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In answer to Carly's critics: Carly Fiorina has been slowly increasing in popularity and with that comes attacks on her present and past. Robert Bidinotto mounts a defense

A quick glance at fashion, cosmetics, and cosmetology in Poland: In this conclusion to several "Polish articles" of 2014-2015, Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, 12 years ago

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Forty-One: The Outsiders: The establishment probably thought the election for 2016 was set with their favoured candidates for both the Republicans and Democrats but something happened on the way to the forum, writes Michael Moriarty

Why they lie to us: Why does the elite -- however you choose to define that term -- lie to the average man? Dr. Robert Owens says its because it maintains their power

Kim Davis' problems are just beginning. Wait until she tries to buy flowers: Michael R. Shannon's recent essay arguing that Kim Davis was in the wrong garnered him plenty of hostile email. This week? He decides to revisit the subject

Who's really in charge?: Greg Walcher argues Americans don't need to shut down government to exert congressional authority. Here's an alternative

The anchor baby myth: The "anchor baby" has been the focus of much of the debate over illegal immigration in the United States -- and Mark Alexander says its time some facts came into play

This is what needs to happen for oil prices to stabilize: Despite a modest tick upwards in the price of oil last week, prices are still in flux. Dan Doyle says a few things need to happen before that commodity begins to stabilize itself

Insanity on steroids!: Paul Driessen says economies are collapsing, the Middle East is imploding – and Obama and his pals obsess over … the climate! 

Who was Jim Crow and why is he calling me a racist?: Given American history, Dr. Robert Owens doesn't take to conservatives being called racists by anyone

Cdn pol George Grant's vision of Canada increasingly attenuated (Part Four): On the 50th anniversary of George Grant's Lament for a Nation, Mark Wegierski traces the last 50 years of Canadian history

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Forty: Barack Hussein Obama As The American Suicide Pill: The time will soon come where what the fundimental character of the United States is going to be past 2016, says Michael Moriarty

An insider's look behind the mainstream media's crumbling facade of power: Just as video killed the radio star, so has technology taken a huge bite out of the prestige and power of old media, argues Rachel Alexander

The default next move for oil is downwards, and here's why: Martin Tillier argues that oil prices have yet to reach their bottom and that's largely because traders don't believe that the bad economic news from different corners of the world will stop any time soon

Globalization curbs Federal Reserve's options, impact: Will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates or stay their hand yet again? Dr. Peter Morici believes that their decision may not be as important as it once was

 "Gender-neutral" bathrooms, the mixed-up kid and homosexual dad: As you can imagine, Selwyn Duke isn't much of a fan of children asserting what their gender is and one San Francisco's school's decision to adopt gender neutral bathrooms

Be a creator, not an inheritor: Dale Schlundt believes that more professions could do with a little dose of individualism to both differentiate the people practicing them and push knowledge forward

Opening Pandora's Box: The death of hope?: When political campaigns are run on the mantra of "Change", writes Charlotte B. Cerminaro, you know you can generally trace the origin of the ideology behind it to a single point

Obama's Middle East legacy: A catastrophic humanitarian crisis: The heart-breaking images of refugees fleeing from the civil war in Syria are disturbing on their own but the reasons why the crisis happened are virtually all the result of the Obama administration's Middle East policies, writes Mark Alexander

The mistaken rationale behind the Iran nuclear deal: Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser argues that the nuclear deal that was reached during the summer with Iran is built upon a number of mistaken conclusions

Obama's deceitful, unsustainable energy decrees: Wind and solar reap taxpayer loot, while hydrocarbon energy, industries and jobs get pummeled, reports Paul Driessen

The disintegration of Syria and its impact on Israel: Brig.-Gen. Yossi Kuperwasser reports that conflict in Syria is beginning to have serious repercussions for Israeli security

Cdn pol George Grant's vision of Canada increasingly attenuated (Part Three): On the 50th anniversary of George Grant's Lament for a Nation, Mark Wegierski traces the last 50 years of Canadian history

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Clenching Fist Of Barack Hussein Obama: A whole lot of people are happy that Barack Obama managed to govern the United States for two terms, says Michael Moriarty

It is time to put the limit back in limited government: As a small scale farmer Dr. Robert Owens knows all about a government more interested in regulation than allowing its citizens freedom of action

Why isn't the DC Police Chief in jail for not issuing gun permits?: Kim Davis is spending time in prison for not issuing marriage licences to same-sex couples so Rachel Alexander would like to know why other government officials aren't ending up in jail for similar behavior

OPEC divorce and self-destruction thanks to Saudi oil strategy?: Is Saudi Arabia pursuing a suicidal course with its current oil and spending policies? Dale McEndree explores the oil kingdom and what its likely to do in the future

Weak jobs report lessens prospects for Fed boosting interest rates: Another month, another disappointing jobs report. Dr. Peter Morici argues that keeping interest rates low will do little to power up the American economy

How Kim Davis' refusal to issue marriage licenses helps same–sex marriage: Michael R. Shannon is an evangelical Christian but he thinks Kim Davis' refusal to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples is a mistake

China's turmoil good news for U.S. economy and stocks: Chinese economic issues may have caused global market turmoil but Dr. Peter Morici believes that China's problems are America's good fortune

Straight Outta Compton: Very inappropriate nostalgia: "Black Lives Matter" is the slogan of the day but Greg Strange can't reconcile that movement with the popularity of the biopic Straight Outta Compton

Climate issues we do need to address: Paul Driessen says we need to fix the climate of fraud, corruption, and policies that kill jobs, hope and people

Showdown in Jackson Hole: The Fed challenged on its own turf in Wyoming by group likely to finally start dismantling it: Is the U.S. Federal Reserve's future a long one? Rachel Alexander says if one group has its way, that won't be the case

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