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¡Ay, caramba! US illegal count just doubled: Yale professors attempted to prove there weren't as many illegal aliens in the US as claimed -- and deflate the MAGA crowd -- but found something else instead, reports Michael R. Shannon

The Internet – assessing its main social, political, and cultural impacts in America (Part Two): Mark Wegierski identifies the media “New Class” -- those who work hard using the world wide web to condition the rest of the population

The Holocaust: Michael Moriarty will be spending the better part of the fall in Europe to participate in the making of a documentary about the ground-breaking miniseries Holocaust which he co-starred in and has some opinions to share

We wrestle not against flesh and blood: The political battles currently raging across the American landscape may seem like the most important fights of our day but Dr. Robert Owens argues they are merely sideshows to an already finished war

The shortage of truck drivers in the U.S.: The US is facing a critical shortage of an economic necessity -- truck drivers -- and Aislinn Niimi argues that it could have a profoundly negative impact on the American economy

Save the NFL Draft. It works: The NFL Draft -- no, not your fantasy draft, the one that people are actually interested in -- is attacked every year for essentially favoring the rich teams but Forest Yang says that's not actually the case

Can poor families sue John Kerry for climate policy deaths?: Paul Driessen argues that conjectural future death tolls from climate change pale compared to real energy poverty deaths occurring right this very moment

The left’s do–it–yourself authoritarianism: The left loves to proclaim that Donald Trump is either a dictator or the first step to a dictatorship, something that Michael R. Shannon argues isn't supported by the facts

Drowning in the New World Order’s ever-deepening American swamp: Watching the Kavanaugh/Ford hearings last week Michael Moriarty could come to only two conclusions: Dr. Catherine Ford is a poor actress and Brett Kavanaugh is an excellent swimmer to have survived the process this long

The Internet -- assessing its main social, political, and cultural impacts in America (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at the Internet and the tremendous, all-encompassing influence it's had on our world

The un-American, anti-Constitution left vs. Kavanaugh: The underlying evil of desperate smears by democracy's losers: The war launched against Brett Kavanaugh in recent weeks shows Dr. Lester Jackson why the United States needs a president like Donald Trump so much

The poor Aussie strawberries: News reports recently chronicled that needles have been found in Australian strawberries, decimating a key agricultural industry for that country. Luke Tan says the ongoing drama neatly illustrates some basic economic principles

Is capitalism humane?: It was one of the big questions that the late, great economist Milton Friedman once attempted to answer and that Joseph Petchauer takes up: Is capitalism actually a humane system?

$100 oil is a distinct possibility: Nick Cunningham reports that a run-up of oil prices, thanks to a confluence of production factors, seems likely and we should be expecting higher prices at the pump in the relatively near future

We must all sacrifice for the environment: But I meant you – not me! Greg Walcher says “we’re” supposed to be exempt from rules we inflict on others -- the attitude of many environmentalists today

Rooting out scientific corruption: Recent actions show reform is in the wind, but much remains to be done, especially on climate, writes Paul Driessen

Maxine Waters, the new face of the Democratic Party: One excellent example of why many Democrats are leaving their former political home is the unhinged Rep. Maxine Waters, a woman who manages to constantly outdo herself with insanity, says Rachel Alexander

Renée Fleming: If you haven't heard the angelic voice of American opera singer and soprano Renée Fleming, argues confirmed fan Michael Moriarty, you are missing out on a truly marvelous experience

Cdn pol Commemorating the centenary of George Grant’s birth, and thirty years since his passing: Mark Wegierski asks, what remains of George Grant’s ideas in current-day Canada?

Cdn pol In Memoriam, Richard (Dick) Field, 1924-2018: Mark Wegierski offers a tribute to a stalwart Canadian patriot who dared to fight the forces of progressive liberalism in an age where few wanted to take up the banner

Communications 4900: The deafening sound of silence: Silence is a commodity that is not common these days but Charlotte Cerminaro is a fan of it when those small moments of quiet occur

Transgenderism’s recruiting plans include your kids: In what's looking increasingly like a cult, argues Michael R. Shannon, government and activists appear to be targeting children as part of the transgender campaign

Trump’s backdoor power play to rein in the Fed: It is no secret that Donald Trump is an "easy money" guy and a prospective rate hike by the Fed will impact his ability to carry out his agenda, writes Stefan Gleason

Freedom first: When it comes to trade Isabel Wu is taking a page from the late and great Milton Friedman that the principle of freedom should be the step to start with

Judging Kavanaugh — Feinstein's 'guilty until proven innocent' strategy: Sen. Diane Feinstein has scripted the Ford sexual assault allegation simply to run out the clock on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination, writes Mark Alexander

Inequality is inevitable: When it comes to anything touched by human hands and thought, says Yesun Kim, inequality for various reasons is simply inevitable -- and that includes health care

Bloom Energy’s “tangled web”: What a tangled web Bloom Energy weaves, since first it practiced to deceive, say Paul Driessen and Clint Laird about a company with a rather colorful history

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