewitt: The Goldberg Variations: There may have been no finer composer than J.S. Bach and this past weekend Michael Moriarty had the pleasure of hearing the master played by no less another master than Angela Hewitt

On the 170th anniversary of Marx and Engel’s Communist Manifesto – can Marx be re-interpreted as a critic of late modernity? (Part Three): Mark Wegierski argues that the Old Left was mostly socially conservative

Quit disarming teachers: Dr. Robert Owens believes that teachers in schools need to be armed in order to be able to defend their students against the next Parkland shooter

Dr. Warren Farrell explains The Boy Crisis: Are American boys in a state of crisis? Rachel Alexander reviews The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It which purports to answer the question

Our sum total weighed in the balances: A people actually defined by their actions? While many would argue otherwise, Charlotte Cerminaro believes that the eternal scale does in fact reflect who we really are

Parkland school shooting is your government at rest: Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has told everyone who would listen that there was nothing his department could do to stop the Parkland school shooter. Unfortunately for him, argues Michael R. Shannon, the facts show otherwise

Those fraudulent climate litigation shakedowns: Which aspects are most fraudulent, asks Paul Driessen: The cities’ lawsuits, junk science or bond offerings?

Parkland kids: The return of the grieving activist: It's not reprehensible to criticize Parkland students who push for gun control, argues Selwyn Duke, but it is when Democrats use those same students as shields for their anti-gun agenda

The American Renaissance: Chapter Twelve, The New World Order, Part One: Michael Moriarty launches a new series where he investigates the historical roots -- which include a pair of world wars -- of the New World Order

On the 170th anniversary of Marx and Engel’s Communist Manifesto – can Marx be re-interpreted as a critic of late modernity? (Part Two): Mark Wegierski applies Marxist class analysis to the Sixties and East-Central Europe

How can you stay so optimistic?: In what can actually be called a time of political and cultural tribulations people wonder how Dr. Robert Owens can always smile -- he has one simple answer

GOP avoids becoming piñata through no fault of its own: The Republican Party avoided alienating its conservative base on the matter of illegal immigration thanks largely due to miscalculations by the Democrat Party, says Michael R. Shannon

Demos don't care about children unless…: Violence is a cultural problem and until Democrats reverse the policies that have devastated our families and communities, violence will continue to rule the day, argues Mark Alexander

Our next energy and security crisis?: Paul Driessen reports that the United States was importing 65% of its oil in 2005 vs 100% of many key minerals now (from China and Russia)

Oil market fears: War, default and nuclear weapons: America may be seeing a boom in investment but Nick Cunningham argues that the rest of the world -- particularly the oil producers -- are seeing nothing but uncertainty

Will Congress finally get tough on junk science?: Paul Driessen discuesses a House hearing that investigated a UN cancer agency accused of misusing US taxpayer funds

It’s time to retire the term ‘alt-right’: "Alt-right" used to be a term simply to describe a strain of conservatism but these days it's become tainted and needs to go, argues Rachel Alexander

The American Renaissance: Chapter Eleven, Ken Burns And His War: Documentarian Ken Burns is a master storyteller but the man has been nothing but overbearingly one note when it comes to the issue of racism, says Michael Moriarty

On the 170th anniversary of Marx and Engel’s Communist Manifesto – can Marx be re-interpreted as a critic of late modernity? (Part One): Mark Wegierski argues that Marx might have serious disagreements with the current-day Left

DNC hack wasn’t a hack: The Russians hacked DNC servers? Dr. Robert Owens says some pretty credible people are arguing that it was actually an inside job

Are Democrat midterm ambitions the real reason Parkland is still in news?: The Russian collusion story has come to naught so Democrats need something new to pin their mid-term hopes on and Selwyn Duke says it would appear a school shooting will be it

Parkland shooting aftermath could turn into another media witch hunt: Much like the "Satanic" panic of the 1980s and early 90s, writes Samuel Bocetta, it would appear that the media and politicians are whipping up panic about guns

Democrat common sense — A non-sequitur: Whenever the words "common sense" -- particularly when it comes to gun control -- come out of a Democrat's mouth, Mark Alexander advises a good dose of caveat emptor

My genuine bipartisan compromise offer: Michael R. Shannon has an offer for Republicans and Democrats in Congress though he has his doubts that there will be many takers

Jewish-Arab coexistence in Jerusalem and local elections: Municipal elections are taking place in October in Jerusalem and most Israeli Arabs are interested in participating. Nadav Shragai isn't surprised to hear that

Preventing government data failures: Governments too often ignore data, and fail badly. Justhy Deva Prasad  argues that citizens must take more responsibility

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