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Cultural Marxism's origins: How the disciples of an obscure Italian linguist subverted America: Everyone seems to be using the term "cultural Marxism" these days but few actually know what it means and its origins. Sam Jacobs goes into the history of the term

Cdn pol Fading blues -- the decline of the Tory tradition in Canada from the 1980s to today (Part Five):  Mark Wegierski looks at different definitions of Canadian nationalism

Believe it, confess it, receive it, live it: Dr. Robert Owens argues that everyone is born of sin but all Christians are able to cleanse themselves if they are just willing to take the gift that is offered to them

Shameful moderator bias at the Vice Presidential debate: If you were particularly surprised at the level of bias at last week's vice presidential debate, Selwyn Duke wasn't

Social media election riggers — The Demos' BFF: The Democrat/Social Media monopoly on ideas has essentially rigged the 2020 election, argues Mark Alexander

Big Tech censorship is finally now coming after the rest of us conservatives: Among the tools that Big Tech uses to rig the debate, writes Rachel Alexander, is to simply ban or de-platform conservatives

The Fed’s quest for higher inflation: What could go wrong?: The US Federal Reserve has consistently maintained that it wants an average inflation rate of 2% and that means metals prices will likely only trend higher, says Stefan Gleason

What if Antifa sponsored a presidential debate?: You'd be forgiven, writes Michael R. Shannon, if you thought the first presidential debate was sponsored by Antifa given how it played out

Proxima: Some women don't belong in space: 2019 movie Proxima is billed as a pro-feminist take on female astronauts but Thomas M. Sipos argues that the protagonist manages to fulfill every stereotype of the type of person you wouldn't want in a space program

An ode to low-cost labor: With wage costs in the Western world continuing to rise, argues Erick Washbourne, is it actually wrong for businesses to source their products in countries where labour costs are far cheaper?

Mike Pence got the debate buzz, but Obama is the Real Lord of the Flies: You know when journalism has descended to a new low when a fly landing on a candidate's head during a debate is the big news, writes Selwyn Duke

The struggle between Israel and Hizbullah, 1982-2020: Put simply, Lebanon is nothing more than a Shiite state run by Hizbullah, and Hizbullah is nothing more than a terrorist organization that is essentially controlled by Iran, writes Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira

Police use of deadly force is not about racism: David Wojick says the reality is far more complicated, but agenda-pushing activists don’t want to discuss it

Stealing an election, the slow–motion way: Donald Trump may have an unassailable lead on election night next month but Michael R. Shannon says that doesn't mean he'll end up winning a second term

Cdn pol Fading blues – the decline of the Tory tradition in Canada since the 1980s (Part Four):  Mark Wegierski argues that until the 1960s, Canada was a more substantively conservative society than America

We are accepted: No matter how regrettable your life and behavior have been, asserts Dr. Robert Owens, you always have someone on your side to act as an advocate

Populism vs. Elitism: Mark Wegierski examines some of the history of populism and elitism since the Eighteenth Century

If you think the police are brutal and biased now…: Back in the "old" days -- the 1970s -- the police were feared by criminals and respected by the public and it was due to a lackadaisical view of the rules, writes Rachel Alexander

Leftist politics: Psychological “projection” and other derangements: If you listen to liberals and leftists -- particularly those in the media -- you learn very quickly that what they believe is quickly turned into their self-assured reality, says Greg Strange

The opportunity cost of having friends: The principles of economics stretch into every aspect of our lives but Aimee Lindemuth explains that they can even be used to explain why we have friends

White radicals? still goes to Biden for President webpage: If the reverse were true the Democrats and media would be having a field day but Selwyn Duke says Joe Biden's campaign is pretty silent about the fact that redirects to his web site

Suburban 'White Privilege' Democrats: The Biden/Harris yard signs sprouting up, argues Mark Alexander, project much more than a political preference

Why 2020 is so important: What happened this year in Virginia should scare every conservative into voting November 3, argues Scot Faulkner

The power of the free market: Examples around the world, says LillyAnne Beatty, proves that people can and will improve their situations and those of others by exercising choice in a free market

Amy Coney Barrett and the zealots: As a religious person Amy Coney Barrett automatically faces the accusation of "dogma" and fears that she will impose her beliefs on the nation. Selwyn Duke isn't particularly afraid of that

Your life under the Green New Deal: Paul Driessen builds a case that your lives, living standards and world would suffer dramatically under a Biden-AOC-Harris GND

The prelude to World War II: The Spanish Civil War and today's America: America, writes Sam Jacobs, is not Europe but taking a look at the Spanish Civil War and its surrounding events may be instructive for understanding what's happening in the United States today

Cdn pol Fading blues -- the decline of the Tory tradition in Canada since the 1980s (Part Three): Mark Wegierski asks, who have been the real conservatives within the Conservative Party

Bad Blood versus reality, Part Three: Michael Moriarty continues his look at Bad Blood, a Canadian series chronicling the life of a Montreal mob family, examining the troubles that one member had in prison

The Blue State blockade: Whatever else he can say about the American leader, says Dr. Robert Owens, President Donald Trump is the prime cheerleader for Making America Great Again Again

The ease of actions: Richard Thaler was honored with a Nobel Prize in Economics back in 2017 but what makes him a great economist, argues Ashton Daum, is the simple principle that he brought to the social science

Why the United Arab Emirates is uniquely stable among the Arab States: Anyone who was surprised by the United Arab Emirates signing a peace treaty with Israel hasn't been paying attention to the island of stability that it is, writes Amb. Dore Gold

Powerful TVA learns little people can fight back: Recent shenanigans by Tennessee Valley Authority CEO Jeff Lyash when it comes to hiring shows that Donald Trump needs to start firing some of his appointees, argues Michael R. Shannon

Wind turbines generate mountains of waste: Duggan Flanakin argues that due to blade waste and other factors prove wind is no more green than solar

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