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Time to put the Democratic Party on suicide watch?: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Democrat Party's calls for the abolishment of ICE may just show that the left is finished, says Selwyn Duke

Cdn pol “Third parties” in Canada – another reassessment (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at “third parties” in Quebec, long a fertile ground for new parties that have made major waves in La Belle Province's political scene

Annette Bening and memory lane: Watching The American President recently reminded Michael Moriarty of the gifts that Annette Bening has as an actress and one of the reasons why he left the United States

Euphoria: A depressingly meaningless death in post-Christian Europe: Euphoria was sold as a feel-good movie -- at least its trailer tried to convince audiences of that. Despite the deception, writes Thomas M. Sipos, he strongly recommends the movie

The new oil cartel threatening OPEC: OPEC has long dominated the world's oil markets but Irina Slav argues that two countries which are talking about joining together may cause the cartel some serious problems

Multilateral anti-development banks: Paul Driessen and David Wojick argue that the United States finances prolonged poverty, misery, disease, and death through international banks

Scream hypocrite! when you can't win on the merits: Declaring someone a hypocrite is a long and time-honoured tradition in American politics but Thomas M. Sipos argues that Trump critics don't appear to understand what the word actually means

Cdn pol “Third parties” in Canada – another reassessment (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at the Reform Party of Canada in the first of his multi-part series on the vibrant history of "third parties" in Canadian political history

Turning 78: Michael Moriarty only just turned 77 years of age but he's already looking forward to his next birthday because as he gets older life only seems to be getting better

Why is more important than how: Science, argues Dr. Robert Owens, is exceptionally good at answering how things happen but it does a rather poor job of explaining why things have happened

Donald Trump suffers separation anxiety: Michael R. Shannon isn't terribly pleased that US President Donald Trump caved somewhat last week over the furor of children being separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border

Imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has made sexual assault in the military her defining campaign but it would appear to have netted at least one innocent man, reports Rachel Alexander

Cdn pol Ontario’s new premier must save the province: Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris argue that neither Ontario nor any country should follow the province's example on energy and environmental policies

Democrat protagonists are masters of hypocrisy: If hypocrisy was a virtue, Democrats would be the most virtuous among us, says Mark Alexander

The Saudis won't prevent the next oil shock: Nick Cunningham believes that higher oil prices thanks to increased demand and an inability to increase supply are coming and there is nothing that Saudi Arabia can do to prevent it

Keep it in the ground … by blocking pipelines: If environmentalists can’t stop energy development, they try to block pipeline transport (and get unexpected help), writes Paul Driessen

In long ago days, journalists were gods and heroes: Journalists were only exalted -- people like Walter Cronkite -- when they and their reporting were trusted. Thomas M. Sipos says those days are never, ever coming back

Cdn pol A brief history of conservative publications in Canada – updated to 2018 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at the history of Canadian conservative media efforts -- both traditional and online -- during the mid-1990s and beyond

The entertainer: Michael Moriarty takes a break from his short series on Joseph Haydn to ponder whether the symphony is a dead format and the three composers who are informing his latest efforts in music

If God is so good why is there evil?: A question that has vexed philosophers, priests and the laity since the beginning of Christianity: Why does evil exist if God is good? Dr. Robert Owens tries to provide his own answer

Leftists taking language instruction from corporations: Where did the political left get the idea they could control the speech of other people? Michael R. Shannon posits that corporations might be the source

Demo Party leaders don't care about children — unless...: Democrats don't want an immigration solution. They want fodder for political talking points to advance their statist agenda and midterm election prospects, argues Mark Alexander

The many ways Palestinians violate international law: Amb. Alan Baker details the colourful gallery of tactics and actions the Palestinians and their allies employ to attack the state of Israel

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