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Codifying the collapse of the Demos' Russian collusion conspiracy: Mark Alexander argues that it was an entirely fabricated political lie scripted by Clinton, Obama, and their Leftmedia sycophants

Debunking the postmodern musings of Professor Matthew McManus (Part 2): Unravelling a mystery: What is postmodern conservatism?: J.R. Werbics continues his look at academic Matthew McManus’s work The Rise of Post-Modern Conservatism and it's attack on conservatism

Fifty-five years of Star Trek – a cultural vector and Hollywood cash-cow (Part Five): Mark Wegierski wonders where the future of Star Trek – and of the real world – is headed

Study finds sexuality fluidity exploration can change attraction: A new study in the Journal of Human Sexuality suggests that many people are able to change which gender they're attracted to, something that is doubtless going to provoke outrage, reports Rachel Alexander

A record? Twitter has had me “under suspension” for six months: Selwyn Duke's Twitter account has been under suspension for half a year while the platform "investigates" a tweet he made about singer Cardi B -- perhaps a record for any user of the social network

The 3D printing revolution and how it will transform our society and economy: 3D printing is still in its infancy, says Sofia Ferrer, but once that technology matures and becomes affordable to the masses it promises to irrevocably change everything

Yes, we can “trust” the Fed, Secretary Yellen: A temporary agreement on the debt ceiling last week "saved" the US from debt default but Mike Gleason says Americans can't trust the US Federal Reserve or Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

The U.S. government plans to default on debt the dishonest way: At a certain point the amount of debt that the US has piled up over the decades will become unsustainable -- if it hasn't already -- and the inevitable will happen, writes Mike Gleason

Debunking the post-modern musings of Professor Matthew McManus (Part 1): Exposing the pseudo-intellectualism of a radical progressive: If you've never heard of Prof. Matthew McManus you probably would be part of a large community. J.R. Werbics begins the first of a three-part series to introduce the academic to you

Examining the Polish-Canadian community on the 65th anniversary of the Polish October (1956): Mark Wegierski presents another piece co-authored with Pola Kojder, which was rejected by The National Post (Toronto) and The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Fifty-five years of Star Trek – a cultural vector and Hollywood cash-cow (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at Star Trek’s very enthusiastic fans, and at various “alternative-Treks”

Stop investing your money in corporations that fund progressives: Conservatives are increasingly being negatively targeted by businesses and Rachel Alexander argues that it's time for the right to actively put its money where its mouth is and only support conservative-friendly companies

What will the Chinese government do to solve the coal shortages in Northwest China?: China is beset with economic problems these days -- particularly a slowing economy and debt -- but Crofton Lee says the communist giant is also facing a severe shortage of coal

Don’t waste time or money on Silent Earth: Paul Driessen says this new book is just another junk-science screed against modern civilization and technology

The Iranian nuclear threat is not years away – it is now: Determining how far Iran has progressed in developing nuclear weapons is a bit of a guessing game but Amb. Dore Gold believes that the country is further along than most would think and the time for action may be soon

Fifty-five years of Star Trek – a cultural vector and Hollywood cash-cow (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks again at various aspects of Star Trek’s liberalism and notes some real-world parallels

Biden paves path to mandatory vax passports: Joe Biden's government mandates regarding COVID-19 are just one small step behind his corporate mandates, says Mark Alexander

FDA panel member on COVID “vaccines”: “Heart attacks happen 71 times more often….”: At least one member of an FDA panel looking at vaccines believes that one of them increases greatly your chances of having a heart attack, reports Selwyn Duke

Conservatives need to stop viciously attacking each other: Conservatives, particularly those of the Catholic faith, have their hands full with issues to deal with so Rachel Alexander doesn't understand why they spend so much time attacking each other

Data study: 18 months of ammo sales during a pandemic, protests, and the Biden presidency: It's no secret that ammunition supplies have dried up and prices have risen sharply. Sam Jacobs takes a look at the numbers and explains how and why

Corruption at the Fed: Are America’s money masters engaged in self-dealing?: The US Federal Reserve generally is viewed, at least by those who don't pay attention, as an above-board operation but Jp Cortez says a few of its senior personnel may not be above a bit of corruption

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