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Will carnage in Paris cause Obama to revise his reckless plans to import Syrian refugees?: The same day that saw the savage terrorist attacks in Paris also saw a report that the Obama administration would speed up processing of Syrian refugees. John W. Lillpop wonders of Obama will reconsider his plan

Obama's condemnation of terrorist attacks rings hollow to many: A few hours before the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, Barack Obama appeared on ABC and proclaimed ISIS had been "contained". Jim Kouri is not impressed

The Thousand Year Peace: Chapter Four: Battle of The Books And The Price of The New World Order’s Evil Good Intentions: In the wake of the attacks in Paris, Michael Moriarty has some thoughts on the confluence of interests and philosophies which have created the world today

Examining the space opera/star empires subgenre (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at space opera/star empires in three "mini" board wargames

How many nails does it take to seal a coffin: The text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership has been unveiled -- if you have time to read the two million word document -- and Dr. Robert Owens isn't a fan of the free trade deal

The GOP debate: Missing the banana boat on immigration: Selwyn Duke believes that most of the Republicans running for the party's nomination just don't get the immigration issue on any level -- illegal or otherwise

San Francisco too expensive for socialists to live there: A recent referendum in San Francisco would have banned renting out your home to strangers, illustrating perfectly why the city has gone to hell, writes Michael R. Shannon

Is your deodorant causing American children to starve?: Bernie Sanders apparently believes that having a choice in which deoderant you can buy is one of the causes of poverty in the United States, reports Charisa Shin

Political climate shifting against the oil and gas industry: As if continuing low oil prices weren't causing enough problems, Nick Cunningham reports that oil companies are beginning to face an onslaught from politicians as well

Green Tech – the climate crisis syndicate: Manufactured climate crisis fears and renewable energy schemes create a gold mine for the rich, says Paul Driessen

Robot cars: The return of the Sunday driver: So-called autonomous cars are coming at some point in the relatively near future and you might not be surprised to know that Michael R. Shannon is a bit skeptical of them

The Thousand Year Peace: Chapter Three: Vladimir Putin and his secret, psychopathic ally, Barack Hussein Obama: Vladimir Putin is working hard to reshape the world within his reach and Michael Moriarty argues that U.S. President Barack Obama is giving him all the help he needs

Examining the space opera/star empires subgenre (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at space opera/star empires in the Traveller/Imperium future-history

Rush the Big Voice on the Right: Rush Limbaugh recently penned a piece for the National Review examining his place in broadcast history and Dr. Robert Owens has nothing but praise for the man

Veterans Day emblems under fire: "The Red, White, and Blue" or the White Flag of Surrender"?: Debra Rae reports on a controversy at a Christian university that planned to honour a famous veteran but is being prevented from presenting the country's colours or the Pledge of Allegiance

Media nixing comments sections: When "civility" really means "political correctness": An increasing number of online web sites are getting rid of their comments sections over concerns of "civility". Selwyn Duke argues that its merely designed to stifle any criticism

'Our shared values'?: Barack Obama loves to use the words "our shared values" in his speeches so Mark Alexander decides to explore what the U.S. president probably means with that propagandistic phrase

Obama to issue Executive Order to enact "No Thug Left Behind" lunacy!: John W. Lillpop believes that Americans should ready themselves from another pronouncement by Barack Obama, this time to help former prisoners gain employment

Judge unravels illegal activity by prosecution that ensured a conviction of Renzi  — But will he do anything about it?: At a recent hearing a judge tore apart the prosecution for violating convicted former Congressman Rick Renzi's rights, reports Rachel Alexander

Oil megaprojects won't stay on the shelf for long: Continuing oil prices -- with no rise forecast any time soon -- have put a number of oil recover megaprojects on the backburner but Nick Cunningham says that won't last

The terrible cost of demagoguery: Dr. Peter Morici says that Barack Obama's decision to kill off the Keystone Pipeline will cost the United States in several ways

Government-style "fairness" for the 1%: Paul Driessen argues that Obama cronies get abundant favors – at the expense of working class Americans

Canada's new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Just another Bernie Sanders?: Canadians will see a new prime minister sworn in this week as Justin Trudeau takes power. Rachel Alexander isn't pleased

The Thousand Year Peace: Chapter Two: Vichy Canada: Michael Moriarty has previously had a lot to praise about Canada in the past but the recent election of Justin Trudeau does not fill him with confidence for the near future

Examining the space opera/star empires subgenre (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at two space opera/star empires board wargames

Let's really clean the barn: John Boehner is no longer the speaker of the House of Representatives but Dr. Robert Owens says the clean-up in government has yet to begin

GOP media takedown: A recipe for victory: Last week's CNBC GOP debate provided Republicans with a valuable opportunity to call out the media party, writes Selwyn Duke

Unleash Ted Cruz to save America!: John W. Lillpop says the CNBC GOP debate showed Ted Cruz to be a real conservative unafraid to challenge the media

Palestinian incitement to violence and terror: Nothing new, but still dangerous: Amb. Alan Baker argues that the latest Palestinian-Israeli tensions, and resulting violence, is due to the ongoing attempts by Palestinian authorities to whip up a frenzy

Stop blaming OPEC for low prices: OPEC works for its members' benefit but Nick Cunningham says the facts don't support that the organization has driven prices down due to increased oil production

Leading on Paris climate treaty?: Paul Driessen argues that we should lead from behind – instead of with brains in our behinds – on this new Treaty of Paris

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