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The rise of rudeness: The past six decades have seen a remarkable rise in rudeness, writes Rachel Alexander, and while the 1950s may have had its problems there was at least a civility that was widely shown one's foes

Keeping my promise to both Kenneth Woods and Joseph Haydn: Part One: Michael Moriarty begins a new multi-essay series where he lauds some praise on Austrian composer Joseph Haydn and the sheer mass of his musical output

Cdn pol “Inter-not” -- Has a Canadian right-wing “blogosphere” had an impact on politics, society, and culture in Canada? – updated to 2018 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at some Canadian think-tanks

A soap opera that never ends will finally end then what?: As a teacher of history Dr. Robert Owens likes to believe that he has a long view of humanity's progress but he knows that there is an end point to it all

Superheroes…super humans?: Can comic book characters be moral role models for us today? Travis Smith's Superhero Ethics: 10 Comic Book Heroes; 10 Ways to Save the World; Which One Do We Need Most Now? argues so and Steven Martinovich reviews his efforts

Aligning high school and college curriculum: Many students have a difficult time making the transition to college after high school. Dale Schlundt says one group in Texas is attempting to address that issue

Russia constrains Iran: Vladimir Putin may have had a reason to welcome Iran's participation in the Syrian civil war -- at least at the beginning -- but he's clearly had second thoughts, writes Amb. Dore Gold

NFL limits demonstrations to the end zone: Are NFL protests by players at an end? Michael R. Shannon doesn't think much of the movement and the assumptions that spawned them regardless

Freeze, reduce or eliminate CAFÉ fuel standards: Paul Driessen argues that too many small, lightweight cars cause too many deaths and injuries to justify tighter mpg rule

Yes, Trump is legally allowed to block people on Twitter: Despite what a federal district court judge ruled last month, writes Rachel Alexander, US President Donald Trump does in fact have the legal right to block people on Twitter

Jerry Maguire: The Tom Cruise/Cuba Gooding Jr. starrer Jerry Maguire may not be considered a classic by most but Michael Moriarty says the movie says something important about the United States

Cdn pol “Inter-not” -- Has a Canadian right-wing “blogosphere” had an impact on politics, society, and culture in Canada? – updated to 2018 (Part One): Mark Wegierski expresses some skepticism on the notion that Canada's political bloggers have had a real impact on the Canadian intellectual scene

The only way back to God: Plenty of people proclaim themselves -- honestly and without apparent hypocrisy -- to be Christians but Dr. Robert Owens argues that it's all or nothing

Reflections on the meaning of life and other puzzles: Part One: Charlotte Cerminaro starts a new series where she explores questions which are written simply but have bedevilled both philosophers and the average person since humanity started asking them

Starbucks seeking volunteers for sociology experiment: Michael R. Shannon argues that lefty coffee chain Starbucks is essentially conducting a massive sociological experiment where anything apparently goes with customers and servers

The Trump investigation: Origins and motives: Mark Alexander explores the the genesis of the Trump/Putin collusion investigation from the very educated perspective of former assistant U.S. attorney Andrew McCarthy

Emerging market meltdown could undermine oil rally: Uncertainty in the oil markets may have spelled an end to higher fuel prices but Nick Cunningham says at this point anything could happen

Speculative climate chaos v. indisputable fossil fuel benefits: Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek report on a federal judge who, during a high profile case involving California and oil companies told climate litigants to tally the numerous blessings from fossil fuels since 1859

You don’t have to like Donald Trump: Rachel Alexander has a message for those who consider themselves Never Trumpers: You don't have to like the man in order to appreciate what he's done for conservatives so far

St. Carole Lombard: Viewing In Name Only has convinced Michael Moriarty that Carole Lombard was nothing short of a comedic genius

Comparing Canadian and American Right (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at the weakness of the Canadian conservative infrastructures

All public forums should be open and uncensored: US President Donald Trump should embrace (and expand) court ruling that his Twitter account is a free speech forum, argues Paul Driessen

What if Obamacare sold homeowner’s insurance?: Michael R. Shannon is going to be blunt: If homeowner's insurance operated like Obamacare, many people would simply opt to be homeless

Dem gun confiscator tacitly admits gun control wouldn’t work: Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) freely admits that he wants to ban AR-15 rifles and would be happy with total gun confiscation -- but also tacitly admits it wouldn't work, writes Selwyn Duke

Psychological asymmetry: Understanding the Gaza “return” demonstrations: Depending on where you stand the "return protests" are either Israel defending itself or the mass slaughter of civilians. Dr. Irwin J. Mansdorf explains why viewpoints are so diametrically opposed

Op 'Crossfire Hurricane' is now op 'Backfire Tornado': Mark Alexander details the next chapter in how Obama's Deep State principals have endeavored to take down Donald Trump

EPA’s Pruitt is far cleaner than critics claim: Deroy Murdock argues that Scott Pruitt’s security, DC bedroom and policies are legitimate and defensible, under any fair standard

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