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Would a victorious Joe Biden be removed for mental incapacity?: The Democrat Party is, at least for the moment, faced with two very unpalatable choices for a potential presidential nominee, writes Selwyn Duke, and Joe Biden is one of them

Cdn pol George Grant’s vision of Canada increasingly attenuated (Part Four): On the 55th anniversary of George Grant’s Lament for a Nation, Mark Wegierski traces the last 55 years of Canadian history

The Crown: Part Eight: Michael Moriarty returns to his look at Netflix series The Crown with the episode that examines the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Royal response to it and America today

Veteran’s benefits aren’t entitlements: Many view the benefits that veterans of the armed forces as little more than entitlements but Dr. Robert Owens argues they are a part of a moral contract that the nation agreed to with anyone wearing a uniform for it

Genius Republican pins himself to the mat: The battle over Confederate statues continues in Virginia and one politician -- Republican Wendell Walker -- thought he had a winning strategy over the issue. Michael R. Shannon thinks he fails to understand his opponents

Will the coronavirus defeat Trump’s reelection?: Rachel Alexander is quite worried that the coronavirus may well defeat Donald Trump at the polls, doing the job that the Democrats quite obviously couldn't

The Demos' 2020 economic doom platform — WuFlu apocalypse: Mark Alexander says the Pelosi/Schumer tag team is doing what Demos do best — using the misery of others as fodder for their political agenda

Will the coronavirus (COVID-19) quiet the Gaza Strip?: One of the unintended consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, reports Yoni Ben Menachem, is that anti-Israeli protests in the Gaza Strip have effectively come to a halt for the foreseeable future

How exactly do they plan to replace fossil fuels?: Jurisdictions around the world want to ban coal, oil and gas, says Paul Driessen. He asks: Exactly how will they replace them? Who wins? Who loses? 

Afghanistan — What's left to win?: The question isn't, says Mark Alexander, "How long will the latest peace treaty with the Taliban last?" but "Why are we still there?" -- especially since American military strikes are still occurring

Cdn pol George Grant’s vision of Canada increasingly attenuated (Part Three): On the 55th anniversary of George Grant’s Lament for a Nation, Mark Wegierski traces the last 55 years of Canadian history

True justice: Michael Moriarty recently checked out Mark Wahlberg's 2020 movie Spenser Confidential and came away impressed at both the action flick and the star's refusal to expression a negative opinion about US President Donald Trump

Trump’s MAGA model on the world stage: It didn't get a lot of press attention at the time but US President Donald Trump's message to the World Economic Forum earlier this year sent very clear a message, says Dr. Robert Owens

The DOJ Inspector General needs to investigate the crooked prosecution of Renzi: Over a decade after being convicted over a land trade deal former Congressman Rick Renzi is still fighting to clear his name, reports Rachel Alexander

Big tech’s civilization-busting bias: Big Tech has the ability, argues Selwyn Duke, to change the course of the next election by just enough to ensure a Democrat victory in 2020

Science discovers the benefits of Christianity: A recent study which found health benefits to those who attended church regularly, writes Michael R. Shannon, must have come as quite a shock to the researchers behind it

Jacob Hornberger: Let the free market determine rates, pick the best money: Mike Gleason interviews founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation Jacob Hornberger, one of the Libertarian Party's presidential hopefuls for 2020

Libya’s Field-Marshall Khalifa Haftar – the returnee: You probably haven't heard of self-proclaimed Libyan Field-Marshall Khalifa Haftar but Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah says the military officer is playing an important role in that country's ongoing struggle to stabilize itself

Virginia’s ‘Clean Economy Act’ will have dirty results: Paul Driessen says Virginia’s “clean economy” plans include 850-foot-tall turbines, 3.5 times the area of Washington, DC covered with solar panels, mining, child labor and pricey power

The unholy crusade against gas appliances: The eco darling natural gas has given way to wind, solar and battery electricity – and slave labor, argues Duggan Flanakin

Conservatives still waiting for anchor babies aweigh: Three years into the Trump administration and one of the key issues that got him into the White House -- immigration -- has yet to see even the smallest of success, says Michael R. Shannon

Cdn pol George Grant’s vision of Canada increasingly attenuated (Part Two): On the 55th anniversary of George Grant’s Lament for a Nation, Mark Wegierski traces the last 55 years of Canadian history

Trump trade deals: Dr. Robert Owens says trade deals like the United States Canada Mexico Agreement have earned the praise of even the political left, proving that Donald Trump is working on behalf of working Americans

Billionaires aren't so smart about everything: A recent headline about billionaires fleeing the Earth over the prospect of climate catastrophe has Greg Strange thinking that perhaps that subset of the ultra-wealthy aren't quite as intelligent as they are made out to be

 “Trans” men vs. women: Feminists created the monster now devouring women’s sports: Feminists who argued that there were no real physical differences between men and women -- particularly in sports -- are the reason why "trans" athletes are utterly demolishing women's sports today, writes Selwyn Duke

Oil is now more volatile than bitcoin: If it seems to you that oil markets have been unpredictable in recent weeks you aren't alone. Alex Kimani says that the numbers show that crude oil has been more volatile then even something like cryptocurrency

The depressed, dismal Democrats have forgotten how to have fun: Compared to the Democrats, argues David Keene, today's Republicans can claim are at least entertaining

Parents organize to fight back: Parental authority has been under attack in recent decades but a recently formed group -- Parents United America -- has been organized to try and reclaim it, reports Rebecca Hagelin

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