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Kavanaugh’s audition to join oracles at Delphi: Brett Kavanaugh -- President Donald Trump’s latest Supreme Court nominee -- is auditioning for his role and Michael R. Shannon isn't pleased by the supreme role the high court has these days

Cuspers – a new generational category proposed – updated to 2018 (Part Two): Cuspers, a new generational category between the Baby Boomers and Gen X, have mirrored the anxieties of the late-modern era, argues Mark Wegierski

The shamelessly seductive Bertolt Brecht: Playwright Bertolt Brecht was a communist -- something that Michael Moriarty has no love for -- but the man has made an indelible mark on his career

1968: A rough year but still worthy of nostalgia: Most Americans think of 1968 as a year of hippies, anti-war protests and societal decay but Greg Strange argues that things weren't all bad

The surreal struggle for government permission to petition: Dr. Lester Jackson has struggled for months to turn Equal Justice for Victims into a tax-exempt, non-profit and has learned a great deal of the labour it takes to navigate IRS regulations

Reflections on the meaning of life and other puzzles, part 3: The intersection of free will, momentum and external forces: We live in a world of choice and Charlotte Cerminaro says that choice highlights the constant struggle between free will and and freedom

Therapists rebrand 'Trump Derangement Syndrome': Donald Trump's election and his subsequent bombardment of the status quo resulted in an epidemic of cognitive dissonance on the Left, says Mark Alexander

Global warming is not people’s most pressing concern: Tom Harris argue that most people don’t really care about global warming, don’t think it affects them much, and don’t believe the hype of the climate change orthodoxy

Coke, meth and booze: The flip side of the Permian oil boom: The Permian shale play in West Texas is booming these days, reports Tsvetana Paraskova, as well as creating a massive subculture of drugs and alcohol

The 'new face' of the Democrat Party?: The surge of socialist sentiments and candidates is bad for Democrat midterm hopefuls and bad for the future of American Liberty, says Mark Alexander

Cuspers – a new generational category proposed – updated to 2018 (Part One): Mark Wegierski proposes a new generational category between the Baby Boomers and Gen X

Gael Greene: American restaurant critic, author and novelist Gael Greene helped educate New Yorkers about food and raised the level of sophistication for culinary writing and Michael Moriarty has nothing but great love for her

Here’s a free gift: If you've lost all hope or thinking nothing will ever change in life Dr. Robert Owens says that there is a higher power that has something that will help -- and it costs you nothing

The social cost of non–profit lawyers: Non-profit lawyers may not -- in theory -- cost their clients any money but Michael R. Shannon argues they may be the most expensive lawyers for society as a whole

Strong dollar could cap oil prices: A strong US dollar may be paying some benefits for consumers -- for the moment -- but Irina Slav says it could also reduce oil prices and harm some national economies

Environmentalist scare stories – Never mind!: Paul Driessen argues that solid evidence shows there is no “bee-pocalypse,” even as alarmists are alleging new pesticide threats 

The left-wing paradise of San Francisco: Syringes and human feces line the streets and a family earning over $100K annually is considered poor -- welcome to San Francisco, a city that liberal policies created, says Rachel Alexander

Cdn pol “Third parties” in Canada – another reassessment (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at the left-of-centre/socialist New Democratic Party (NDP)

It takes faith to be an atheist: Dr. Robert Owens was once a committed atheist and he knows that it requires as much faith to be one as any Christian can claim -- it's just directed at something else than a higher power

Cicadas, the latest addition to Chinese cuisine: Michael R. Shannon weighs in on the growing sophistication of the ever expanding Chinese surveillance state and that nation's latest addition to dinner plates

Republican primary pretenders: Caveat emptor: Mark Alexander says Republicans and conservatives need to be wary this election season as every GOP hopeful is portraying themselves as reliable members of the political right

We must stop suffering fools: Modern society cannot afford the costs of giving fools and idiots the power and prestige they demand, argues Dr. James E. Smith

Luddite eco-imperialists claim to be virtuous: Uber-organic campaigns enshrine primitive agriculture and malnutrition as human rights – which may make well-off Westerners feel good but few others, write Paul Driessen and David Wojick

Time for conservatives to go on strike: Republicans in Congress -- led by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell -- have been determined to squander their ability to make meaningful conservative change and Michael R. Shannon says its time for average Americans to take action

Cdn pol “Third parties” in Canada – another reassessment (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at “third parties” in Western Canada, another region in the country where third parties have had quite a bit of influence

Braven: Jason Momoa may not be known for deeply compelling work but Michael Moriarty says his Netflix film Braven is a fine action flick that also shows off eastern Canada's beauty

The meaning of the Book of Revelation: It's perhaps the most famous section of the Bible and been debated for centuries but Dr. Robert Owens says its meaning is very simple

SCOTUS: It's not about right v. left. it's about liberty v. tyranny: The contest for the Supreme Court is not about conservative v. liberal. It's about judicial authority v. judicial despotism, says Mark Alexander

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