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Perils of the left: The unrecognized, profound danger of Elizabeth Warren: Conservatives may generally view Elizabeth Warren as a bit of a joke, Selwyn Duke says she would genuinely make for a very dangerous president for a number of reasons

Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Twelve – Grandmasters of SF: Mark Wegierski looks at some writing and films from the true greats of science fiction and fantasy, mostly of the 1940s-1980s

Here are the rules for defeating radicals: Saul Alinsky has long held sway with radical leftists -- and his tactics have been very successful, but Rachel Alexander argues that Christopher G. Adamo's Rules for Defeating Radicals, Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture may be answer to that success

Christianity proves expendable for Chick–fil–A: Chick-fil-A's recent ending of ties with two Christian charities may have surprised many but Michael R. Shannon says the signs that the restaurant chain wanted move away from religious links have been around for years

Rent control creating housing shortages: The only people who benefit from rent control, says Kyle Wheeler, are the people who are actually paying below market rate rents. The rest of society? Just trying to find a place to live

No Plan B for Planet A: Paul Driessen argues that replacing fossil fuels with so-called “renewable” energy would devastate the only planet we’ve got

The unrest in Iran continues: You probably aren't hearing much in the news about the ongoing protests in Iran but the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs reports that they do continue and the regime hasn't stopped their violent responses either

Schiff's desperate pivot to perjury and bribery: Mark Alexander continues his look at the clear-as-day politically motivated impeachment hearings that the campaign for essentially began the very day that Donald Trump was sworn in as president

Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Eleven – The origins of SF and fantasy: In the latest installment of his ongoing series Mark Wegierski looks mostly here at H. G. Wells and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis

How than shall we pray?: How to pray has been a subject of contemplation and debate since the first Christian and if you're expecting an easy answer you'll be very disappointed, writes Dr. Robert Owens

Lieutenant Colonel Vindman as Ukrainian asset?: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman became a darling of the political left last week thanks to his testimony at the Trump impeachment hearing but Selwyn Duke isn't quite as impressed by the US Army officer

Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation targets radical feminism: Need a movie for Christmas? Thomas M. Sipos says that despite being a late entry in a holiday horror franchise -- and we know how quickly a series declines after a worthy original -- Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation is actually worth watching

The emotionalism of the left: Liberals always trumpet their belief that they are intellectually superior to conservatives and yet, argues Rachel Alexander, their arguments are always predicated on emotional appeals

Trade deficits aren’t always bad: It's a rare politician on either side of the political divide that doesn't promise to improve a trade deficit but Rachel Shey says not all trade deficits are a bad thing, particularly if both sides are benefiting

The failure of the International Criminal Court: The International Criminal Court was envisioned as a neutral place of justice where the worst crimes would be prosecuted. The reality? Amb. Alan Baker says the court is tied to the United Nations and its prejudices

Ghosts of the USDA: The Washington Post won't let go the trail of tears move of the US Department of Agriculture from Washington, D.C. to Kansas City, writes Michael R. Shannon, and the agony it's causing America

The worst is over for oil markets: Nick Cunningham believes that if international trade -- such as the China-US spat -- is sorted out that oil prices will have room to begin moving up in 2020

U.S. policy change on Israeli settlements: A long awaited correction: The Trump administration's policy change on the legality of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza are welcome and take into account some important facts, argues Amb. Dore Gold

We are surging across the Democrat divide: Mark Alexander says that Black conservatives are the Democrats' archenemies – and their numbers are steadily growing

The United States of North America: Part One: Don Cherry may have only been Canada's most popular hockey personality -- until he was fired for comments widely interpreted as anti-immigrant -- but Michael Moriarty says his termination as part of a wider plan of attack

Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Ten – Three key works: Mark Wegierski looks at three critically-important dystopias

The Trump bump stumps chumps: For all of the attacks that US President Donald Trump faces from his varied enemies, writes Dr. Robert Owens, the one thing that no one seems able to take aim at him over are the country's increasing fortunes

Cdn pol The passing away of traditional Canada (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the 2015 and 2019 Canadian federal elections in the final entry of his three part series

Notes from the back row: Is ​hearing ​ the same as ​listening?: ​Charlotte Cerminaro says seemingly simple questions like this can perplex even a musician 

Roger Stone: Convicted for bragging: Although many cheered with his conviction, Rachel Alexander wasn't very impressed with the charges and believes he should be lightly sentenced

Why the UK repeatedly stumbles heading for the Brexit: Despite a clear mandate from the people, says Michael R. Shannon, the UK's leaders seem unable to actually leave the European Union -- or is it actually unwilling to leave?

Brexit bagels: Why is Camilla Fratta comparing the delicious breakfast meal of bagels to the ongoing mess that is Brexit? As she so capably states, it's all a matter of perspective

Congressman prods Attorney General on gold, silver trading questions ignored by CFTC: US Rep. Alex W. Mooney wants some fairly simple answers regarding manipulation of gold and silver markets and he's not getting them, reports Chris Powell

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